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Summery: The war is over and everyone is pulling themselves together and counting the wounded and dead when Harry gets a delayed Mail from the Headmaster that his parents are alive and nothing more then squibs living in Forks, Washington.

Remus is still alive as is Fred but Ginny and Tonks are dead.

Harry sighed as he ruffled the back of his hair as he stood on the stairway up to the Headmistresses office, blood and sweat still on his clothes and skin. Even though the final battle was over and had been for hours, Harry still hadn't had time to stop and clean up, having helped with the clean up of the bodies and to help families find each other in all the chaos. Ginny and Tonks had died, Remus nursing a broken heart at the death of his wife. Harry didn't have much left in him to grieve.

Harry raised a grimy hand up to the large wooden door and knocked, alerting McGonagall to the fact that he was there and entered the office.

"Ah, Harry. Good you're here. Please take a seat and help yourself to the tea and biscuits I'll be with you in a minute." She said as she flittered around her desk draws looking for something.

"How have you been doing Harry?" McGonagall asked settling down, "Besides the obvious."

Harry sighed, "About as well as I can be at the moment. I don't think it's really sunk in yet." He responded.

"I'll get right down to the point then Harry. No need to go about this in a round about way like Albus." She said, "I have a delayed letter from Albus that I just received from Gringotts. And upon talking with Albus' portrait I have decided to reveal to you the contents of this letter. I have not read it as it is addressed to you and I don't believe in reading other peoples mail." She said giving him a crooked smile.

Harry took the letter with a small smile and ripped it open and read the contents, only to drop the letter in shock after reading it. McGonagall, seeing her student slip in to shock walked over to the teen and put a hand on his shoulder, giving it a squeeze of comfort before picking up the discarded letter and giving it a read through herself, only to also drop it in shock and thump, unlady like into the chair next to Harry.

**Dear Harry,

If you are reading this letter then I have perished in our fight against Voldemort. I want you to know that it is with a heavy heart that I write this letter to you Harry and not having told you this to your face before the end like I should have, but I wanted all your thoughts to be on living though this war.

On that night 17 years ago, when your parents perished, things happened that shouldn't have happened. One of those things was that your parents didn't perish as I had led you to believe. They had done a very advance, very dark ritual that would turn the Avada Kedavra into a type of stunning spell. Thought this spell imitated an actual death, much like the Draught of Living Death does when ingested, they remained this way for half an hour, so they were up and about but a little worse for wear when we arrived to survey the damage and to see if there were any survivors.

For several hours there after, I talked your parents into leaving you with Lily's sister, Petunia, and have them go into hiding as there was nothing more they could do. Their magic had be taken from them as is the course of the ritual that they performed, so they were reduced to nothing more then Squibs, though able to still do small spells, common house cleaning and maintenance spells and some potions. They would have not been able to look after you, though looking back as I write this letter, they could have looked after you no matter the condition they were in. And for this I am sorry Harry for leaving you with your relatives, for not being there for you though out the rest of the war to help you deliver the final blow.

Inside the envelope is the address of your parents new home, please send them a letter though the international postal floo and tell them anything and everything that you wish them to know and also go and see them, take a break from the Wizarding world and see the rest of it.

Just know Harry that I am very proud of you and proud of everything that you have done and will do in the future. Good-bye my boy and live you life to the fullest.

Love and joy to your coming years, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.**

"Why?" Harry cried out angrily, his magic crackling around him, "How the hell could they do that to me. How could they leave me all alone like that." He fumed and turned on McGonagall, "And what about what I saw when I died back in the Forbidden Forest before I killed Voldemort?"

McGonagall's eyes widened at the admission that Harry had indeed died that night, "What did you see Harry?" she questioned the teen gently.

"Mum, dad, Sirius, Remus and Dumbledore all came to me in the Realm of In-Between." Harry explained, "How the fucking hell could they have been there giving me the strength to come back and kill Voldemort if all but Sirius and Dumbledore were alive? How can I comfortably say that Sirius is dead now with all this?"

McGonagall sighed shaking her head; "Albus was always the master manipulator Harry. Be if alive or dead it seems."

"Meddling old coot." Harry snapped and the letter burst into flames causing McGonagall to drop the letter in shock. The only part of the letter that remained was the piece with the Potters address written on it. "I have to go." He said abruptly and was swiftly from the office leaving a stunned McGonagall staring after.

"Oh Albus. What have you do to the boy by keeping this from him?" She questioned in to the quiet room.

Harry ran past by the groups of Aurors', students and families straight toward the Room of Requirement. Not stopping nor acknowledging those that had called out to him in his rush to get away from everything he had just learnt.

Coming to a stop at where Harry knew the ROR was he paced three times and waited for his thoughts about the room be granted, =Please, I need a comfortable room where no one can find me until I want to be found=, a door like a broom cupboard appeared, plain and uninteresting to everyone.

Harry entered the room blindly and flopped down on the bed and stared blankly at the wall that was near the bed, seeing the blood red of the wall hangings and nothing more.

He didn't want to think about anything, he didn't want to feel the betrayal of his parents leaving him behind with the Dursleys. He didn't want to think about what he had seen in the Realm of In-Between where he clearly saw them all dead. But now, hours later to only find that they were alive and well. Maybe not Remus, maybe that was why he was able to appear in the Realm, he must have been on the edge of death itself to appear to him and was healed in the time it took Harry to get to the school and defeat Voldemort.

Harry let out a scream full of pain, anger, abandonment, longing, frustration and every other named emotion, his magic responded, turning everything in the room bar the bed he was sleeping on into nothing more then dust with the intensity of the blaze, the tears that were spilling from emerald eyes dried up as soon as they came.

Remus snarled, startling Teddy, when the ROR wouldn't let him into the room Harry had holed himself up in. It had been three days since the teen had up and disappeared. Only McGonagall knew why he had disappeared and wasn't willing to spill the beans about it. It was only thanks to the Kreacher that he had found where the teen was hiding and now the damn room wasn't letting him get to his cub.

"Please let me in." He pleaded with the castle, "He needs someone to talk to. He shouldn't be alone."

These seemed to be the right words to speak cause the door appeared before Remus and swang open, allowing the werewolf in to the room Harry was in. Remus entered the barren room in search of Harry and located him sleeping on a singed bed.

Letting out a relieved sigh, Remus moved over to the bed and sat down on the edge of the bed gently and ran his fingers lightly through Harrys ebony hair. Teddy, not wanting to be left out reached over and grabbed a handful of hair and pulled with a happy squeal, waking Harry up and causing him to bolt upright in the bed nearly knocking heads with Remus.

A pale hand rubbed at where Teddy had pulled Harry looked over at the pair, "Hey Remmy." Harry said quietly and looked down at the bedspread.

Remus smiled sadly, "Hello Cub." Was all he said as he moved around so that he was leaning against the headboard and let Teddy crawl over to where Harry was and demanded that the teen pay attention to him.

With a small smile Harry picked Teddy up and shuffled back so that he was leaning against the headboard next to Remus with Teddy on his lap playing happily with the buttons on Harry's shirt.

"Do you want to tell me about it?" Remus asked

"Tell you about what?" Harry asked as he let his fingers dance in front of Teddy's face.

"What ever it is that you have disappeared from for three days."

Harry looked at Remus in shock, "It's been three days?"

Remus smiled at Harry, "Yes Cub. I had to plead just to get into the room to see you."

Harry blushed, "I'm sorry Remmy. I just needed to get away from everything. Away from what Dumbledore kept from me."

"What did the old coot keep from you now?" Remus asked with a fond smile on his face at the thought of the Headmaster.

"I don't think you would believe me if I told you." Harry responded.

"Try me."

"I would but I kind burnt up the evidence in a fit of anger." Harry responded brushing a hand through Teddy's hair.

"Well we're in the ROR Harry, then how about we ask the room for a Pensive and you show me the memory?"

Harry nodded and seconds later there was a pensive on the bed in front of him, stunned Harry brought his wand up to his temple and extracted the memory and placed it in the bowl and let Remus view the memory that had him running away three days ago.

Remus pulled the pensive over to himself and dipped the tip of his wand in the bowl and dived into the memory. Harry kissed Teddy on the forehead and blew a raspberry on his clothed belly emitting a squeal out of Teddy keeping him amused while Remus was otherwise occupied.

Five minuets later Remus emerged with a deep frown on his face, "I don't know what to say Harry. I don't know if I can believe this." Was all Remus could say.

Harry nodded, "I know what you mean." He sighed, "I just want to know why they left me alone for all those years. Left me with the Dursleys, let Sirius…" Harry's breath hitched, "Let him spend all those years in Azkaban. Why do they want to get to know me now? Mum had to have known what Petunia was like."

Remus put his arm around Harry and pulled the teen to his side and rested his chin on the crown of Harrys' head, "I'm sorry Harry, I don't know what to tell you. But maybe we should go to Minerva's office and see if Dumbledore's portrait will talk to us. We can't be sure that this isn't some kind of falsehood."

"What if they are really alive though? What do we do?"

"If it really is them, then there are a few things about me that only they could know that I can ask to confirm that it is them. Things about your birth that only Poppy knows other then your parents. Then we will go and confront them and rip them a new one. How's that sound?"

Harry smiled, "That sounds great."

"Well then, how about you go to the door on the other side of the room and shower, I have a feeling that is what it is. I will call Kreacher for a change of clothes and then we will go up to the office and see Albus."

"Alright." Harry responded and handed Teddy back to his daddy, "I won't be long."

Remus called for Kreacher and asked the elf for some clothes and a bottle for Teddy to feed him while Harry got ready. Twenty minutes later Harry emerged from the bathroom and Teddy was over his daddys shoulder being burped and started to drift off to sleep.

"Ready to go Harry?" he asked getting up from the bed.

Fixing the Weasley Christmas sweater over his head he nodded, "Yeah, I'm ready to go." Harry agreed and the pair headed out of the room to the Headmistresses office.

Minerva looked up from the slew of paper work she was going over when there was a knock at the large wooden door. Putting down her quill she waved her wand and let the door fall open, and saw Harry and Remus standing at the door. Relief swept through Minerva and she hurried from her chair and hugged the teen tightly to her breast.

"Oh thank goodness you're alright." She said and then released the teen, keeping his shoulders in her grip, "Don't you ever do that again young man." She scolded.

Harry smiled, "Yes ma'am."

"We have come to speak to Albus about the allegations that he made claiming that Lily and James are still alive." Remus spoke up.

Minerva nodded, "Of course. Albus has been waiting for you to come to him." She explained and led them to where Albus' portrait was waiting for him.

"Ah, hello Harry, Remus. Good to see you both in good health." Albus greeted with a twinkling smile.

"You meddling old coot." Remus snapped, "How could you do that to us? How could you leave Sirius to rot in that hell? HOW COULD YOU?" He exploded.

The twinkle in the portrait seemed to disappear, "I thought it would be for the greater good. I didn't think about the impact that it would cause after the fact. I was hoping that Sirius would still be with us and that he could find joy in having Lily and James back. Foresight is as much of a curse as it is a blessing."

"You knew that having my family is all I wanted. It was my hearts deepest desire, you knew what I saw in the mirror of Erised and told me that it was folly to dwell on it for I would wither away if I kept going back. How could you do this to me, I thought of you as my grandfather. I looked up to you." Harry steamed, tears streaming down his cheeks the pain shining brightly in his eyes.

Albus looked down sadly on Harry, "I am sorry my boy, no amount of apologies will ever make that right toward you. But I do hope that once you get passed your anger and betrayal you will forgive me, even just a little, and forgive your parents for not coming for you as it was by my hand that they could not. I bound them to the town they are living in. So please, find it in your heart one day to forgive a meddling old man."

Harry broke down and sobbed harshly against Remus who held him the best he could with Teddy in his arms, tears too streaming down his face, "Sirius would have burnt you with out a care as to what you had to say." Remus spoke up.

Albus nodded, "Yes, I know. Sirius was always some one who could let their anger out and not let it fester, but he does hold quite a grudge." He chuckled fondly, "Think about it my boy, talk with your friends and Molly and Arthur see what they have to say about it. They might be able to help you to come to terms with what you can do and maybe you could contact your parents and then go and seem them. Leave the Wizarding world behind for a few years, live your life, you now have a chance to be free and do what ever you want."

Harry nodded against Remus' chest, "I'll try. That's all I can do." He whispered and walked out of the room.

Albus sighed as he watched Harry leave with a heavy heart, "I am so very sorry." He whispered and disappeared from his frame leaving Minerva and Remus behind.

"What do you think Harry will do?" Minerva asked Remus.

"I think that he'll go and talk with Ron and Hermione. I will talk with him again later and in a little bit more depth about how he feels. I want him to go there, to confront them, and demand from them why they had the gall to do that to Harry. Albus may have bound them to the town but that couldn't have stopped them from sending out letters to us. James is a Marauder, he would have, should have found away to contact us." Remus fumed.

Minerva placed a hand on Remus' shoulder, "That is enough for now Remus. Think more about it later and just spend time with your son and Harry and let all thoughts gather themselves before you confront Lily and James." She said and shooed the man from her office.

Remus left chuckling lightly and half-heartedly.

Harry ruffled a hand through his hair as the trunk locked magically and shrunk so that it would fit in his pocket. He and Remus had gotten in contact with a retailer in their new home town and organised to buy a large spacious house for the pair of them on the outside of town away from where his parents were living. Ron and Hermione, who both wanted to get away for a while had decided to come with them.

"You ready to go cub?" Remus asked as he came into the dorm with Teddy in his arms gurgling happily.

"About as ready as I'll ever be Moony." Harry responded and shoved his trunk into his pocket and headed out on to the grounds of Hogwarts where Ron and Hermione were waiting with the Weasleys and McGonagall.

"Do write to us in a couple of days once you settle down alright." Molly commanded as she hugged the three teens before letting them go so that they could touch the portkey.

"You will be set down at the edge of town in a forest. Not far from there, in a parking area will be a car that is for your use. Please be careful and enjoy yourselves while you are there." Minerva instructed as she handed over the car keys that would also be acting as the portkey.

"Good bye, we'll send you letters soon." Hermione said as Minerva said the activation spell and they disappeared from the grounds of Hogwarts and the land of England.

Harry fell to his knees and they all touched down, little Teddy was squealing happily at the way he had just travelled. At least one of them enjoyed the ride.

"You alright there Harry?" Ron asked as he helped the black-haired teen up off the ground.

Harry dusted off his knees, "Yeah Ron, I'm ok. Still hate those bloody things though." He laughed.

"Come on, I think I can see the car." Hermione said and headed off through the grove of trees and came out at the parking area Minerva had told them about. There sitting in a parking bay sat a mustang blue Ferrari with the top down.

"Wow." Ron and Harry breathed as they walked around the machine.

"Come on then everyone. Let's get going." Remus said as he put Teddy in the baby seat, Ron and Hermione getting in either side of the carrier and Harry slipped into the front next to Remus.

It was 20 minutes later that Remus pulled into a long dirt drive way, at the end of the drive stood a large well built house with numerous charms protecting it. Minerva had called in a few favours from some American Aurors and had them ward the house so that they could practise magic with out Muggles catching on to what they were doing and they had also reinforced the basement for Remus' transformations.

"I get first dibs." Harry called as he bolted out of the car as it came to a stop and flew into the house and searched for his bedroom. Coming across the first one Harry noticed that it had a nursery attached to it so he left that one and flicked his wand at the door and watched as Remus' name scrolled across the wood and went in search of his room.

Then next room he came across was huge, just as big as Remus' room would be if it weren't for the dividing wall that was put up for the nursery. Large bay windows looked out into the forest that surrounded the house, a large king-size bed centre to the room with thick velvet drapes hanging off of the four posters. Harry flicked his wand once more and his name scrolled across the door.

"Found your room cub." Remus spoke up from behind him, leaning casually against the doorframe, large smile on his face, Teddy crawling into the room toward Harry who picked him up and gave him a hug.

"Yes I did thankyou." Harry responded smugly and the pair headed back downstairs and into the kitchen and was soon joined by Hermione and Ron.

"So what now?" Ron asked.

"I think that we should just take a couple of weeks to get to know the town. Avoiding where Lily and James are living and we should enrol you three in school so we'll have to get you guys up to speed with Muggle education." Remus explained.

"Oh Wonderful. I can't wait to get back to Muggle School." Hermione cheered, and then frowned, "But I've been out of the system for far too long." She cried out and hurried off to the library downstairs to see if there were any Muggle books on the shelves.

Ron groaned, "I've never gone to Muggle School. How will I be able to so anything if I don't know anything about Muggles." He moaned.

Harry threw an arm around Rons' shoulder, "Don't worry mate. I'm sure with Hermione's help we'll be caught up to the other kids our age with no problems." He explained with a smirk on his face.

Ron glared at Harry, "That's not funny mate. She is going to completely drown us in homework when we came here to get away from everything. And that included school as well."

Harry rolled his eyes and punched Ron in the shoulder, "Come on mate. We may as well get down there before 'Mione comes after us like a Hungarian Horntail." He said and headed back down stairs to the library and the awaiting Hermione.

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