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"You invited who?" I asked.

Tanya walked around behind me to wrap her hands around my waist and give me a kiss at the back of my neck. She always knew what made me relax.

"Edward Cullen. You should know him; he's practically in all of your classes anyway."

"Yes, Tanya, I do know him. I just find it hard to believe that he would agree to what we had planned. Somehow he doesn't strike me as the type."

She took a couple seconds before making her reply but I saw it. What did she do?

"Well…its not like he needed a terrible amount if convincing. I guess the stress of coursework combined with the fact that he could have the two of us made the idea seem pretty enticing."

Of course. Who wouldn't turn the opportunity to fuck Tanya? Even if they saw me as some weird additional person messing things up.

"Hey. I know that face," she started her scolding, "this is going to be fine. It's going to be pretty hot too if you ask me. I'll bet that that Edward Cullen turns out to be a sex-God."

I couldn't stop the laugh that came out of me at her words. I saw Edward Cullen, like I said, he didn't look the type. But then again, Tanya is hardly wrong about things like this. Maybe she's actually right again.

"Ok Tanya, we'll see about that. When did u schedule this for?"

"Friday night. Something tells me you're going to need some fun after you finish that assignment for your PoliSci class."

"You guessed right. Speaking of which, I should get back to." I pulled away from her embrace and turned around to kiss her fully on her lips. Tanya was always the one to deepen it, tracing her tongue over my lips before entering my mouth. I felt her hand caressing my sides before slowly moving up to cup my breasts. The low moan that escaped me was the sign.

"Tanya, work, remember?" I mumbled against her lips.

She pulled me, gave me one quick kiss and stepped away giving me her sad puppy dog eyes. I laughed.

"Don't worry, Friday. I'll be at the library if anything. See you later."

"Bye, you bookworm!" she said and waved and walked back to her room.

Watching her walk away I finally let my mind swim a little. Edward Cullen. Oh boy…



I groaned and slammed the book down on the desk; a hollow echoing flowing through the near deserted library.

I agreed to a threesome. I, Edward Cullen, agreed to a threesome. When Tanya approached me earlier this afternoon I had no idea what to think. Then she asked if I would like to participate in the act with her…and Bella.

Oh, God…Bella. I wasn't going to lie, I imagined being with her like that the first moment I saw her but when I found out that she was bi-sexual and that Tanya was her girlfriend, well…who would want to compete with what Tanya could offer her? I gave up on those dreams pretty immediately. Until, of course, Tanya approached me with her proposition. Any guy would jump at the opportunity to end up in bed with Tanya and Bella, they had to be the sexiest girls on campus, both in their own way.

Me? I was more focused on Bella than I was on Tanya. Finally, being with her, in her, together.

The soft thump of a book hitting the floor brought me out of my reverie before I would have been faced with a massive hard-on in the middle of the library. Leaning back on my chair to find the source of the thump, my heart skipped a beat when I realised it was no other than Bella herself. This had to be the best angle I've ever witnessed her at and good God, her breasts!

Speak of the sexy devil.

She quickly gathered the book to her and walked in the opposite direction from my station. She must be here finishing up her PoliSci assignment as I was.

I turned my attention back to my work on soldiered on. Friday, Cullen, Friday.


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