The little chameleon sighed and looked outside where there were other kids that he didn't know playing. It's hard to be the new-kid-on-the-block he thought, looking at a picture of a family of chameleons. In the middle row, there was a five-year-old girl. She was supporting a toddler who was holding a toy ninja sword. I wish that Dad were still around the boy thought.

"Espio! Come down here, your piano teacher is here!" came a familiar voice.

"Coming, Mom!" Espio yelled back. Sure, like I want piano lessons he thought, rolling his golden eyes.

"So, you're my new student eh?" the piano teacher who also ran the local orphanage.

"Yeah… I don't want piano lessons." Espio said, sitting at the piano.

"Well then why did your mother sign you up?" the teacher wondered.

"It's prob'ly 'cause she doesn't want me to be like Dad."

"And your father was…?"

"A ninja! I wanna be one when I grow up!"

Later, after Espio's piano lesson, he went outside where he heard two voices squabbling. One was a toddler's high tripping-over-ls-rs-and-other-letters voice. The other was a deeper; 10-year-old's voice that had sort of an odd sound that Espio couldn't place.

"OWW! Charmy, that doesn't go there!"

"Weawy? I tot it goeded der."


"Oopsy! Sorwee, Vedor."

"Never mind that! Put this there!"

"Otay… Vedor?"


"Wooky at the 'izrd!"

It was at this point that Espio realized that the kids could see him. He immediately turned the same barky-brownish-black as the tree he was leaning against. Espio also noticed that the toddler was a bee that was holding an over-sized teddy-chao and the ten-year-old was a crocodile who wore old headphones that weren't even plugged into anything. The young chameleon saw a sign that said "Chaotix ditectiv ajensee" over a club-house that looked pretty old [for those of you who want to know what this looks like, imagine a cardboard version of the Chaotix HQ] and at the bottom it said "We work for $1 + expensez."

"Hey you guys… are you the "Chaotix detectives?" Espio wondered, walking over to the toddler and ten-year-old.

"Yup! What's you'r case?" the crocodile wondered running over.

"Well… I was wondering if you're hiring?" the chameleon asked, nervous; that croc-kid had sharp teeth.

The bee boy flew over to Espio with a paper.

"Hewer you gots ta wite 'tuff!" he said, holding up a pen.

Espio looked at the paper and saw that it said "what you want to be when you grow up" under which he wrote "Spy, ninja, smart guy in something." The next line said "naym and speesheez". Espio figured that this meant "Name and Species" so, he wrote Espio, Chameleon." Then he handed the form back to the bee.

"Oooo! You wants ta are nija?" the bee wondered excitedly.

"Yeah, just like my Dad was." Espio replied

"Hmm… okay you can work with us… my name's Vector and this is Charmy… Welcome to the Chaotix!" the croc-boy said.

The world's funniest detective agency is born!

Just tell me if you want me to write more chapters about the "kid Chaotixs'" adventures and misadventures.