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=BOLD= is Edward hearing others minds
+normal+ is rapid vampire speak (So fast it's not detectable to humans)

Chapter 13

Emmett scratched at the back of his head as he sat in his last class of the day, bored with the class and having nothing else to occupy his time with since they had to show themselves as family. Though he could play the bad egg out of all of his family and miss a couple of classes, they couldn't all be perfect, that would just be to noticeable.

=God I'm so bored.= He moaned and heard his brother chuckle from next to him.

+It's not that bad Emmett.+ Edward responded swiftly, his mouth barely moving with the vampiric speed that they had.

=Yes it is. Why must we do this all the time? Why can't I just be the delinquent one and not go to school at all?= Emmett questioned.

+If that is what you wish, let Carlisle know your preference for the next time we move.+

Emmett sighed, =You know I couldn't do that. But maybe, just maybe Harry will be with me next time and we can all get the same classes.=

+I wouldn't count on it Emmett. You have to take into consideration Harry's family.+ Edward replied.

=Oh yeah and what about Bella then?= Emmett questioned with a slight growl.

+She won't become one of us if I can help it.+ Edward growled in response, his posture stiff.

Emmett snorted, =Whatever you reckon brother you know the Volturi will have something to say about it.=

+I'll delay that for as long as I can.+ Edward said and was out of the class at the first ring of the bell.

Emmett sighed and shook his head, taking in a deep breath and was struck by the scent that he inhaled, moss, illness, smoke that could have been from a steam boat and lion, left behind by his brother. Emmett was struck dumb at the smells.

"Mr. Cullen." Mr. Snap said, bringing Emmett out of his stupor.

Emmett grabbed his things, "Sorry sir." He said and hurried out of the class room and to the car park to meet up with Harry and tell him what happened.

"You all right Emmy?" Harry questioned at the conflicting look on his vampire's face.

"Yeah, let's head to your place." Emmett responded picking Harry up and putting him in his jeep and fastened the harness, "I'll talk to you guys later." He said to his siblings, "You'll have to get a lift with Eddie." He explained to them and drove off, his tyres squealing as he roared out of the parking lot.

"Em slow down please." Harry asked concerned about the way Emmett was driving.

At his request Emmett slowed down, "Sorry baby. Just got a shock at the end of class is all."

"You'll tell me won't you?"

"Of course. I'll park at your place and we'll go for a walk and talk about it." Emmett told him.

Harry smiled at Emmett and took his hand, "Good." He said.

Emmett pulled into the driveway and unstrapped Harry's harness and jumped out himself and then helped Harry down from the car, "Just let me put this in the house and I'll be right with you." Harry said and disappeared into the house to get rid of his bag and appeared seconds later and took Emmett's hand in his, "Okay let's go."

Emmett picked Harry up and they took off into the forest and towards Edwards meadow so that they were far enough away from his family, especially Edward, "I found our other mate." He said in way of explanation as he sat down with Harry on his lap.

Harry's eyes went wide with shock, "How? Who?" He questioned.

Emmett sighed and breathed in Harry's scent, "It was in my last class of the day, Edward and I were talking about some stuff and I said something that he didn't like about Bella and flew out of class as soon as the bell rang. Anyway, I caught Edward's scent, I don't know why it never struck me before but…" He sighed again, "Edward's our mate Harry."

"Are you sure?" Harry asked in a whisper, shock coursing through his body.

"I'm sure." Emmett responded.

Harry sighed and burrowed into Emmett, "What are we going to do?" he questioned.

"What can we do?" Emmett sighed, "He's so strung up on Bella that there isn't much we can do about it. If we come out and tell him he won't believe us."

"I love you."

"I love you too Harry."

Bella was cleaning the mud off of her truck on one of the sunnier days when Edward landed in the bed, startling her from her cleaning and she dropped the hose, startled by the sudden noise from Edward.

"Can't you act human?" She questioned with a smile, "I mean I've got neighbours."

"I'm gunna take you to my place tomorrow." Edward responded with a smile and knocked the dent out of the wheel cover of her truck created when Tyler's van hit it.

"Thanks…" Bella said brushing her hair behind her ear, "Wait, you mean with your family?" She questioned confused and worried.


"But what if they don't like me?" Bella asked.

Edward laughed slightly as he lent against the hood of the truck, "You're worried, not because you'll be in a house full of vampires, but… because you think that they won't approve of you?" He laughed.

"I'm glad that I can amuse you." Bella responded dryly.

Edward looked off to the side, his posture and face rigid and a slight growl built in his chest.

"What is it?" Bella questioned.

Edward shook his head, "A complication." He responded, "I'll pick you up tomorrow." He told her and jumped in his Volvo.

Bella watched him drive off and smiled slightly as Billy parked on the side of their house, "Hey come to visit your truck?" She asked in greeting as Jacob pushed Billy toward the house.

"Looks good, got the dent out." Jacob said dropping a bag on Billy's lap and inspected where the dent used to be.

"Yeah." Bella responded.

"Actually we're here to visit your flat screen. First Mariners game of the season." Billy explained with a smile, "Plus Jacob here had been bugging me about seeing you."

Jacob gives a bashful smile to Bella, "Great dad… Thanks." He mumbles.

"You did what?" Rosalie asked Edward through gritted teeth.

"I invited Bella over tomorrow." He said again as he sat down at his piano.


"Because I want to introduce her to Carlisle and Esme." He said patiently, tired of his sister's bitching all ready.

"Do we have to?" Jasper questioned, "I have enough trouble at school without having a human in the house."

Edward slammed his hands down on his piano in frustration, breaking the delicate keys that wouldn't have normally broken under another's hands, "What is the big deal about this? She is my mate and has a place in this house."

"Of course she can come Edward." Esme soothed, "She is welcome here." She said and looked sternly over her 'children'.

"Thank you Esme." Edward sighed in relief.

"I could cast a scent blocking charm if you would like." Harry spoke up as he and Emmett walking into the room, "And have an abundance of Blood pops on standby."

"Thank you Harry." Jasper nodded and headed out of the house to hunt.

"You're causing so many problems Little Vampire." Sanguini spoke up appearing in the room, "Once Aro, Marcus and Caius get wind of your little mortal her life will be forfeit."

"WHY ARE YOU ALL BEING SO DIFFICULT ABOUT THIS?" Edward roared slamming his hands down once again, breaking his piano into pieces.

"Because with just one wrong action she could damn you all." Sanguini said casually, as though he was reading a menu, "I could take care of it if you like?"

"Please do." Rosalie agreed, =Sooner she's gone the better off we'll be.=

Edward tackled Rosalie slamming her into the floor, breaking through the cement causing Esme to moan at the damage that Edward had caused, "I'd as sooner kill you." He spat at Rosalie and disappeared from the house, steaming.

"Nothing good ever comes from humans know about us and mating with us." Sanguini said with a sigh, "This is the reason for those rules set by the Volturi."

"Then this would be a bad time to say that Bella isn't Edward's mate then?" Harry asked as he looked the Cullen's over.

"WHAT?" They questioned, shocked.

Harry sighed, "Edward and Bella aren't mates, she's only his singer and he has incredible control not to kill her." He said and sat down heavily on the couch.

"But how do you know that?" Esme asked, "How can you tell?"


Harry's legs swang back and forth from where he was sitting on the porch swing of the Potter abode. He was waiting for them to come back from the store, as Chief Swan explained having come home for a spell from work since nothing was happening in Forks.

"Harry." Exclaimed a startled Lily at seeing her eldest son sitting on their porch, "How long have you been here?" She questioned rushing over to him leaving James with the groceries and baby.

"Not long." Harry responded, "Maybe about ten minutes."

"Well come and help with the groceries and we'll head inside to talk." She said ushering her over to the car.

"Can I take Darrion?" He questioned softly at seeing the babe sitting in his car carrier playing with his booted feet.

Lily smiled brightly, "Of course you can." She responded and went around to the trunk to help James with the bags, only taking the lighter ones due to her pregnancy.

Harry moved over to the car and opened the back door gaining his brothers attention as he did so and winced when he squealed and moved his little fingers in a gimme motion. Harry gave a chuckle and reached in to open the buckles and gently pulled him against his chest and backed out of the car, keeping a hand on his Darrion's head so it wouldn't bump on the door frame.

"Hello little one." He said softly as he cradled his brother and watched as Darrion babbled and dribbled, Harry laughed and wiped up some of the spit from his chin with his bib and headed for the house.

"What are you doing here so early Harry?" James questioned as he opened the front door and allowed Lily in first.

"'Mione mentioned that you wanted me to meet Darrion and maybe have dinner." Harry responded looking up at James, "If today isn't okay I can come back another day."

"No, no today is fine. We were just a little caught off guard." James said with a smile.

Harry returned his smile with a small, unsure one and followed James and Lily into the house, "Thank you." He said, "Do you have some diapers on you? Darrion needs a change." He said getting a whiff of said baby's diaper.

James laughed, "Of course, head up the stairs, first door on your right is Darrion's room, and everything you need is in there." He explained and headed for the kitchen.

Harry walked up the stairs, undoing the little row of buttons of the all-in-one suit. He took note of all of the pictures on the walls, images of him as a baby and his parents along with other pictures of when they were younger with Sirius and Remus in the pictures. Harry gave out a sigh of relief when he didn't see any of them housing Pettigrew.

Harry walking into Darrion's room and was greeted with the sight of a forest with animals painted on the walls. The whole room had a forest type feel to it with the bedding, curtains and toys all involving some sort of forest theme and animal to it. He carefully put Darrion down on the changing table and with a hand on Darrion's stomach he bent down slightly to grab a diaper, wipes and powder and went about changing the baby's nappy.

"I bet that feels better now doesn't it." Harry cooed picking up a definitely happier Darrion as he babbled nonsense and Harry headed down stairs.

"How have you been Harry?" Lily asked as her hands rubbed her stomach in nervousness.

"Shouldn't I be asking you that question?" He asked her, "After the last visit?"

Lily's lip wobbled, "It hurt Harry. I won't lie to you. To think that none of you cared about us to reply. But to find out that none of our letters got to you at all, all the trust I had in Albus died that day." She explained, "I am sorry that I couldn't do anything to let you know we were alive, to let you know that we cared." She sobbed.

"I don't blame you, not anymore. I can't. The ones responsible for all of our heartache are now dead and cannot cause anymore. All we have left to do is to overcome it and try to get through it and try to be as much of a family as we can be." Harry explained.

Lily brought Harry into a hug the best she could around her pregnant belly and Darrion, "You were made to grow up much sooner then you should have. You never had the childhood that you deserved." She sobbed, "I'm so sorry."

James walked over to them and embraced them, "We'll all get through this." He whispered kissing Lily's head, "One way or another we'll get through this and be able to stand on common ground about our relationship as blood."

Harry let out a relieved sigh as he apparated into Emmett's bedroom, his emotions were shot to high hell from the morning with James and Lily but something good did come out of the visit and things were slowly, very slowly starting to heal but would still take some time to fully heal. Harry headed out of Emmett's bedroom and down the stairs to hear an unfamiliar voice and the smell of cooking.

"Oh Hello." Harry said, his eyes wide as he took in the sight of Bella Swan with Edward.

"Ah, hi." Bella responded shyly with a little wave.

"When did you get back?" Edward questioned.

"Just a few minutes ago." Harry responded and headed for the kitchen to see Esme, Emmett and Carlisle cooking, Harry raised an eye brow at Emmett, "Well if I knew that you could be house trained I would have done it earlier." He said to Emmett.

Emmett put down the knife, "Hey I'm just doing what Esme asks." He responded, "Doesn't mean that I'll do it if you ask."

Harry gave him a haunting look, "You'll do everything I tell you to do lest you want to sleep outside." He told him getting a round of laughter out of the Cullen's.

Emmett breezed around the island and pulled Harry into a earth shattering kiss leaving Harry dazed when he pulled back, "But if you throw me outside I can't give you any of those now can I?" He questioned Harry with a smug smile on his lips.

"What's that about outside?" Harry quizzed, his mind addled.

Emmett gave a triumphant smile, "Nothing at all babe." He said giving him a peck on the lips and went back to cutting the salad.

"I hope that you like Italian Bella?" Esme spoke up.

"Bella, this is Esme. My mother for all intents and purposes." Edward explained.

"I hope that you're hungry."

"Yeah, absolutely." Bella responded.

"She already ate." Edward spoke up, causing Bella to look down at her feet, a blush lighting her cheeks.

Harry zapped Edward lightly with his magic, "That doesn't matter Edward. You should always be grateful when someone offers you something to eat." He scolded the vampire lightly and looked over at Esme, "Even if Bella isn't hungry I'm starving." He told her with a smile.

"You're always hungry." Rosalie spoke up from where she was holding the salad bowl, disinterested in the whole gathering.

"Of course I am." Harry responded, "I am a growing boy after all."

"You've got that right." Jasper spoke up as he and Alice entered the house.

"Hi Bella." Alice said pleasantly with a bunch of wild flowers in her hands and moved over to hug the girl, "I'm Alice." She said hugging her, and got a whiff of her scent, "Oh, you do smell good." She mentioned backing away from the teen and joined her husband.

Harry snorted, "Subtle Ali." He said grabbing a cherry tomato and popped it in his mouth.

"It's all going to be okay, Bella and I are going to be great friends." Alice said at the look on Edward's face.

"Sorry." Carlisle spoke up coming around the island, "Jasper is our newest vegetarian." He explained, "It's a little difficult for him."

"It's a pleasure to meet you." Jasper said in his usual southern drawl.

Alice ran a comforting hand up and down Jasper's arm, "It's okay Jasper." She soothed, "You won't hurt her."

Edward winced and put his hand on Bella's elbow, "I'm going to take you on a tour of the rest of the house." He told her softly and led her away from his family.

Harry rolled his eyes at the family and threw a blood pop at Jasper, "Honestly, she's just a human." He stated, "By the way Jasp those are the last of my blood pops, so we'll have to find a Wizarding community to get more. Remmy should have contacted Minerva by now." He explained.

"Oh you will take us with you won't you?" Alice questioned excitedly.

"Of course we can make a family day of it." He responded grabbing a sizzling piece of fish from the fry pan and then jumped up excitedly, "Ohh, the school year has started at Hogwarts, maybe we can catch a Quidditch match and you can see the castle."

Alice let out a squeal, "Really, you could do that?"

"I don't see why not. Minerva has a soft spot for me." He said with an important air about him, "I'll pop home and ask Remmy to ask her about doing it this weekend." He said and seconds later was gone from the kitchen.

"I don't think that I'll ever get used to that." Rosalie mutter putting the salad bowl down on the counter and headed out to the garage to work on the cars, making them faster once again.

"MOOOONNNEEEEYYYY!" Harry called through the house when he appeared and headed for Teddy's room.

"Yes cub?" Remus asked, his head popping out of the bathroom door.

Harry walked into the bathroom where Remus was bathing Teddy, "Do you think that I could call Minerva and ask if we can all come for a visit? Including the Cullen's?" He asked, "I want them to see a Quidditch match."

Remus chuckled, "Of course you can go and ask Harry. The floo is in my study just call out Minerva's office, Hogwarts and you'll be put right through. It's not too late yet." He responded and carefully washed the soap from Teddy's hair.

Harry raced down the stairs and barged into Remus's study and threw the powder into the fireplace, "Minerva's office, Hogwarts." He said and stuck his head in the flames.

"~Hello Harry.~" Minerva chuckled at seeing her students head in the fireplace, "~What can I do for you?~"

"Um well I was wondering when the first Quidditch match of the season is?" He asked.

"~Saturday two weeks from this Saturday before Hogsmeade.~" Minerva responded, "~May I ask why?~"

Harry looked down at the hearth of the fireplace, "Well you of course know all about the Cullen's and anyway I need to get some more blood pops for Jasper as he is new to being a vegetarian vampire and I was thinking that maybe while most of the students are in Hogsmeade I could give them a tour of the castle and they could watch the Quidditch match before hand." He requested.

"~Of course you can come Harry as well as your new friends. I'm sure that some of the younger students would like to see you again.~" She mentioned.

Harry groaned, "Please, please don't make a big deal out of it." He begged.

"~You know that secrets always become known in Hogwarts. I'm sure that right now it is passing through all of the portraits as we speak.~" She explained.

Harry sighed, "All right. Same time for the match as usual?" He questioned.

"~Always Harry. See you in two weeks.~" She said.

"Wait Minerva." Harry called before she could cancel the connection.

"~Yes Harry?~"

"Do you know where the nearest magical community is?" He questioned.

"~Of course dear. There is one on the border of Washington and Oregon just before Portland.~" Minerva explained.

"Thank you Minerva. See you in a couple of weeks."

"~See you in two weeks Harry.~" Minerva said and disappeared from the fireplace.

Harry sat back and spelled the soot away from his face and headed up stairs, "Minerva said that it was fine by her if we went on Saturday to see the Quidditch match and go to Hogsmeade. Two weeks from this Saturday." Harry explained to Remus as he buttoned up the all in one. "And the nearest Wizarding settlement is on the border of Washington state and Oregon state just before Portland."

"It's a date then. Good job on finding out where the settlement is we need to get some potion ingredients for the Wolfsbane." Remus explained.

"That's good then. We don't want you to miss out on the wolfsbane." Harry agreed, "I'm going to head back to the Cullen's and let them know that all is a go and we could maybe staying there the weekend." He said and disappeared with a pop from the room.

Remus shook his head and looked down on his son, "Well that means that we can go and see your grandma." He cooed and watched as Teddy's hair turn to a solid black and his eyes blue like his grandma.

Harry appeared in Emmett's room once more, it being the safest place to appear with Bella in the house and he ran down the stairs and launched himself at Emmett, "We can go in two weeks." He crowed happily.

"Huh?" Emmett asked dumbly.

"Hogwarts in two weeks, weren't you listening earlier?" Harry questioned.

"Ah, no. My attention was elsewhere." Emmett responded.

"Oh and where else was it?" Harry asked with a raised eyebrow.

"On your ass." Jasper spoke up and smirked as Harry turned a bright red and burrowed his head in Emmett's chest.

"So we're really able to go?" Alice asked, bouncing in her seat, the chair groaning with the heaviness of her vampiric bouncing.

"Yep. Minerva said that it would be fine. She knows that you won't harm any of the student body so she has no problems with it." Harry explained, "I was thinking that we could stay there until late Sunday afternoon and then come home for school on Monday."

"Sounds good to me." Alice cheered, "I'm going to tell Rosalie, Carlisle and Esme." She said and bounded out of the room.

"I don't think that I'll ever be able to keep up with her energy." Harry muttered as he watched her leave.

"We still have trouble with it Harry and we're vampires too." Jasper responded as he threw the stick of the blood pop into the ash tray on the table.

"I'll have to introduce her to Luna, they'll get a long great." Harry said thoughtfully, "They're kinda alike."

"What do you mean?" Emmett questioned.

"Well Luna's a seer as well but is kind of distant, different from Alice but a very sweet girl none the less." He explained.

Jasper and Emmett groaned, "I don't think that would be a good thing." Jasper muttered, "I can just see it now."

"Oh Luna and I will be great friends." Alice chimed as she danced past heading toward Carlisle and Esme to tell them of the upcoming weekend.

"Oh boy." The three boys moaned.

Draco looked over the fertility potion ingredient list and instructions, a thoughtful frown marring his face as he tried to distinguish what would be added or subtracted to make it work for vampires.

"Is everything all right Dragon?" Lucius asked coming into the potions lab.

"I wish that uncle Sev was here. He'd know what I'd need to make this fertility potion work for vampires." Draco responded with a depressed air.

Lucius ran a hand through his son's soft blonde hair, "I know Dragon. But I wasn't so bad at potions and I do have some of Severus's potion books. Maybe he started something in one of his journals." He explained, "Perhaps Miss. Granger and yourself could give them a look over."

"But wouldn't they be in our vaults in London?" He asked.

"Indeed. But I'm sure that we could ask Harry if he wouldn't mind going and getting them for us. Especially if it is to help the Cullen's and possibly Remus." Lucius offered.

"Do you think that uncle Sev got any closer to hopefully curing the werewolf gene?"

"Anything is possible with your uncle. Severus wouldn't have put all of his eggs in the same basket until we were all free of Voldemort. So maybe, just maybe he did find a cure." Lucius explained the thinking of Severus Snape.

Draco gave a mirthless, painful chuckle, "Isn't that the truth." He sighed, "I'll ask Harry at school tomorrow and see what he says."

Lucius nodded, "Good, now why don't you head down to the Reservation, that young man, Jacob, has been calling for you all day." He chuckled as he watched his son blush, "I've held him off as long as I could but I can't tell him that you've been sleeping for the whole day." He said and walked out of the room leaving a blushing Draco behind.

Draco bundled up the notes and put them in the draw attached to the potions table and headed out of his potions room and apparated to the boundary of the Quileute Reservation and headed off toward Jacob's house, only to be met with a hyper Jacob bounding out of his house to meet him.

"Hey Dray." He said with a bright smile.

"Hello Jacob." Draco responded shyly, "Sorry I didn't get your call. I was sleeping since I'm still getting over a few problems." He explained without revealing anything about his problems.

Jacob shrugged, "That's cool. I was just bored is all and wanted some company." He explained, "Quill is acting weird and Embry is being just as bad."

"I'm sorry to hear that."

"Yeah well things tend to happen." Jacob responded and started walking toward the beach.

Feeling bold Draco reached forward and took Jacob's larger on in his as they walked down to the beach. Shocked, though pleased Jacob gave the shorter teen a bright smile and squeezed Draco's hand slightly as they continued their walk.

"How are you liking school?" Jacob asked looking for something to talk about.

Draco shrugged, "It's all right. A change from my usual education in Scotland and I'm really grateful for having Hermione, Harry and Remus to help me with my classes." He explained, "What about you?"

"Same as usual nothing new to bother talking about." Jacob responded.

Draco and Jacob sat down on a large piece of driftwood and Jacob took his hand from Draco's and put it around his shoulders and pulled the smaller teen into his side, "Um Jay, there's something that I should tell you." Draco said taking a deep breath, "There was something that happened back in England and I think that you should know about it just in case something happens and you don't know what is going on and freak out."

Jacob rubbed his hand up and down Draco's shoulder, "You can tell me anything Draco."

Draco took a deep breath and took Jacob's spare hand and squeezed it between his, "There was this megalomaniac running around England, he targeted Harry and his family for reasons that I cannot explain to you, but anyway I ended up getting caught by his men and was tortured. Once I was saved I was taken to a mental hospital and was kept there until Harry came and got me out and I've been doing a lot better since." He explained, "I haven't explained it right but basically they declared me insane and I was given a lot of pills but I don't think that they helped me much."

Jacob picked Draco up and put him on his lap and held him tightly against him, "Thank you for telling me." He said softly rubbing at Draco's back.

"I was telling you, so that if I should have an episode you can contact Harry and he can come and fix me up."

"What kind of episodes would they be?" Jacob questioned.

"I could faint, random bouts of anger, paranoia and fear." Draco explained softly, "I'm kind of addled in the head."

"That's okay. Nobody's perfect and you're not insane, you just have problems dealing with what had happened to you, that's all." Jacob said with a finger under Draco's chin making the fair haired teen look up at him.

"Thank you." Draco said with a deep blush dusting his cheeks.

Jacob looked into the liquid silver eyes, "May I kiss you Draco?" he asked, their noises touching slightly.

"Please do." Draco whispered and took in a breath as Jacob's lips touched his and kissed him gently.

Harry let out a pleased sigh, his body shaking with his climax. Emmett crawled up next to him smiling down smugly at the languid teen, "Don't be so ruddy smug." Harry sighed.

"I've gotta be babe I like making you absolutely weak in the knees." Emmett responded giving his little lover a kiss.

Harry sighed and rolled over on to Emmett's chest, "I like you making me weak in the knees." He responded kissing Emmett's chest, over where his once beating heart was.

"I love you." Emmett whispered kissing Harry's head.

"I love you too."

"There is something that I do want to talk to you about." Emmett spoke up after a few minutes of quiet.

"Is that why you decided to make me mellow then?" Harry joked.

"Today, yes it is." Emmett responded wincing, "It's kinda a really big favour to ask of you and I'd understand if you didn't agree with it and wouldn't ask for it again."

Harry raised himself up on to his elbows and looked down at Emmett, "Em, whatever you have to ask me, please don't beat around the bush. Just ask."

"Okay, I told you a little bit about Rosie, but not the whole story and I believe that she is the one that you should ask for the full details." He started off, "Well I was wondering if it was okay with you that Rosie has my baby when Draco can complete the potion?" He questioned. Harry looked at his lover in shock at the request, "I understand if you feel uncomfortable but I was with Rosie for so long that I feel that I owe her something for saving my life and loving me until you came along."

Harry smiled slightly and smoothed the frown line on Emmett's face and gave him a kiss, "I understand you asking that of me Emmett and I have no objection to what you have asked of me but the question is what kind of reaction we'd get from Rosalie."

Emmett's face seemed to brighten and he threw Harry back down on to the bed and they never left the bed or the room for the rest of the night and rest of the following school day.

Harry sighed pleasantly and stretched, enjoying the pull of his muscles as he stretched and rolled off of the bed and headed for the shower, hopefully Carlisle would give him a sick note for missing school yesterday though it was more than worth missing the day. A few bruises littered his hips and wrists but his magic was already taking care of those for him as he jumped in the shower.

"Good morning babe." Emmett said climbing in behind him and wrapping his arms around the slim waist.

"Morning Em." Harry sighed leaning back into the large chest of is love.

Emmett sighed and rested his chin on Harry's head, "I love you babe."

"I love you too Em." Harry said turning in Emmett's arms and wrapped his arms around Emmett's neck and gave him a soft kiss.

"You don't regret it do you?" Emmett asked.

"Never. That was the most complete and awesome night of my life Em and the only thing that would make it more than perfect would be if Edward joined us." Harry sighed.

"It would be wouldn't it." Emmett responded, "We just need to figure out a way to get him and Bella apart without breaking her heart too much."

Harry sighed, "If only we could corner Rosalie and Bella together."

"What's that got to do with anything?" Emmett questioned confused by Harry's response.

Harry gave a breathy laugh, "Bella is Rosalie's mate. That's what I was eluding to the day you first found out about me being a wizard and Rosalie moved to attack me. I was trying to subtly reveal the truth about Bella not being Edward's mate. He can't get past the scent of her blood but when you spoke about what you scented off of me Edward's face changed briefly." He explained.

"Well what can we do short of locking them in a room together?" Emmett questioned, "Especially since Rose can get out of any room we lock them in."

Harry smiled brightly at Emmett, an idea running though his head, "You have given me the perfect idea and I know of the perfect place to lock them in." He said kissing Emmett swiftly and jumping out of the shower using his wand to dry and dress him he flew out of Emmett's room leaving a stunned Emmett behind.

"Is everything all right Harry?" Esme questioned when Harry burst into the kitchen and he sat down at the island.

"Everything's fine Esme, even better then fine." He said smiling brightly at her.

"In more ways than one it seems." Edward responded lightly at reading the surface thoughts of Harry and Emmett's night and day.

Harry poked his tongue out at Edward, "At least I'm getting some." He said and dug into his breakfast.

"I must caution you to be careful Harry." Carlisle spoke up as he entered the room, "It only takes a little to break you."

"There are a few spells that can help with coupling between different species." Harry explained, "And there is always an instinct that stops a creature from harming their mate deliberately."

"So much we don't know." Carlisle mused, "Perhaps Sanguini and I should have a long conversation one day while we're hunting." He mused and left the room in search of Sanguini for a long overdue chat.

"So why are you so happy dear?" Esme questioned, "Despite the obvious."

"Something just came to mind to take care of something that will work out the best for everyone." Harry explained, "Thank you Esme." He said and headed down to the garage where the other's were waiting to head to school.

"Are you going to let us know about this plan that you have thought of?" Edward questioned not getting anything from the teen since he was thinking about something else.

"Nope." Harry responded with a smile and scrambled into Rosalie's BMW.

Ron let out a sigh as he ran his hand through is hair, it was about time he went and got a haircut, it was getting a little too long now. He walked into the lounge room and threw himself down on the couch.

"Everything all right Ron?" Molly questioned looking up from her knitting.

"I think I need a haircut." He mumbled in response.

"Is that all Ron?" Molly asked looking at her son sternly.

Ron sighed, "I guess I'm just a little depressed about the time Harry isn't spending with us. I mean it's great that he has Emmett, really. But it would be great to spend some time with him." He explained.

"Well we are going to Hogwarts this weekend. Perhaps you and Harry can spend some time with your brothers and show the kids how to really play Quidditch." Molly offered.

"Yeah, I guess you're right."

"Maybe you should also talk to Harry about your feelings dear. I'm sure that he will do something to rectify the situation."

"I don't want to make Harry feel guilty about it though mum. And we both know that's exactly what will happen." Ron responded with a sigh, "And he has so much already with the Potter's being alive and trying to come to some sort of relationship with them."

"What do you mean about the Potter's being alive?" Molly questioned, her voice strained.

Ron looked at him mother startled, "Remus didn't explain it to you?"

"Explain what?" Molly snapped.

"Apparently Dumbledore had the Potter's go into hiding since the ritual they used to protect Harry reduced them to squibs and he didn't think that they could look after Harry right so he sent them down here and put the Fidelius charm around the house so that they couldn't send any letters out to Harry, Remus or Sirius to tell them that they were alive." Ron explained, "Dumbledore had a letter addressed to Harry for after he died and he found out the truth. It's part of why we moved here."

Molly didn't know what to do, on one hand she wanted nothing more to do then bring Albus back to life and murder him herself, and on the other hand she wanted to rip the Potter's a new one for not finding another way, somehow to contact Harry. She rose up from her chair, "I am going to go to talk to Remus." She said calmly.

Ron crumbled back into his chair, 'Shouldn't have said anything.' He thought and got up and headed to his room to get a start on his homework and leave poor Remus to face the wrath of his mother alone.

Draco rushed over to where Harry was leaning against Emmett with the rest of the Cullen's, he hitched his pack further up on his shoulder and came to a stop in front of them.

"Hey Harry."

"Hey Dray, what's up?"

"When do you think we'll be heading back to England?" He asked.

"Two weeks. I called Minerva and asked her if we could come to Hogwarts for a visit and show the Cullen's what Quidditch is." Harry responded, "Why?"

"I'm stuck on the potion and father thinks that maybe Uncle Sev will have something in his potion journals." Draco explained, "And he might have something more evolved to do with the Wolfsbane potion. He might have found the possible cure but never said anything about it because he didn't want to reveal his whole hand while the dark lord was still alive."

Harry looked excitedly at Draco and grabbed the teen's hands in his, "Do you really think so? Do you really think that Snape possibly found a cure to being a werewolf?" He questioned.

"Uncle Sev wasn't a Slytherin for nothing." Draco responded with a slight smile.

"True. Well Remmy is going to do inventory today for potion ingredients so if you need some potion ingredients write a list down and bring it with you when we go." Harry responded.

"Alright. But would we be able to head to Gringotts when we go across the pond?" Draco questioned.

"Of course we can. You don't even need me to go with you." Harry responded.

"What do you mean?" Draco questioned confused.

"I had Griphook set it up so that you and your mum and dad had full access to the vaults. I'm just in charge of them." Harry explained with a shrug and seconds later found himself with arms full of a thankful Malfoy.

"Thankyouthankyouthankyou." Draco chanted and pulled back from Harry with a bright smile.

"You're welcome Draco." Harry managed to respond before Draco had taken off toward the school.

"I think that, that was the most emotion I had seen in him since he came here." Alice commented, surprised eyes looking at the path Draco took into the school.

"Well it beats the angry, full of himself, me, me, me Draco that I knew while at Hogwarts." Harry responded with a shrug, "Though I don't know which one is worse." He laughed.

"Probably the happy Draco." Emmett commented with an exaggerated shudder, "That guy doesn't do happy well."

"That's because, before now, Draco didn't have much to be happy about." Hermione spoke up as she and Ron joined them, "What with the war and his father's position with the Death Eaters, he never had the chance to show that side of him outside of his home."

"Then we'll just have to bring it out of him more often." Rosalie muttered and headed into the school just as the bell sounded.

Draco jumped out of the car, "Thanks dad." He managed before slamming the door shut and raced out into the Reservation his bag thumping against his leg as he ran to Jacob's house and knocked on the door.

"Hello Draco, Jay isn't in from school yet." Billy said in way of explanation to the blonde on his doorstep.

"That's okay Billy." Draco responded, "Would it be okay if I waited in his room?"

"Course you can." Billy said moving back from the doorway to admit the blonde into his home.

"Thanks." Draco said and headed to Jacob's bedroom to await on the teen.

Jacob stalked home alone, usually he had Quill and Embry with him but they weren't at school and they hadn't been talking to him when he had run into them. They were with Sam, right now he hated Sam with every fibre of his being right now for taking away his friends and doing whatever it was with them.

Sam had taken away his childhood friends and now the whole lot of them were watching him from the trees with every move that he made and it was unnerving him at being watched so closely by them, each with a knowing look in their eyes that Jacob couldn't interpret no matter how he looked at it.

Walking into his house Jacob threw his bag down at the door and kicked off his shoes, "Hey dad I'll be in my room." He called as he headed to his room and stop short at the door at seeing Draco lounged out comfortably on his bed reading, "Hey Dray." He said walking over to the bed and sat down on the edge and gave Draco a kiss on the corner of his lips.

"Hey Jay." Draco responded looking over his boyfriend, "You okay?" He asked with a concerned furrow of his brow.

Jacob gave Draco a smile, "Yeah I'm okay. Just thinking about something, it's no biggie."

"Well if you're sure."

"I'm sure Dray." Jacob said firmly with a smile, "So how was your day?"

"Good, We're going back to England in a couple of weeks, just for the weekend though. Harry needs to fill out some paper work at the bank and it needs to be done in person and Harry trusts the firm over there. Otherwise nothing else really happened." Draco explained, "What about you Jay?"

"It was alright, it was kinda the tribal day today."

"Tribal day?" Draco questioned.

"It's where we learn about our culture as a whole." Jacob explained, "We do learn sometimes from our own families about family stuff but otherwise the majority of it is learnt at school."

Draco nodded in understanding, "We learn about that sort of thing in our homes, our parents teach us the family laws and values and etiquette. You know, old English stuff you see in movies is actually what really happens with some old families."

"So what, you're a Lord or something?" Jacob laughed which was quickly cut off at the look he was getting from Draco, "Oh my god you are."

Draco shook his head, "No, I won't be until my father passes. He is currently Lord Malfoy and my mother Lady Malfoy." He explained.

"So what about everyone else?" He asked.

"Ah well, the Weasley's are poor to put it bluntly, they have no standing in our society. They used to be once but their forefather, to put it bluntly, fucked up and they couldn't get that standing back. Lupin is only now well off because of the death of his best friend who left him some money when he died, Remus was actually worse off than the Weasley's but he made do. Harry is the Lord of a couple of houses actually; he has quite a bit of money to his name, including ours at the moment because of some bureaucratic bullshit that I won't get into cause it'll make your head spin. Granger's parents are dentists, so she's not too bad off just not as rich as Harry and I am." Draco explained with a shrug.

Jacob crawled up Draco's body until they were face to face, his nose pressed alongside Draco's, "So I'm dating an up and coming lord who has a lot of money. Hmmm I don't think that I can handle that." He mused.

Draco snaked his arms around Jacob's neck, "Well you're just going to have to get used to it because I'm not about to let you go." He responded and kissed Jacob.

Remus leisurely strolled down to La Push with Teddy tucked up warmly in his pram. He had decided to walk down to see Billy since it wasn't raining and he was getting a little bit lazy lately and figured that he could do with the exercise, "Oh hey ya Billy." Remus called out as he got closer to the Black home, "What are you doing outside your own home?" He questioned confused about why Billy was sitting on the veranda.

"It's better for my sanity that I'm out here at the moment." Billy responded rolling down the ramp to meet Remus and Teddy, "There are some suspicious noises coming from Jacob's room and I'd rather play ignorant for now."

Remus nodded in sympathy, "I understand whole heartedly, Ron and Hermione are the same and I too rather play ignorant. But you should have a talk with Jacob about it and I will mention something in passing to Lucius to have a talk with his son about sex."

"I'll have to try to do it without making a fool of myself." Billy laughed.

"I have to do it with Harry but, I think that I'm too late with that." Remus winced, "I should have spoken with him a lot earlier when he first started dating Emmett."

"Why do you let him date a Cullen?" Billy asked, "They aren't good people."

Remus almost growled, "Emmett makes Harry happy, and after everything that Harry has been through he deserves to be happy." He responded, "I am not going to take that away from Harry, nor is anyone else."

Billy let out a sigh, "They're not normal." He said softly.

"I know Billy. I know what they are and I know what you're tribe used to be." Remus responded with a far off look on his face, "It is part of the reason why Harry and I first came here, we had heard about your shape shifting abilities so we came to have a look." He explained.

Billy looked up at Remus stunned at the revelation that the other knew about their tribal secret, a secret that had never left the lips of the Quileute's even as they lay dying in battle, "How did you know?" He asked.

"A wolf will always know those of his own kind." Remus responded, "Though I am nothing like your tribe, I was bitten and changed into a werewolf. For me it is a sickness that I can never get rid of, what you have is a genetic mutation and you never have to fear that it will kill you in a horrifying way, you will never rip yourself apart every full moon, you don't die a little each day because of an infection. You and your tribe are lucky just to shift with ease." He said the last part a little wistfully, wishing that it could have been the same for him but he wasn't lucky enough.

"I guess that's one thing that we won't have to sit down and have a serious conversation over in the future." Billy said trying to lighten the slightly sombre mood.

"Well that's true, but you never know, I might have something more that needs to be spoken about that will require a large quantity of alcohol." Remus responded with a smile.

"What do you say to some of Harry Clearwater's smoked fish?" Billy asked, "Jacob was to be joining me but I think under the circumstances I recon you could have Jacob's share."

"I think I could do that, I don't think that Jacob would mind all that much since he's so distracted by Draco." Remus responded with a laugh as they headed to Harry's house where they could smell the smoked fish on the ocean breeze.