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Author's Notes:

Oneshot/drabble set a bit after Shepard has defeated the Sovereign.

I welcome reviews and constructive critisism gladly (anything to improve my writing, or just feedback).

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Stop Watching Me Sleep!

They had talked about this.

It's flattering, but Cheif Ashely Williams had never been one for flattery. It was also slightly embarrassing, and she was never one to allow herself to become embarrassed. But that was not the point. The point was that they had talked about this.

Was it just because he was simply not listening to her? Or maybe it was because he just simply defying her to show her she had no control over him. But whatever it was, it was definitely starting to annoy her.

"Skipper…" she said, her eyes still closed, as she clutched her pillow tightly, trying to grasp the tiny bit of sleepiness she still had in herself.

"Yes, my dear?" he asked, as if he was doing nothing wrong.

Her voice became cold, and she became even more annoyed. Was he honestly daring her to let her temper fly? Did he seriously think he was in the right? "Shepard, we've talked about this."

He must have ignored her cold words, because his answer was automatic and she could almost tell his eyes were twinkling brightly, as they always did when he was doing this.

"We've talked about what?"

"You know exactly what." She replied as soon as the last word dropped from his mouth. He knew exactly what she was talking about, and now he was avoiding it.

"We've talked about many things, my dear." He replied. Once again, the tone was automatic, and this severely tempted her to bring on her temper. But no, she would not allow him to get to her like this. He knew she hated it.

Her eyes snapped open, partly to see his face, and partly to show him how seriously she was. "Stop watching me sleep!"