Another little drabble. I own nothing but spelling errors and some chocolate. :)

Summary: Chocolate is more than just a yummy treat…

Death by Chocolate

It's a whole new way to die.


"Oh. My. God."

"What is it?" Dean leaned over the diner table to look at the newspaper his younger brother was reading. "Find a new hunt?"

Sam shook his head in disbelief. "Two guys were killed by chocolate."

There was a moment of silence.

"Run that by me again?"

Sam quoted right off the page. "'Two men suffocate on chocolate.'"


"Yeah." Sam's eyes widened marginally. "They were some hired help at the bakery just down the street from here, hauling in all the ingredients and everything. Apparently, from what it says here, they were messing around in the storage room, torn open one of the large bags of chocolate powder, and began throwing it around."

Dean frowned. "How would that kill them?"

Sam looked up from his reading. "Powder, Dean, in an airtight room. How'd you think?"

"Oh… Oh, that sucks."

"The baker told the police that between the two of them, they only had half a brain."


Sam snorted. "Seems they locked the door by mistake when they went into the storage room and the powder slowly suffocated them to death as it stuck to the alveoli in their lungs." He shook his head again. "The locals are calling it death by chocolate."

"Man…" Dean leaned back in his seat. "That's so messed up."

"You're telling me..."


Two hours later…

Sam was sitting in the motel room on a bed, laptop in lap and surfing the web for a possible hunt. The chocolate dust incident had been nothing supernatural, only the pure stupidity of two men.

There was a jingle of keys at the door and Dean entered, carrying a small cardboard box. "Hey, Sam!"

Sam raised an eyebrow. "You seem awfully cheery…"

"You didn't think I'd forget, did you?" Dean sat on the corner of the bed, holding the box out to his sibling. "I mean, what kind of brother would I be?"
"What are you talking about?" Sam set his laptop aside and took the proffered box, eying it warily. "If this is a prank I swear-"

"Just open it."

Sam obliged and carefully lifted the lid.

"Happy Birthday, Sam!"

It was a small cupcake topped with a candle. A chocolate cupcake to be precise.

"Uh…thanks, Dean," Sam said, staring at it.

"I know, I'm such an awesome big brother." Dean grinned. "Honestly, I didn't know what to get you, but then I saw they had a discount on all chocolate goods down at the bakery-"

"Wait, what?"

"Couldn't beat the price," Dean continued, his smile broadening. "They even tossed in the candle for free."

Gee, I wonder why…


I know Sam's Birthday is on May 2nd, but I couldn't get this idea out of my head. The chocolate dust incident is actually a real thing. I saw it once on a show called '1000 Ways to Die.' Looked it up--yep, true deal. How stupid can people get?

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