Bella sat on the top step of her porch, leaned against the column and sighed, closing her eyes. She hadn't seen Edward in days, or better still, he had only managed to call her twice, and talk for a grand total of ten minutes. She didn't know what his problem was, but she wished to hell he would clue her in, because frankly she was getting rather irritated.
"Screw this." She muttered under her breath.
"If he can have a life, so can I. I am NOT going to sit around here and do nothing while waiting on him." She continued speaking, only to herself, as she got up, walked inside, and grabbed the phone.
She could have dialed the number with her eyes closed, but didn't need to, since Charlie had Billy on speed dial.
She simply pressed one, and waited for the line to connect.
Several rings later, she gave up, frustrated.
She grabbed her keys off the counter and then thought enough to scribble a note to Charlie before heading out:

Gone to La Push to hang out with Jake. There is stuff in the fridge to make sandwiches, be back later,
Love you,

Grabbing her jacket, she left the house, locking up securely behind her and reached the solace of her truck. She knew once she heard the god awful roar of the engine, her spirits would perk up, but the closer she got to La Push, the better she'd feel.
Right now she needed that. Because she was completely overcome by bitterness, and really lonely.
There is only so much cuddling one can do with a body pillow, when you're used to an actual body laying next to you.
That's what she missed the most. The way Edward held her while she slept.
"Damn him". She growled, as she pressed her foot down harder on the accelerator, begging the engine to push her ancient truck faster than it's preferred 55 mph.
Finally she reached the boundary line, and she relaxed in the truck seat, slowing her pace. She knew that, now, she wouldn't have to deal with him, or hopefully even think about him for the next few hours.
Smiling to herself as she pulled into Jake's driveway a few minutes later, she realized she was sighing in relief. She always felt safe, here, at home. Though, she could never really explain it.
Here she could be Bella. Clumsy, goofy, accident prone, Bella, and nobody treated her like an invalid, nor did they baby her.
No, they laughed, and ridiculed her endlessly, and she actually preferred that, to being pitied, or coddled.
Cutting the engine, she slid out of the truck and slammed the door shut behind her. Jake wasn't at home, that was certain. He would have met her outside when he heard the truck pull up, with some smart assed comment, and wickedly bright smile that he always had for her.
Walking slowly up to the house, she just figured she could sit on their porch until they got home. If she got too bored, she could head to the beach, but right now, sitting here, was just fine.
As her butt was about to hit the step, she saw someone walking towards her from the garage. Shielding her eyes from the sun, she stood and tried to squint so she could figure out who it was, because she knew it wasn't Jake. But for some reason, she simply could not pull her eyes away. So, she continued staring, "probably looking like an idiot, no less" she thought and blushed deep red.
He finally made his way over to her, and they just stared at one another, for what seemed like eternity. She wanted to break her gaze, but she couldn't, she wanted to speak, but found no words, finally she closed her eyes, and forced out the words. Shakily.
"I… I'm waiting on Jake..umm Jacob."
He walked closer to her, and leaned down, placing his finger gently under her chin, speaking softly, but very clearly.
"Please, open your eyes."
Her eyes fluttered open, as if by magic, and she stared into the most strikingly handsome face she had ever seen. Nothing she had ever seen could have readied her for such a reaction to simply looking at him. It was as if she wanted, no, needed to memorize every inch of his face. He stared intently at her, as if he had never seen a girl before, and a smile played at her lips first, then at his.
"I'm Seth, you have to be Bells, err Bella." Even though his skin was a few shades darker than her ghostly pale, she could still see he was blushing.
Lowering her eyes, she simply bit her lip and nodded slightly. Still not fully trusting her voice. He removed his finger from under her chin, and motioned for her to sit down. Which she did, thankfully, because she wasn't sure her legs would support her weight much longer.
He took a seat next to her, she slide closer, until they were touching. It was as if she HAD to feel his skin against hers. It was stronger than any urge she had ever felt. Nothing, nobody mattered but him.
He sighed, and she glanced at his profile.
"Something wrong? I can move.." She managed to ask.
"No!" He answered almost before she got the offer out of her mouth.
"Jake is gonna KILL me" he said quietly, before wrapping an arm around her waist and moving her as close to him as he could get her.
"But it's not like I could help it" he murmured, shaking his head.
"Wait, did I.. have I.. what did I miss?" she asked him curiously. She hadn't ever met Seth, but it felt as if she'd known him forever, maybe because Jake had talked so much about him.
"I never even thought it would happen to me, but with Jake's girl?" then he whistled, and continued "We all thought it a fluke, not common. I sure as HELL ain't common, so I figured I didn't stand a chance." He went on, mostly for his own benefit it seemed. So, she let him muse a bit longer, just listening to the sound of his voice. It comforted her, more than she was okay with honestly.
"Seth" she breathed against his ear, as quietly as she could, so not to be too intrusive into his thoughts.
"Please, tell me what you're talking about, I have an idea but I need for you to say it, because I'm not sure I can wrap my mind around that just yet."
He smiled a bit broader, and turned slightly to face her, his hold on her still gentle but secure. Then he whispered one word, that sent a shiver up her spine.
"Imprinting." He blushed darker than before, she gasped and her hand went to her mouth. Now it all made sense.
The way Jake had described it to her, the way she had heard it told from her best friend's mouth. But wasn't that old legend, wives tales, folklore? She shook her head to clear it, and then said to him,
"He's going to kill us both, Seth." sighing at his name.
His reaction was not one she was expecting.
"Nobody will touch you," He growled fiercely "Not even Jake. That I promise you." With that he grabbed her hand, laced their fingers together and brought it to his mouth, brushing his lips lightly across the back of it. Smiling against her skin.
Then she attempted to move away, as she tried to come to her senses.
"No, Seth, this can't, this can't be. I mean, I'm with Edward, and you .. you are one of Jake's BEST friends. Oh my god, this can't happen. We can't do this to them, I .. I .. oh my god" She got louder with each sentence she spoke, until he cupped her face in his large, hot hands and forced her to look into his eyes.
"I won't let anyone hurt you, Bella. You are my entire soul. You have to understand that. I just want to be YOURS, us to belong to one another, whatever that means." He kept eye contact, leaned his head closer to hers, licking his lips slowly, gauging her reaction. She didn't pull away, instead she studied the only thing she could, his mouth, and how badly she yearned for his lips to be against hers. When their lips met it was as if she had been struck by lightning, nothing was this powerful, nothing could ever compare. She just closed her eyes and focused on the way it felt, the way his lips tasted, felt, against hers.
Running her tongue across his lower lip, as he placed a hand in her hair,his other hand on the side of her face and neck. He captured her tongue between his teeth gently and massaged it with his, deepening their kiss, they didn't see Jake pull up, but they sure heard him when he realized what was going on.
"WHAT THE FUCK?!" Was all they heard before he phased and lunged at Seth.