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Holding On

Chapter 1- What's going on?

Kurosaki Karin was running home from school in early December. Today she happened to have to stay at school late because she had soccer practice and as the captain she had to be there. Karin had what most people would call an impressive school status. She was the captain of her high school soccer team, had a B in every class, and was known through out the school for being, what she'd like to call, bad-ass. But that's only half of who Karin really is.

The other half is a stubborn, determined, soul-seeing, seventeen-year-old girl. Ever since she was ten she's been seeing and fighting hollows. Which is the main reason why she is running now. A menos was following her and she had to get it to a secluded area. Karin was also known to her family as brave and a protector of others. She was like her brother in that retrospect. For now though she had a problem she needed to deal with.

Karin ran onto the soccer field that she used to play on when she was a kid. When she was on the field she turned around to see the menos staring don at her, looking hungry. Karin dropped the soccer ball she was carrying onto the grass in front of her. She packed as much spiritual power as she could into her leg and kicked the ball with as much force as she could muster. The ball, that absorbed the spiritual pressure, then went flying strait at the mask of the beast in front of her. As the ball made contact Karin could see the smallest crack in the mask. She smirked as the menos threw a punch at her and she jumped on its hand and started to run up its arm. When she was close enough she jumped from the creature's arm and went straight for the mask.

"Take this!" yelled Karin as she bicycle kicked the small crack in the mask to make the mask completely shatter. As the menos began to dissolve Karin landed back onto the ground on her back. She'd be alright though. As long as the menos was gone, she'd be alright. As she got up she stared at the place where the menos once resided and sighed.

"There sure have been a lot of menos lately. I wonder where there all coming from" she said to herself before shrugging the thought off and walking towards her house. When she finally made it there as soon as she opened the door Isshin came flying out.

"Karin-chan!" he said happily as Karin stepped out of the way as Isshin landed onto the pavement.

"Could you for once act normal" Karin said to her now collapsed father. She then walked into the house. The house was part clinic part house since her father was a doctor. Karin smelled something good so she walked into the kitchen to see Yuzu cooking. When Yuzu turned around she gasped.

"Karin-chan, why are you so dirty?" asked Yuzu. Karin mentally slapped herself. She had just walked into her house after falling from a thirty foot tall creature onto the ground and she didn't even check to see how she looked.

"Um… it's nothing, Yuzu. Just soccer practice, that's all" lied Karin. Karin never wanted Yuzu to worry about her. Yuzu seemed to think it was an acceptable story because she nodded and then went back to cooking.

"I think I'll take a shower before dinner" said Karin before heading towards her and Yuzu's room. As Karin got clothes to wear after the shower, she looked out her and Yuzu's window. She looked at the sunset sky.

"I wonder why these menos are showing up left and right" said Karin before going into the bathroom to take her shower.

Meanwhile in soul society

Toushirou walked into the captain's meeting room and stood in his place in line. He wondered what this meeting was all about.

"Welcome captains" said Yamamoto as he walked in. he stood in front of everyone, his hands resting on his cane.

"You have been gathered today because there has been a disturbance in the human world. There has been multiple sighting of menos and arrancar in the area of Karakura" explained Yamamoto. Ukitake was the first to respond.

"But, soutaicho, there hasn't been a disturbance in that that area for a good 6 years" replied Ukitake. Yamamoto nodded.

"You are correct, Ukitake-taicho, which makes this disturbance all the more serious. I believe Aizen might be behind this" responded Yamamoto. This time it was Soifon who responded.

"But Aizen died in the winter war!" exclaimed Soifon.

"We never did recover his corpse so until we do we have the full right to believe Aizen is still out there" replied Yamamoto.

"So what are we going to do about this?" asked Shunsui seriously, which in itself was amazing.

"I'm sending you, Hitsugaya-taicho, to investigate and if you find anything contact us immediately. Do you except your mission?" commanded Yamamoto.

"I do" said Toushirou.

"Very well then, dismissed" said Yamamoto. Toushirou then left for his division. When he got there he found liquor bottle were everywhere.

"MATSUMOTO!" bellowed Toushirou as Rangiku came wobbling towards him.

"How was the -hic- captain's -hic- meeting?" asked Rangiku.

"I'm leaving for the human world tomorrow" said Toushirou.

"What?" said Rangiku, suddenly sober.

"Yeah, apparently there are more disturbances in Karakura and Yamamoto is sending me for surveillance" said Toushirou as he sat behind his desk. Matsumoto began digging through the office.

"What are you doing?" asked Toushirou, annoyed.

"I'm looking for this!" said Rangiku as she held up a piece of paper triumphantly.

"What is that?" asked Toushirou. The piece of paper was then shoved into his face.

"It's a list of things I want you to buy in the human world" said Rangiku giddily.

"Matsumoto, I'm not buying-" but he was cut off.

"If you do I promise to do the paperwork for an entire week" she suggested. Toushirou knew she was lying but the thought of not having to do paperwork for a week was too great.

"Fine" he grumbled as he put the list in his pocket.

"Thank you so much, taicho" said Rangiku before running out of the office leaving Toushirou to clean up the mess of bottles.

"MATSUMOTO" Toushirou yelled but she was already gone. Toushirou stood up from his seat and walked towards the window.

"I wonder what's going on"

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