Well… you wanted it, so here it is!

By the way…umm… Shadow, you say it!

Shadow: No.

Me: Say it and you get a bazooka.

Shadow: [eyes widen] CutelittleMouseygirldosen'towntheChaotixorme. ShedoesownEspio'smomandsister!

Me: Good Hedgie-hog!

Shadow: [hugs bazooka] I don't even care…

Sonic: Shadow likes his guuns! Shadow likes his guuns!

Shadow: Nu-uh!

Sonic: just look a Jackattack's truth or dare fic! It says that you do!

Sonic and Shadow: [fighting]

Me: I don't own Sonic or Jackattack's dare fic ether… I don't even have a Shadow plushie. [Glomps Shadow] Oh well… you'll do!

Shadow: AAAAAAA!!!!! GET HER OFF!!!


Espio looked out the window of the two taped-together refrigerator boxes that served as the Chaotix's HQ.

"So we have to wait for some of the neighborhood kids to come here?" he wondered to the nearest person, which happened to be Charmy.

"Yep! Vedor saided dat we wait for the kidses and then we hewp them!" the bee replied.

Espio couldn't understand toddler-talk so; he went off in search of Vector, who had said something about the comic book store. Charmy looked at his stuffed chao as if it was saying something then he nodded and went after his new "izrd" friend. Meanwhile, Espio had caught up to Vector and was watching the croc kid talk to a blue hedgehog boy.

"Don't worry Sonic! We'll help you find out who took your ice-cream-truck money!" Vector said to the blue hedgehog.

"How?" The hedgehog, who Espio had decided was Sonic wondered.

"Umm… we haven't worked that out yet… but we will!" Vector said. It was pretty obvious to Espio that the Chaotix weren't very good at their job.

"Maybe we should ask some of the neighborhood kids if they saw anyone sneak into Sonic's house." The chameleon suggested.

"Hey, you might be on to somtin'!" Both Sonic and Vector cried.

"I have always been good with detective work." Espio agreed.

Back at the Chaotix's HQ Espio, who had the neatest hand-writing, wrote in a piece of paper:

Case 1: The Case of the Missing Ice-Cream Truck Money

Victim: Sonic T. Hedgehog, Age 8

Suspects: None

Estamated time of Incedent: 12:09 pm Today

Case statas: Open