"SETH GET UP NOW!" I shouted up the stairs it was 1 in the day, my Mom had gone to visit Charlie Swan and left me with a list of chores that Seth has to help me with.

A muffled "No" was the response I got so I ran to the kitchen and got a glass of water I then ran up the stairs and into Seth's room I poured the water over him and he jumped up really quick the look on his face. Shock. Anger. If looks could kill I'd probably be dead right now.

Seth was the typical big brother he spent every night out with his friends and the next day sleeping till someone finally got him up. 2 years ago Seth and Leah had a growth spurt it was strange they both got it at the same time. Leah is my big sister she is 1 year older than Seth and 2 years older than me. (AN:I CHANGED THEIR AGES I LIKE IT BETTER THIS WAY.) Everyone says she is a bitch well she is but not to me she is like one of my best friends and my big sister. My friends think its weird but I know its just because they want their sister to be their bff.



"oh….uh…..Dani I'm Sorry I was really tired." Seth said with an ashamed look on his face.

"That's okay Seth but here you go" I said as I handed him the list of chores from Mom "I've done most of them do the ones I didn't tick off."

"Oh okay errmm Dani the guys are coming over today."

Great Seth's friends. I seen them a couple years back and have avoided them ever since. If I see one of them I don't look them in the eye either that's what Leah told me to do.

"What time?" I said

"10 minutes"

"Shit okay!"

I ran into my room that I had cleaned this morning and pulled out my iPhone I dialled Aimee's number she was my best friend.

(Aimee bold - Danielle italics)


Hey Aims

Dani Hey hun how are you?

I'm good errmm Aims could you come to the beach with me

Sure no probs when

Well I just found out Seth's friends will be here in 10 minutes

Shit I'll see you in 5

Okay bye Aims you're the best

I know right bye Dani

I quickly changed out of my clothes I put on my dark blue bikini I put on a pair of denim short shorts and I put on my white vest top. I grabbed my bag I put in sun cream, a towel, my purse, my phone, my iPod and my book. I ran downstairs and into the kitchen Seth was making himself a sandwich it was huge. I opened the fridge grabbed the milk and poured out a glass.

"Don't forget to eat something we don't want you losing more weight you'll disappear" Seth was continuously telling me to eat because I had lost a lot of weight lately.

"Have I ever told you you're an idiot" I said to him then just to make him happy I pulled one of my favourite cereal bars out of the press.

He laughed "I think you might have mentioned that before yea!"

"Whatever Seth" Just then someone walked in the front door. Aimee knew she didn't have to knock she just walks in.

"In the kitchen Aimee!" I yelled

Just then 2 of Seth's friends walked in

"Hey you's remember Danielle right?" Seth said right now I was looking anywhere but the door.

"Yeah I do" They both said at the same time. The door then opened the second time.

"Come on lets go Dani where are you?" Aimee yelled from the front hall

"Kitchen" I yelled back "give me one minute please" I said when she came in she was wearing everything the same as me except her bikini was red.

"Yup" she replied while pouring herself out a glass of milk. We both chugged them down really quick then laughed at each other.

"Hey Seth" she said sometimes I think she is in love with my brother

"Hey Aimee" he said

"Boys" Aimee said while nodding to Seth's friends.

Just then Leah burst through the door god its getting crowded in here. Leah came over and hugged me and Aimee

"Now where are my little sisters off to dressed like that" At this comment Seth's head snapped up. Great job Leah.

"The beach" we said together shrugging

"It is getting cold out maybe you girls should change" Seth said

"That's okay Seth we'll see yous later" I grabbed my bag and hugged Leah I went over and gave Seth a kiss on the cheek Aimee and me always did this.

"Bye" Aimee said over her shoulder