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A/N: So this is the last chapter of the story, so all of the previous prompts are making a special appearance. I wrote this VERY quickly in order to finish it up before going on vacation, and the end is incredibly cheesy. I hope you like it anyway. Thanks for being such an amazing group of readers!

There hadn't been that many girls at the volleyball game, so he had expected to get through the autographs fairly quickly. Nick hadn't counted on them all texting their friends. He had been sitting signing autographs and posing for photos for almost an hour with no sign of Macy. He was afraid maybe she had forgotten about him.

Smiling for another camera phone, he finally saw her coming towards him. She grinned at him before climbing up on the table.

After blowing a whistle for attention, she shouted. "See that game clock on the scoreboard? I'm setting it for fifteen minutes. When the clock runs down, he's done signing autographs." She glanced down at the girls in the front of the line. "I'd suggest not being too chatty because I would imagine the girls in the back are not going to be happy if you take up all their time."

Reaching up, he offered her a hand to help her down. Before he let go, he leaned in and whispered, "You're the best. Thanks for rescuing me again."

She smiled at him. "You're welcome. How about giving me your car keys? I'll have one of my teammates bring your car around back so you can make a quick getaway."

"Sounds good," he said, giving her his keys. "Just don't forget to set the timer."

Fourteen minutes later, Macy was back standing next to him. As soon as the buzzer sounded, she grabbed his hand and began to run for the side door. Pulling him behind a tree, they watched as a group of girls burst through the door, running towards Nick's car. He stood starring in horror as his car pulled away.

"Macy, someone is stealing my car!"

"Relax, Nick," she said laughing. "It's all part of the plan. While we were getting your car, we realized that lots of people recognize the Mustang."

"That wouldn't have anything to do with a certain fan site featuring 'the cars of JONAS' by any chance?" he asked wryly.

"Yeah, sorry about that," Macy said apologetically. "Anyway, I called your house. One of my teammates is driving your car home, and your mom is going to let her into the garage."

"How am I getting home?"

She gestured towards a Mini Cooper parked in the shade. "We can take my car."

After checking to make sure the coast was clear, they both sprinted to Macy's car. As they pulled out of the school, she grinned and said, "I told them we'd drive around for a few minutes to give everything time to settle down before I take you home."

Nick gulped. This was the perfect opportunity; all he had to do was ask if she wanted to do something. "What if -" his voice came out high and squeaky. He cleared his throat before trying again. "What if we go do something instead?" He was pretty sure that was a little too vague. Mustering up his courage he added, "Like a date."

Nick recognized his error immediately as the car swerved to the side, almost hitting a mailbox. He probably should have waited until a stop sign to spring that on her.

Macy threw the car into park before turning and asking, "What did you just say?

"I asked if you wanted to go on a date with me."

"Why?" She asked incredulously. "Is this because I saved you from those fan girls? Cause it was no big deal. I don't want you to feel like you owe me or anything. I mean, really, a simple thank you would be…"

Nick cut her off by leaning across the handbreak to kiss her. At first her eyes went wide as she sat frozen, but then she let out an adorable sigh and began to kiss back, sliding her hands up into his curls. He had no idea how long they sat in the car kissing before they finally broke apart. He could see a flurry of emotions flicker across her face – joy, confusion, doubt.

"Why?" She whispered.

"I like you."


He reached out and took hold of her hand, bringing it up so he could place a soft kiss on her knuckles. "Cause you would stand in line to buy tickets for a show to protect our friendship. And fight off a mob of crazy fan girls for me." When he noticed that she wouldn't make eye contact with him, he let go of her hand and placed a finger under her chin, lifting her face so he could see her eyes. "Plus, you're beautiful and funny. And being with you makes me happy."

She smiled shyly at him, obviously still afraid to believe that this was really happening. Looking him straight in the eye, she reached up and pinched herself on the arm.


"Macy! What did you do that for?"

"Just making sure I was awake."

He chuckled, "I promise this is real. So will you go out with me?"

She grinned before saying, "Do you think you could use one of your cheesy pick up lines on me first?"


"No, I was joking," she said with a giggle before leaning in and kissing him.

When they pulled apart, Nick looked her in the eyes and said with a straight face, "Are you an angel? Cause I think I'm in heaven."