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Holding On

Chapter 20- Epilogue

Karin was practically jumping as she heard the doorbell. She ran down the stairs in black pants that went down to her ankles and a strapless red leather top that had a black belt around the her waist with a gold belt buckle in the middle, and her outfit really showed her curves. Her hair was let down over her shoulders.

When she opened the door she practically screamed. In the door way was her older brother and his fiancé, Rukia with gifts in their hands. Karin then tackled her brother, her arms rapping around his waist. When she let go of him she then hugged Rukia.

"Wow, Karin-chan, you actually look like an adult" said Ichigo as Karin let go of Rukia.

"And you actually don't look like an idiot" replied Karin.

"Had to happen sometime" said Rukia, causing both females to laugh.

"Hey!" retorted Ichigo.

"Come on inside, everyone will be happy to see you" invited Karin. The three went inside and they soon were tackled by the other family members.

While Isshin and Yuzu prepared Christmas Eve dinner, Karin just walked over to the coach and sat down. She then felt someone plop down next to her. She looked to see her brother.

"So… how's college been, Ichi-nii?" asked Karin.

"Fine, how about you? Anything new around here?" he questioned.

"Same old, same old. You know, except for the fact that I'm now a shinigami too" she answered. Ichigo's eyes widened in shock.

"Say what now?" he replied.

"I also know shikai and bankai" she stated causing Ichigo to take a deep breath and pinch the bridge of his nose.

"Anything else?" he asked.

"Well, yeah, see I have a-"

"It's about time you got here, Kurosaki" everyone looked to the stairs to see Toushirou.

"Hitsugaya-taicho!" exclaimed a surprised Rukia.

"What's he doing here?" asked Ichigo as Karin stood from her spot on the coach and ran over to Toushirou. She the stood next to him and took his hand in hers.

"Toushirou is the one that taught me how to be a shinigami and he's also my… boyfriend" Karin explained.

"The hell he is!" shouted Ichigo.

"The hell he is!" Yuzu heard Ichigo shout.

"Karin must have told him about Toushirou being her boyfriend" stated Yuzu.

"I don't know why he'd be so upset about it" said Isshin as he turned on the oven.

"No!" exclaimed Ichigo.

"Calm down, Ichigo" calmed Rukia.

"No, I will not be calm. I was okay with her being a shinigami, I was okay with her knowing shikai, I was even okay with her knowing bankai, but this is where I draw the line" hissed Ichigo through gritted teeth.

"Stop overreacting, Kurosaki" said Toushirou. Ichigo walked over to him and pulled at the front of his shirt.

"You better sleep with one eye open" he warned. Toushirou glared angrily back at him.

"Enough, both of you!" said Karin as she pushed them both back from each other.

"Ichi-nii, you know I respect you, but whether you like it or not Toushirou is my boyfriend" Karin said to Ichigo. Then she turned to Toushirou.

"And Toushirou you should have known Ichigo would react that way, so don't get mad at him, he's just trying to be good older brother. Now, could you two try to get along? It is Christmas eve after all" asked Karin.

"Fine" said Toushirou.

"Whatever" said Ichigo.

"Thank you" said Karin.

After dinner everyone gathered around the Christmas tree.

"Alright, for those of who are new to this, everyone gets to open one present on Christmas Eve" explained Isshin.

"It's a tradition" said Yuzu cheerfully.

"Alright, everyone, grab a gift" ordered Isshin. Everyone then each got a gift that was addressed to them.

"Alright, new comers first" said Isshin. Toushirou and Rukia opened their gifts. Toushirou got a knitted sweater from Yuzu and Rukia got a stuffed rabbit doll from Karin.

"Thanks Yuzu, this is great" said Toushirou, before slipping on the white sweater with the letters HT on the front in blue.

"And thank you, Karin, it's so cute" said Rukia, hugging her doll.

"No problem, when I saw it in the store it just screamed your name" replied Karin. Soon after, the Kurosaki family began to open their one present as well. Soon it was Karin's turn and she picked up the gift from Toushirou. She opened it and inside was a charm bracelet. On it was a soccer ball, a cell phone, and a snowflake.

"Toushirou…" breathed Karin. Toushirou took her hand in his. Karin looked up at him.

"The soccer ball is from the first day I met you; the cell phone is from the first time we watched the sunset together; and the snowflake is from the day we watch the first snowfall of winter, the first promise I ever made to you, and from the first day I knew I loved you" he explained. Karin then kissed his lips and parted from them soon after.

"I love it" she said as put the bracelet on.

"I thought you might" he said as he watched her look at the bracelet lovingly.

"Toushirou" roared Ichigo. Toushirou looked back and nearly wet his pants. There was Ichigo mad and on fire. He mentally slapped himself for not thinking before kissing Karin.

Well, she kissed you, not the other way around

I know. So, do you want to be the one to explain that to him?

No, I think I'd like to live to see tomorrow

That was all Toushirou heard in his mind before bolting out the door, a furious Ichigo following. Karin then walked to the door when she heard it shut. When she saw Toushirou running from her big brother she couldn't help but giggle at the both of them.

And the moment she looked at her bracelet she knew that Toushirou was the one. The one she wanted to stand by for as long as she could stand. And even through all the crap she had to deal with in her life, as long as Toushirou was there she would continue to keep holding on.

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