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A/N: I apologize for the amount of stories I am posting today – people who have me on alert must be rolling their eyes. I had wanted to write this little one shot ever since I saw the Cherub Bootcamp video on YouTube, and just finally found the time to sit down and write it. Joe in the "creativity corner" was too good to pass up.

Dedication: To my untold fairy-tale who thought this was a good idea.

Stella narrowed her eyes as she examined the middle Lucas brother. "What is that?" She asked with an edge to her voice. "Those aren't the shoes I picked out for that outfit."

"I know," Joe said, obviously pleased with himself. "Don't these look way better?"

"No, Joe, they don't," Stella snapped. "I liked the ones I gave you to wear. That's why I picked them."

"Come one, Stella," Joe pushed. "Just admit that mine are way better. It's okay to be wrong."

"I'm not wrong," Stella insisted through clenched teeth. "Which one of us is the stylist here, Lucas?"

"Which one of us was on Fashion Weekly's best dress list, Malone?" Joe countered.

"Joe, I'm you're stylist. If you're on the best dressed list, it's like I'm on the list. I pick out your clothes for you."

"But you dress all three of us, and I was the only one on the list. So obviously it's not all about the clothes you pick; it's how I wear them." Joe said cockily.

"That's it, Joseph," Stella said sternly. She picked up the stool from in front of her workbench and placed it over in the corner of the room. Marching back towards Joe, she glared at him as she spoke. "You and your gigantic ego need a time out." She pointed back towards the stool. "Sit!"

Joe looked at her like she was crazy, "You're not my mom, Stella. You can't give me a time out."

"Really?" Said Stella sarcastically. "Well, then, if you don't want to listen to me, why don't we call your mom and tell her all about this little conversation we've been having? I'm sure she would be fascinated."

Joe could already picture steam coming out of his mom's ears when she heard how he had spoken to Stella. "Over there?" he asked meekly, gesturing towards the stool.

"Yes," Stella answered. She watched Joe slink over to the corner and sit down on the stool, his shoulders hunched forward in defeat. She turned away from him to hide the grin on her face. She loved these little conflicts with Joe, mainly because she usually won. There was something satisfying about taking him down a notch.

At that moment Kevin and Nick came out of the changing room in the outfits Stella had picked out for them.

"Uh… why is Joe sitting over there in the corner?" Kevin asked in confusion.

Before Stella could reply, Joe spoke, "I'm working on a song. I find sitting alone in the corner helps my creative flow."

Nick smirked at his brother's pathetic lie. He looked carefully at Joe before turning to Stella. "Why on earth is he wearing those shoes with that outfit? He looks ridiculous."

"Hey, I do not!" Joe sputtered. "These shoes look awesome."

Nick grinned at Stella. "Joe trying to get creative with his outfits again? Is that why he's in the corner?"

"Exactly," Stella replied. "He's having a little time out to think about his choices."

Kevin and Nick snickered. "So what's going to happen if he does it again? Does he get a spanking?" Kevin joked.

Stella shook her head, "He might actually enjoy that. I have a much more devious plan in store for Joseph if he chooses to misbehave again."

"What?"Joe asked dismissively. "Call my mom like a little tattletale?"

"No," Stella answered. "But you just might find yourself at a big premiere in an outfit Zac Efron or Robert Pattinson already wore on the red carpet."

Joe paled. "You wouldn't?"

Stella smiled sweetly, "Try me."

Joe gulped. "Where are those shoes you picked Stella?"

Stella walked across the room and patted him on the head. "That's a good boy."