Alice immediately flitted over to Bella, and took hold of her gently, very protectively.

Edward seemed frozen for two seconds, concentrating, "listening"to their minds. He growled, and raced for the door, throwing it open.

What he saw he really wasn't ready for, regardless of the things he had heard seconds before.

Six horse sized wolves, for that he was prepared, and one very human young man, standing before him, that surprised him.

Chuckling darkly, he leaned casually against the door frame of the cottage.

"I'm trying to figure out, Seth. Are you brave, or are you just stupid?" Edward challenged.

"I could ask the same of you, Leech. I want my future wife, and so help me god, if you have hurt her, I will send you to hell myself."

"You talk extremely sure, for someone in such a breakable form."

Seth nodded, and smirked "You may break me, but rest assured, you wouldn't make it too long after that." He glanced over his shoulder

at his brothers and they all growled deeply, inching forward.

"I see Jacob, Sam, Embry, Paul, Quil and Colin. Where is Leah? Afraid to come?" He teased.

"No, you moron, Leah is far from afraid of you, but she is with child, we won't risk her or the baby."

From inside, Bella heard that,and gasped, grinning, in spite of it all,and Alice placed a hand on her stomach, whispering in her ear

"You'll all be just fine, ."

"What a strange coincidence," Edward began

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Seth interrupted.

"Just that, for now, Bella is as well, and I have to wonder.." he mused "If Leah will have one,or a litter."

Seth lunged, and even Edward wasn't prepared. Before anyone could blink, Seth had his hand around Edward's throat, and

was pushing him down onto the floor. It took Edward less then a split second to recover and flip Seth off of him as if he were

a rag doll. Seth flew against the wall with a deafening bang but refused to give up. Bella was watching wide eyed with fear,

near the back door with Alice, and Alice was debating on whether to stay and keep them from killing Edward, or take Bella

and keep her safe. She opted for a bit of both. She pulled her phone out, pressed 2 and spoke quickly into it, hanging up before

Bella even had a chance to know one word that had been said.

The fight was still going on, neither conceding, and neither winning. But Bella knew, Seth had enough human in him he could

eventually tire, Edward, would not. The cottage may not remain standing for too much longer, at this point. Bella thought idly to herself.

Walls were being cracked, furniture in the kitchen was broken.. Then Bella saw a flash of Russet from behind Alice, and knew instantly

it was Jake, her Jake. She couldn't have both of her boys in jeopardy. It was killing her that Seth was.

Two things happened simultaneously, the backdoor opened, Carlisle,Jasper, and Emmett entered the cottage, and Alice pulled Bella


"Alice, no, please I can't..I can't.." she began to sob

"Bella I have to get you away from here, you don't need to see this, or be near it. It's not good for you,or them."

"But I won't, way." She choked out.

"What? No,Bella. It's not good for you or the babies."

"Babies? You mean baby." Bella pressed her face against Alice's petite shoulder, and Alice smoothed her hair, making soothing purr like noises.

"No, I mean babies. There are two, as far as I can see. Two little beautiful dark haired, olive skinned girls,with your eyes. Beautiful Bella. You did good."

Bella looked at Alice, tears still streaming down her face, in confusion, but awe struck.

The commotion inside had quieted some, and Bella was terrified to know why.

"Come, stand with Bella. I need to go inside." Alice said into the darkness.
Bella didn't see anyone but seconds later she was nudged on the shoulder by something wet and cold. She turned and almost jumped.

"Embry!" She said, wrapping her arms around his neck, and he huffed, then made some weird sound. She would have almost sworn he was laughing.

Bella looked over, and Alice was gone inside. "Well, that does it. Most of the people I love more than anything are in that cottage, in the middle

of a battle thanks to me. I'm a loser."

Embry shook his gigantic,fuzzy head no.

Inside, Emmett and Carlisle had broke up the fight, while Jasper was using his calming powers to diffuse the situation.

Emmett had a hold of Edward, Carlisle held Seth. Jake was still standing on alert in the kitchen,the other wolves just outside, save for Embry who

was outside with Bella.

"Edward,son, stop this. I know you love Bella, I know this is hard for you, I know it hurts, but you can't do this. This is insane behavior, even for one of our kind.

Please, before you implicate the rest of us, THINK. We have a good life set up here, at least for now. Please,son. I don't ask much of you, let me have this."

"Carlisle I CAN'T let her go! I won't!"

"Edward, you let her go a while back. YOU forged the distance that has set this in motion." Edward hissed

"No, you need to hear the truth son. YOU did this. But in all honesty, had you not, it still would have happened, it is FATE. I have studied the imprinting

process from afar, the second I heard about it I had to know more. It is more powerful than anything I have ever seen, and it is born into them. It is stronger

than our need for our mates. What you feel for Bella, Seth feels at least twice as much, possibly more."

Edward shook his head no "There is no way," he didn't sound sure. He trusted Carlisle so absolutely, it was hard to go against him.

"There is, son. TRUST ME."

"Where is Bella?" Seth's eyes began combing the room, Alice stepped forward cautiously, hands extended in a very peaceful manner.

"Seth, Bella is fine. She's outside with Embry. I wanted to come inside and make sure you are okay. She is beyond stressed and in her condition

she doesn't need to be."

"Condition?" Carlisle asked Alice, his expression softening further.

"Bella is pregnant, Carlisle." Alice explained.

Emmett's grip on Edward tightened, expecting the worst.

"I already know." Edward remarked, flatly, slumping over.

Emmett clapped Seth on the back with one strong hand, still holding Edward in place with the other and laughed heartily. "Hell yeah! Looks like you

did something right,dude."

Seth looked even more pained than he ever had.

"I want to see my Bella."

Edward growled out of hurt, but Jake still took a step forward.

Alice moved to his side, "Jacob, Edward is hurting, that's won't do anything else, trust me. I know I know,I've been wrong, but I'm not this time."

"Emmett, let me go."

"I don't think that's wise,son."Carlisle said

Seth looked at Carlisle, and back at Emmet, "Can I please go see Bella?"

Carlisle looked to Jasper, who immediately knew to assess the room. Feeling the emotions, the atmosphere.

He nodded once.

Carlisle released Seth, and he took off for the back door.

Emmett let go of Edward,who dropped to his knees, his head in his hands, perhaps in agony, perhaps defeat, perhaps both.

Jake stood, a little more relaxed but didn't budge.

When Seth stepped out the back door, Bella felt it before she saw it. She knew it was her Seth and that he was okay.

Removing her face from Embry's neck, she looked up and saw him. Gasping at all the scratched, the big purple blotches on his skin,

that she knew would be faded in less than an hour, and still all she could think was how perfect, how beautiful he looked.

She didn't run to him, though she wanted to, she was still in shock. If Seth was here did that mean? Even though part of her hated Edward

for the hell he had caused, she didn't wish him dead.

Seth walked over to her and gently touched her cheek, leaning down he placed his lips to hers, his hand touching her stomach.

"I love you, Bella."

"I love you, Seth."

He took her right hand, and dropped to one knee. "I know this isn't the perfect time, or place, that I don't have a ring and you deserve better, but

Bella,I know if we can get through everything we've gotten through in the past few days, and you can still want me, still love me, that we can make it

through ANYTHING. So, I'm asking you to take me as I am, bruised, dirty, and sweaty, as your husband. Will you marry me?"

"Yes. Yes. Yes." Was all she could say, he stood, grinning that sexy ass grin of his that she loved so much, and kissed her sweetly. Lifting her into his arms,he began to walk around the cottage, Embry at their backs.

"Now, let's go HOME."