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"I don't know where to look, Juno," the young apprentice said in dejection. "He could be anywhere by now. I don't know how long I was in Vader's possession."

"You…were gone about six months. I would know I…he had me imprisoned the whole time."

The young apprentice glanced at the woman with an even more dejected expression. Yes, how could he have forgotten how he found her? He didn't even think how long she had been there. He was just glad she was still there. She glanced at him and he looked away. She felt bad now fore mentioning it at all, but it seemed like an eternity. She would have to bathe while he was away as well, at some point in the journey.

"How did he go missing? Did Vader get rid of him?" the beautiful pilot asked with easily detectable concern for how the apprentice was feeling about his loss. She had been with him for a while now and all they had was each other. Hopefully, this dispelled the awkward moment she had created for them both.

"I don't know. Maybe if we go to a populated area I could ask around," the young man surmised, rubbing the bridge of his nose, stressfully. He would gladly take the blame for her imprisonment. He was still bitter about his master back-stabbing him…literally. Why would he…concoct such an underhanded thing? It made no…sense.

"Where to?" came Juno's soft voice.

"Uh, Nar-Shadda. That's the only place I know of right now. I might be able to find some help there as well to fight the empire," he said regaining his assurance slightly. He'd have to ponder about this whole thing later. He needed to rest his mind and prep for the journey.

"All right then," Juno declared. She entered the coordinates in on the navi-computer and put the Rogue Shadow into hyperspace.

Galen tried to get his mind off of what could have possibly happened to Ferine. Juno was alive and safe. He was relieved about that, but all that he had known before was not at peace. Ferine could be anywhere at this point. Maybe even…. he didn't want to think about what Vader could have possibly done with his mount. He frankly expected the worse, naturally for his part, but then again he wanted to hope his mount was some place safe where he could take care of himself. After all, nobody could handle his mount besides him.

"You wretched beast! You should know better than to bite your own handler!" a male bounty hunter snarled. A blaster was whipped out on the black equine that refused his men while they prodded the animal repeatedly with buzzing sticks. Moving the beast had been damned near impossible.

The animal had been glancing about the whole time. A strange planet with elevators of sorts, which went up high for several thousand feet to reach streets that, reigned overhead. The atmosphere was rank with pollution and foul aromas. The sky was even a sickening yellow and green color. The men and the beast, however, were on the ground streets, heading to a very secluded location.

The guarlara neighed harshly. He reared on his hind legs, erecting to his full height of 18 hands. He was like no other animal anyone of the men had handled before. He had already signed each and every man with his teeth in the groin. It had left more than a bruise if he could help it. After all, the beast not only had teeth, but great tusks that the apprentice had intentionally let grow out for offensive purposes.

The bounty hunter grasped a leather lead rope made out of the universe's strongest materials, bought off of the black market, of course, to handle exotic animals that tried to resist their cruel treatment. The lead rope was connected to a leather halter around the stallion's head. The halter was a spider web of thick leather bands and a muzzle that rendered the stallion's evil mouth closed.

Instead the stallion reared, pawed, and bucked. Whatever the hell was on his face would be torn to a million shreds when they went to remove it!

One orange-skinned individual behind him tauntingly stomped on his long tail. The tail squirmed about under the individual until it was yanked free where it was wielded and the man was knocked down, quite forcefully. This particular individual kept his distance from the thrashing tail. There was power behind it.

"Aww, calm down, Black Beauty. You ain't got no better place to be than with us right now," the bounty hunter crooned. The man dared to approach the animal.

The stallion's nostrils flared in offense at the bounty hunter's temerity to even come at him with such taunting behavior.

"I have you in the palm of my hand," he said softly. The foul-smelling hand patted the side of his muzzle.

The guarlara squealed in fury, throwing his body in the air. He struck out at the bounty hunter with his forefeet. A nearby lamppost rang in distress with the man's body upon impact. He slid to the ground and here he stayed for a while. The stallion whipped around. The lead rope was now under his control.

His horns thrashed about at the five men that enclosed him. One of them, a trandoshan, fled away from the beast. The stallion snorted with pleasure. What a fool he was. He chased him to a pair of rusted old doors. The trandoshan ran into them head on before he realized they were not going to open. It was too late. He let out a painful growl as the stallion ran him through his backside with both of his murderous horns. The guarlara backed away, but the trandoshan was now wedged on his horns, exclaiming in pain all the while. The beast whirled around and the unfortunate nuisance flew off his weapons. The trandoshan's body flopped into a heap on the metal ground.

The buzzing of the shock sticks rang in his ears as the remaining four men surrounded him. The pointed ears drew back. The bright blue eyes flashed white and the equine danced about. The extensively long feather on his legs flowed with his movements.

The stallion had waited too long to use his lightning ability. He was very reluctant to do so without Galen present. He never really did use it without Galen being nearby to some degree. He always spared that ability and used his natural weapons. He pawed the earth and sidestepped, scaling every man that surrounded him.

"You can't win, pretty boy," a Shistavanen growled. His lips drew up in a most devilish smirk.

The stallion snorted with a toss of his head at the statement. He had never lost a fight. Even if it seemed like he was he always won his way out of it by adapting. With a heavy grunt another shock staff was embedded into his delicate hide. The stallion bucked with a non-painful snort. The familiar twi'lek's staff was sent flying from his hands, as he did not move away quick enough. He then screamed in alarm as he was turned upon without warning and mauled on his backside by the stallion's horns. The beast was fast, even for his sheer size. How he was this fast, was questionable.

"Shock him! Shock him!" the twi'lek screamed while he was effortlessly launched into the air by the stallion's powerful neck. He hit the metal floor and painfully scrambled to get away only to be knocked down again. A sharp pain ripped his back afire as one of the stallion's front claws sliced into his flesh.

The equine had thought this man had learned not to mess with him, especially his tail!

"Hold still, my beauty," the handler growled. Hopefully, the beast would. He was trying to shoot the damn thing! One eye drew closed and the butt of the gun was steadied against his shoulder.

A blast echoed throughout the metal formation of the streets. The stallion hopped away from the twi'lek from a slight pain in the left side of his thick neck. He charged another man in the meantime. The man succeeded in shocking him in his sensitive nose with the staff. A pained snort and the stallion danced away from the man. Another slight pain struck the right side of his neck this time. What were these things?

"He's not going down. What in the galaxy is this beast? These are the heaviest tranqs in the business!" The gun was allowed to slack a bit. Two should have been more than enough. This was definitely a beast from the pits of hell, if it existed. He didn't know, but he was starting to believe, now.

The guarlara tossed his head in vexation. The remaining two men wearily gave him space as he trotted swiftly about, warning them with tosses of his great head. His horns prodded their boldness and they respected him for the moment. The orange twi'lek retrieved his shock stick and nodded at his companions who moved in to surround the beast that began to buck and falsely charge them, as he felt threatened.

"Gentlemen, set your weapons to their highest setting. We'll have to practically kill this beast in order to move him any further. I'll keep hitting him with darts," the handler announced in a gruff voice. The gun was reapplied to the dancing equine.

The stallion came to a sudden stop in his movement. His head draped. Well, he was getting irritated with this whole thing! Why did they not quit?

The daring men were skeptical about this sudden change in behavior, even suspecting that he was finally going to go down. He snorted and shook his head softly as another slight pain pierced the right side of his neck. Four bright red-feathered darts fluttered out from both sides of his neck. He felt perfectly fine. Never better!

His enemies pushed their luck by moving closer, their staffs cocked and ready to shock him without rue. The equine was suddenly airborne. All four legs had left the ground, well above the head of the men. The men paused cautiously with stammering voices, more so out of sheer awe.

The floor quaked with reverberation of power from the stallion's four legs striking the ground. A loud CRACK and a blinding flash had the men and his followers bowing to the beast, rigid with surging electricity. It had come from the metal floor somehow when he had landed. The stallion nickered with uncertainty. His vision blurred. He wilted to the ground, finally at peace. His enemies took some time to gather themselves, but they arose victorious and sore. The shock was not the stallion's worst. It was hard to muster such a thing, for the stallion knew he had no place to flee if he did kill the men. The boy he had known was nowhere in sight.

"Oh, he's out like a light. How many, boss. Four? Yeah, he's not going to be waking up for a while," the injured orange twi'lek laughed as he and his companions stared down upon the great beast that lay in peace. He eventually parked his rump on the ground, well away from the monster to recuperate.

"What the hell was that junk? I feel like a damned sign from one of the local casinos!" the shistavanen exclaimed almost in a roar.

"Boys, it looks like we've got an animal that's been tampered with. Big money right here," the handler stated with glee. A black boot nudged the stallion's head.