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Severus and his friends all had subjects they were good at and others they struggled with. Within the majority of the first week of the semester, Severus found his favourite classes and those he had to struggle with.

For Severus, Transfiguration with Minerva McDonald was something that he only read about in his schoolbooks and in Augusts Prince's library. Even though he read about the subject and memorized the books, putting it into practice was another story altogether.

It did not help that Potter, Black and Pettigrew were in the same class and distracting him from concentrating. But it made him feel good when Potter called out for Lily to sit beside him and she ignored the prat and sat beside Severus, much to the astonishment of the Gryffendors and the scoffs of indifference of the Slytherins.

Professor McDonald shook her head at the thought of one of her lion cubs associating with a snakeling and started with the lecture. The first transformation that the class was required to do correctly by the start of the next class was transforming a piece of straw into a needle.

At the end of class, Severus had almost changed his piece of straw into a needle. It was shiny, it was metal but it was not sharp nor was it the right weight.

Severus vowed to get it right by tomorrow, even if he had to stay awake the entire night to get it done right.

For charms class, with Professor Flitwick with the Ravenclaws, Severus hated it. He supposed that Professor Flitwick was a very good teacher and someone he could respect.

The first incantation was windardion leviousa or levitating a feather. It tool him the entire class to ask for help with the charm.

He could easily memorise the incantations, but he easily got mixed up regarding the foolish wand movements. He had that class with Aristotle who happened to like the class.

But since Lily really was the genius at it, it was her that was his study partner and tutor. That made Severus happy, so that she would not get influenced as much by the other Gryffendors if she were with him, Aristotle or Alice.

At the end of Charms class, Severus was frustrated and partly depressed. He was suppose to do well at Hogwarts. What about all of those lessons with his tutor, Mr. Lupin?

His grandfather would be so ashamed. A Prince not doing well at Hogwarts. He was a disgrace. Just like Nero was.

Severus shuddered, he was nothing like Nero. And Mr. Lupin had told him that it might take time to understand certain aspects of different subjects.

Titus Lupin had informed him of that when he started teaching him about plants. After seeing how frustrated his young charge became when he did not understand the different plants and their properties.

Severus started to understand when his tutor started to explain how they were used in potions and the different properties that could be used. That was when he changed his mind about herbs and plants.

Severus took a deep breath and set his chin, just like his grandfather, he was a Prince and he would not give up!

Severus then took a look at his times table. Ah, yes Defence against the dark arts. Splendid! He knew that he would do well at that subject, no matter who was teaching it!

And he had it with Lily! That made it all the better. Even after all this time, they were still friends. Best friends. Or his best girl friend.

Once stepping into the classroom, he settled himself down in a seat and waited for the class to begin. Next to the class name was the professor's name Matilda Wallings.

He looked around at the décor. On the walls were pictures or mythical creatures. Unicorns, mer people, Yeti, Saschwatch, fairies, pixies and other creatures he had no idea about.

Lily came up to him, "Reminds me of Tuny's room when she was five."

"Petunia liked this this …." Severus gestured with his arm.

"Well, she wasn't always like this."

Severus gave Lily a smile, "Won't you sit down, Lily."

"I'm sorry, Sev. I promised Mary that I would sit with her." Seeing her friend's disappointment, "But I will sit with you next time." Lily smiled at Severus and walked back to her new friends and sat down in between two Gryffendor girls.

"Hey, Prince, since your friend deserted you for her pride, would you mind…."

"Have a seat, Mulciber."

"Thanks. You know us Slytherins got to stick together. I was talking to some upperclassmen and they told me that the rivalry will eventually destroy your friendship."

"We have been friends since we were little, so I highly doubt that she will stop being my friend over something as frivolous as different houses." Hearing Lily laugh with those other half-wits he frowned.

"No matter what, Prince, you are still a Slytherin. And I will stand beside you as such."

Before Severus could answer, the DADA teacher walked in. "I hope that you are all happy with your seating and your partner, because you will have that for the entire year." Severus frowned and caught Lily's eyes and shook his head. She mouthed back sorry, he just frowned more and turned his eyes to the teacher.

"Take a good look at the pictures on the walls. They look harmless and are a part of folklore. Don't they. Well every single one of those creatures was responsible for at least half a dozen deaths a year each. Documented or undocumented. Now to begin. Turn your tomes to page 603. Now can anyone tell me why a magical pure creature like a unicorn is deadly?"

After the class was over with, Severus and his DADA partner Michael Mulciber were walking out of class.

"I thought that was going to be a boring lesson." Michael started.

"She really knows how to draw attention to the matter at hand. Who knew that some of those creatures were so deadly. At least we know what to look out for."

"I believe she did that on purpose. Not to take anything for granted in this field of study."

"Right you are."

"Hey Sev. Wait up!" Lily ran over stopping right in front of him. "I really am sorry, but you see, I already promised to sit next to Mary."

"When did you promise?"

"Last lesson."

"You promised me on the express."

Dawning entered Lily's eyes. "Oh, Sev, I am so sorry I forgot."

"You forgot? You forgot? " Severus narrowed his eyes. Less than a week and their friendship were already to show signs of strain, maybe Mulciber was right. "Why don't you go and spend your day with your little lion cub friends! I got another class to go to"

Severus then turned on his heel and marched towards the great hall for lunch. While eating, he had his back to the Gryffendor table. If she wanted to play it that way, so be it.

He knew that it was childish, but he was mad, hurt and a little vindictive. He felt like stewing. His grandfather taught him that a man's word defines him. And if he breaks a promise what good is he?

As soon as he finished he rose and left with Michael Mulciber, who was turning out to be a good conversationalist. The next class was History of magic with the Huffelpuffs, maybe the class wouldn't be so boring and he could rein in his temper. Something his grandfather always told him to be aware of. Gentlemen did not have tempers or throw tantrums!

Professor Binns was the only teacher that had the unique distinction of being a ghost. And his lecture was so dry that Severus gave up trying to pay attention and decided to read about the subject.

During the class he passed noted to Mulciber. He was bored and had to have something to pass the time.

On the way out, "That class was a joke." Mulciber mumbled.

"I wonder if I could get any of my work from another class done during that hour?" Severus wondered aloud. They were far enough away from the classroom.

"Severus, only you would say that."

"Alright there, Nesbit." Severus smiled. If anyone could lighten his mood it was Alice Nesbit. Mulciber coughed, "Right, introductions. Alice Nesbit this is Michael Mulciber, Michael Mulciber this is Alice Nesbit."

"Charmed to meet you, Miss Nesbit."

"Nice to meet you as well, Mr. Mulciber."

Justin Avery called over Mulciber. "Oh, Prince I forgot…."

"No worries, I will see you in the common room later on tonight."

After he left, Alice turned toward Severus. "I heard that you and Lily had a disagreement."

"If you could call it that."

"What happened?"

"She gave me her word that she would sit with me in every class. But she turned flighty towards me when it came to her new friends."

"Her friends from her dorm, hmmm?"


"I was wondering if that was going to happen or when."

"You knew?"

"Not when it came to you. But for Lily yes. She has never really been around witches before. Since she wants to make friends of her own. I do not count since I was almost paired as her friend by your grandfather. And before you get all defensive, Severus, you would have to admit the Slytherin picked your friends out as well."

"Well…yes in a way."

"Severus, your grandfather would have made Salazar Slytherin proud."

Severus tilted his head, "Of course he would have, and he is the quentisianl Slytherin."

"That was just his way. And don't worry about Lily, Severus, she will always be your friend."

"But with all of the inter house rivalry, will she want to be mine?"

"Of course, you silly goose. You both are just having a disagreement. Everything will be good as rain by tonight."

"What happens in the next seven years when we continue to have fights like this, hmmm? When she starts to choose to be with her house mates instead of being around a slimy snake?" Alice turned around and pinched Severus on the arm. "Hey, what did ya do that for?" Severus's Yorkshire voice rose over his carefully controlled shire voice.

"Don't ever think that low of yourself again. Besides if Aristotle or your grandfather was here they would do the same thing. Oh, now look at the time, we are going to be late for herbology if we do not hurry."

Thanks for getting tutored well by Hepatitis Lupin in all things plants and herbs, the class was a cakewalk for Severus, besides he teamed up with Alice and since she was a natural, they both finished early.

Professor Sprout was impressed with both Severus and Alice. Particularly, Alice, she saw such innate talent with plants in her new start pupil.

The next class was potions with Professor Slughorn. Severus was late to class and he sat in the centre as a buffer of sorts between the Gryffendors and the Slytherins. Lily almost ran over to him and sat down beside him.

"Sev, please can we talk after class."

"I suppose so."

"Welcome to all my new students to Hogwarts. In this class…." Severus felt that he was on auto-piolet for the duration of the class. Yet his potion at the end was the best of the whole class.

After class he met with Lily under a huge oak tree by the lake. He stood with his arms crossed and frowned down at her.

"When you do that you remind me of your grandfather, you know."


"Severus, I am sorry. I honestly forgot. I was laughing at a joke that Marlene told me and then afterward Mary somehow asked if I would sit with her at DADA and I said yes. If I would have known…"Lily's eyes swam with tears.

Severus could never resist Lily when she would cry. "Fine, just don't do it again. I mean I was counting on you to be my partner. Remember we all agreed that we would be each other's partners and help one another."

"I really am sorry Sev. I mean we can still help each other. Right?"

"I suppose."

"Thank you, Sev! Now let's go for a walk. Come on." Lily grabbed him by the hand and started to drag him around the lake.

While walking, Severus couldn't help but feel that that was not to be their last discussions about house politics and that it was only the beginning.

On Wednesday night at midnight, all of the first years climbed the steps to the astronomy tower. Severus could understand astrology, but it was Aristotle who was the fanatic about the class.

So between all four of the friends, they had a very strong study group and tutored each other very well.

First semester

As the days came and went, the students fell into a pattern. They would get up, shower, dress, breakfast, go to classes, lunch, a few more classes then dinner, study, and then bed.

In between all of that, were the extra curricular activities. From the different clubs, Severus joined three clubs: chess, potions and the duelling club. To watching Quidditch and have course the pranks that Potter, Black and Pettigrew through in.

Severus was right though about the novelty of Hogwarts wearing off when the reality of having to actually learn would set in.

For most students, it took a week when the students found there was actually work and responsibility involved with the different courses, some it took less amount of time when they found out that their carefree relaxing days were over with, although there were those who were still chipper about school.

Severus just rolled his eyes at the endless 'chattering' of such optimism that mostly the girls and even Huffelpuffs seemed to have plenty of, in spades as well. They gave him a headache just to think about their responses.

Why were there such people such as these who always seemed so happy? Someone could be hexing them with an unforgivable and they could keep on happily chatting about how brilliant everything was, even the spell that was used against them.

Annoying bunch of halfwits. Severus would rather hear a student moping about how there was far too much homework than to have to put up with the endless and mind numbing barrage of nonsense coming from the dunderheads.

The headmaster heard him talking about that to Lily, Alice and Aristotle one evening as they were serving detention at the trophy case. He came to dismiss them from their detention.

They had hexed Potter, Black and Pettigrew good for a prank that they had played on them.

Whenever Aristotle, Lily or Severus would start talking they found they could not talk but had to sing out their conversations, that or stutter what they had on their minds. Alice was their friend and stood by them for what they had on mind to get them back.

The hex was brilliant; Potter's gang never knew what hit them. Aristotle had the idea of how to embarrass them, Severus made the potion, Alice obtained the ingredients and Lily slipped the potion into their shampoo and conditioner.

Of course that was too easy if they were going to have the potion express itself right there. But with the four friends that was too simple. Who would see the end result and all of the work they put into it?

So the potion was dormant until they drank some Butterbeer at the Halloween Feast. That would be the best place to humiliate Potter, Black and Pettigrew, since almost, if not all, would be at the feast on the great hall.

Well, suffice to say the whole student body found out what those three looked liked bald.

When the Marauders drank the Butterbeer their hair started to fall out.

Potter's hair that was at different angles started to detach itself from his head for a long time he would not be ruffling his hair in an attempt to look impressive. Black's straight hair that curled at the bottom which he was so proud of was falling out even faster than Potters, well he would not be spending more time fixing his hair and looking in the mirror than any of the girls of the school. Pettigrew whose mousy brown hair was shaped against his face, was probably the first one to realize what was happening, amazingly enough.

They did not notice anything at first, until people were starting to laugh and point at them. It was then that Peter noticed what was happening to black and Potter and he put his hand on his head and squeaked.

James and Sirius looked at Peter and with shaking hands felt their scalps. They quickly got up from the table and ran off to their dorm room.

Knowing whom Potter and his gang targeted, Dumbledore knew who played the joke right away.

"Wallace, Evans, Nesbitt and Prince will accompany me to my office." Dumbledore announced to the whole school.

Before he got up from his seat, Malfoy looked toward Severus and raised his goblet, and stated almost with interest, "Well done, Mr. Prince."

Severus lifted his right eyebrow and inclined his head to say thank you and then he got up from the seat. Only to have Slytherin house start to cheer and applaud him and his deed. There was not a one in Slytherin house that did not like the arrogant boys. Severus smirked and gave a half bow.

"Mr. Prince if you can tear yourself away from your fan club of sorts, you and your friends have an engagement in my office."

Dumbledore shook his head already knowing that he was going to have to put up with those types of pranks for seven years between the Marauders and the four cohorts, as the staffs was starting to think of them as.

In short there would be no peace for the students and the teachers at the school for a very long time, if ever. They might even influence the next generation of students with their jokes. So Hogwarts may never be the same again.

All four got assigned detention polishing the trophies. The first ever for them as students. Although Aristotle, Alice, Lily and Severus got howlers from their parents and grandfathers after the headmaster sent them word.

While all of that was going on Remus Lupin sat back and watched quietly and shook his head. What the others may not understand, was that he was slowly becoming friends with Potter, Pettigrew and Black.


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