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In this story…it will show Severus and Lily going to Hogwarts and growing up. What they will face and what they will endure. Sev will loose some friends as well as gain some friends. Lily will find out that she is popular without Severus, so what will happen? AS I alluded to in the other story some problems arise for Severus that deal with the family, what could they be?

On with the story…



Platform 9 and ¾.

Hogwarts express

Eleven AM

An eleven-year-old boy stood by the train and watched the others, his caged owl by his side. He was amused by the lack of chaos that was going on around him, although he knew it was about to change when the last minute students arrived. His trunk was already loaded on. Now he was just waiting for his friends to arrive.

He had shoulder length black hair and solemn black eyes that already told that he saw way too much. He wore finely made clothes. His skin was a pale tan colour that was stretched over his lanky frame, which told that while he went outdoors, he was more comfortable inside reading. The most prominate feature of his face was his nose; it was long and slightly hooked.

An older man with grey trousers and jacket and black cane stood right beside him informing him of what was expected of him since he was a Prince.

"Severus, remember what I told you…"

Severus cocked his head to the right, "And what would that be, grandfather?"

"While at Hogwarts, you are representing the Prince name. So I will expect you to show the rest of the students how to behave. As well as the staff, that they will be proud to teach you. So mind your manners."

"Of course I will, I am a Prince!"

"Well, see that you act like it. I will not have you making a fuss at Hogwarts like that cousin of yours. It is nearly everyday and twice on Sundays that Triton and Julia get owls sent from the headmaster himself of what he has done."

"Grandfather, I am not like Nero!"

"My apologies, Severus. You are right. The boy is in his third year and you already know more than he does." Augustus chuckled, "You know more than most in fourth year."

"It's not that hard, really."

"Severus, that brings to mind something else that needs to be said."

"I know, Princes do not bow."

"Well. Yes. But that is not what I was talking about. You are not to do anyone's homework."

"So no helping…."

"No, you can offer advice and help, but I said you are not to do anyone's homework. I know that you did your cousin's summer homework. That ends now."

"Yes, grandfather."

"Good, you are to get an allowance of 20 galleons a month. And I have already set up a charge account for you at different shops around Diagon Alley that you will use. Flourish and Blotts, the apocatory, and the dressmakers shop Madam Malkin. Here are their catalogues." Augustus handed the materials over to his grandson. Augustus put his hand under his grandson's cheek and smiled, "It seems only yesterday that I first instructed you of proper table manners. I am so proud of you Severus as I am sure your mother is as well."

Severus's eyes became concerned and cloudy, "You really think so?"

"I know so."

"You are not the only one proud of him, father. We are as well. Right, Julia."

Julia, whose face was still a bit blotched from when Severus and his friends got revenge on her gritted her teeth into an inglorious snarl, "You have no idea."

Severus smirked, "Thank you Aunt Julia, I know what that means coming from you."

At that time a chuckle was heard behind them and Julia turned sharply to see Severus's good friend, Aristotle Wallace. Her perfectly marred face had splotches or red on it and the vein in her forehead started to present itself.

"Good to see you, Sev. Mr. Prince and Mr Prince. And Mrs Prince, how are you this fine day?"

Ignoring everyone around her, she then walked over to Nero, "Nero, have a good year at Hogwarts. Owl me if you need anything and mummy will take care of it."

"From wiping his runny nose…." Severus started.

"To wiping his bum." Aristotle added. Causing Severus and him to laugh out loud. Augustus chuckled and Triton shook his head.

Hearing that, Julia said a few more words to Nero and then left via the floo. Nero stood there glaring at them.

"What is wrong now, Nero?" Severus asked. "No mummy to run to kiss your boo boos." Nero's face turned purple and he walked away muttering.

Aristotle laughed, "What a mummy's boy."

"Well, boys I had better be running along. I have a meeting to attend to." Triton turned on his heel and disappeared.

Augustus then walked over to Severus and looked Severus directly in the eye, "Try to stay out of trouble and remember what I told you."

"About me being a Prince."

"Yes. I expect you to uphold the family's honour."

"Yes, grandfather."

"You have not even left yet and I am already missing you." Augustus squeezed Severus's left shoulder, "Take care of yourself."

"I will owl you everyday."

"Once a week should suffice." Augustus looked at his watch and gave a half smile, "Eleven ten. You had best get on board."

"But Lily isn't here yet."

"I'm right here Sev." Severus turned around and grinned. Lily stood there wearing a yellow sundress and sandals. She had her trunk on a trolley and her caged owl was on top.

"Boys be the young gentlemen that I know you are and help Miss Evens with her trunk."

Before he picked up the trunk, Severus ran over to Augustus and gave him a quick hug, "Bye grandfather. I will owl you tonight."

He then ran over and grabbed one end while Aristotle grabbed the other and loaded it on the train. With that all three got on the train and into the first available compartment they came to. Severus waved good-bye out the window toward his grandfather as did Aristotle to his grandfather, Socrates.

The train made a last whistle and then it lurched forward, they stopped waving once they were out of the platform. Soon all were seated down. Lily had a death grip on Severus's hand.

"It'll be alright, Lily. You'll see." Severus knew that she had never been away from her parents for very long.

"Promise me something, Sev."


"No matter what, we will still be friends."

"Always." A bit later Lily fell asleep on his right shoulder. Severus and Aristotle started to have a quiet debate over which houses they would be in.

"Severus, I think that you would be in either Ravenclaw or Slytherin."

"I say Slytherin."

"You sure about that? Because you out read even me. No matter how long the book is."

"I am a Slytherin, like my grandfather. But you are a Ravenclaw, plain and simple."

"I suppose so. Hey, are you going to try out for the house team?"

"I don't think so."

"You are pretty good on your broom, why not?"

"For the first year I want to concentrate on my studies."

"Sev, you know more than most seventh years do."

"So? I have got to stay ahead of everyone. I want to be first in everything."

"No worries about that." Aristotle muttered.


"I believe that you will break records academically at Hogwarts."

"You really think so?"

"Would I lie to you about your intelligence?"

"I say that I am going to have a challenge between you, Lily and Remus."

"Hey, where is he anyway?"

"Don't know. I haven't seen him since this morning. His father and him flooed to Diagon Alley right after breakfast. I think they forgot something on his list."


"Merlin knows where he ended up at."

A knock came on the door. A fifth year with long blond hair and a long, arrogant looking face opened the door. "First years, time to change into robes."

"Hello, Malfoy." Severus called out.

"Prince." With that he turned and left.

"Hey, Lily. Better wake up."

"Are we there already?"

"No. We are almost though. We have to get changed into our robes."

"Alright then." Lily got up to stretch. "Ladies first." She grabbed her robe and left the compartment. While she was gone, the boys quickly put theirs on.

"So which do you think that Lily will be in?"

"Ravenclaw, I hope."

"You don't sound so sure."

"Aristotle, if she is not in Ravenclaw then she will be in Gryffendor."

"Oh and with you in Slytherin, I can see where that will be a problem."

"Yeah and also the effect that Potter will end up being sorted into Gryffendor."

"You really don't like him do you."

"I dislike Black more."

"I thought that you and Regulus got along fine."

"It is Sirius that I don't like."

"Eck. Those two." Just then the door slammed open and the two in question walked in. "Speak of the devils."

"Awe. I think that Wallace likes us, James."

"Well, why wouldn't he."

"Only to that fact that my intelligence would plummet with the mere mention of your names rolling off my tongue."

Severus laughed, "Very good Aristotle."

"I didn't even have to try."

"That's rich coming from two kids who were raised by their grandfathers."

"Hey, why don't you take a flying leap from the train. The both of you clods." Lily pushed both of the offending boys aside before a fight could start.

"Come on Sirius. We know when we aren't wanted."

"We are never going to have any peace with them at the castle are we?" Lily asked.

"Possibly not. Hey Lily, will you do me a favour?"

"Sure Sev, what is it?"

'You probably will be sorted into Gryffendor. I am sure that Potter will as well. Be careful around him."

"I will, don't worry about it Sev."

After a bit, they were in a small boat gliding toward the castle. Then they walked up the steps to and met a grey haired witch at the top of the stairs. She then introduced herself and mentioned the sorting. Twenty minutes later, Severus found that he was separated from his friends.