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Chapter 4

"SETH GET UP NOW!" I heard my little sister shout up the stairs. I was patrolling late last night and was tired so I replied with a simple


She didn't shout back or come upstairs so I thought it was safe to go back to sleep next thing I know I'm freezing cold. I jumped up really quick to see my sister holding a glass. She had spilled water on me. Uggghhh little sisters.



Shit. Half an hour. Poor girl I know how hard it is to wake me sometimes Sam has to order me to get up.

"oh….uh…..Dani I'm Sorry I was really tired." I said ashamed with myself

"That's okay Seth but here you go" She said as she handed me a list "I've done most of them do the ones I didn't tick off."

Uggggghhhhhhhhh chores. The guys are coming over today. Embry and Quil this morning then Collin, Brady, Matt and Derek. Shit did I tell Danielle

"Oh okay errmm Danielle the guys are coming over today."

She always makes me warn her when they come over so she can be out of the house. She doesn't like the guys very much. Leah and I have always told her not to look any of them in he eye. That way none of the idiots can imprint on her or the girls. I don't only have one little sister I have 4. I count Danielle's friends as my little sisters they are always here!

"What time?" She asked

"10 minutes"

"Shit okay!"

She ran into her room. I got dressed then sat down on my bed and listened she was on the phone with Aimee. Aimee was her best friend she almost lives here and she hates the guys too.

I quickly made my bed and picked up my dirty clothes off the floor where I threw them last night then I ran downstairs and into the kitchen. Ahhhhhh food. I opened the fridge grabbed all the ingredients to make a HUGE sandwich. Dani walked in dressed for the beach she poured out a glass of milk.

"Don't forget to eat something we don't want you losing more weight you'll disappear" I was always telling her to eat because she had lost a lot of weight lately.

"Have I ever told you you're an idiot" she said to me then pulled one of my cereal bars out of the press.

I laughed "I think you might have mentioned that before yea!"

"Whatever Seth" Just then someone walked in the front door. I knew it was Embry and Quil but she didn't.

"In the kitchen Aimee!" She yelled

Just then Embry and Quil walked in

"Hey you's remember Danielle right?" I said Dani was looking anywhere but the door.

"Yeah I do" They both said at the same time. The door then opened the second time.

"Come on lets go where are you?" Aimee yelled from the front hall

"Kitchen" Dani yelled back "give me one minute please" she said.

Aimee walked in and hugged Dani.

"Yup" she replied while pouring herself out a glass of milk. They both chugged them down really quick then laughed at each other.

"Hey Seth" Aimee said

I replied by saying "Hey Aims!"

"Boys" Aimee said while nodding to Embry and Quil.

"Aimee" they replied.

Just then Leah burst through the door she had just finished patrolling Sam never let us patrol together because nobody could take the sibling rivalry. Leah went over and hugged Dani and Aimee

"Now where are my little sisters off to dressed like that" At this comment I looked up I noticed what they were wearing matching bikini's only in different colours with denim shorts and a white vest top.

"The beach" they said together shrugging

"It is getting cold out maybe you girls should change" I said. I didn't want my girls dating.

"That's okay Seth we'll see yous later" Dani said while grabbing her bag. She hugged Leah then came over and kissed my cheek Aimee followed be hind her they always did this.

"Bye" Aimee said over her shoulder

We waited until they were far enough away then Leah shouted

"What the fuck have I told you guys over and over again?"

"Not to come over if Danielle is here!" Embry replied.

He must be feeling lucky today because nobody in the pack mentions Dani's name when Leah is around.

"Exactly" she replied. Wow that was not the outcome I was expecting, something must be wrong. "Just don't do it again please?" She actually said please WOW something is definitely wrong.

"Okay" they both mumbled

"Come on guys lets go play the Wii"

We played on the Wii for about 3 hours tops. Then the guys had to go they had patrolling.

I went into the kitchen then made 2 more sandwiches and ate them. Just then Matt, Derek, Collin and Brady walked in the door. We decided to play the Wii AGAIN.


A Few Hours Later

We were playing Mario Kart on the Wii when all of a sudden Leah said

"Dani will be home soon!"

"Are the girls coming home too!" I asked

"Most likely!" She replied easily

"You won't mind if we stay will ya Leah?" Matt asked

"No course not, none of you morons are going to imprint any time soon anyway!" She shot at him.

Just then the door opened they were home.

"Be quiet pretend you're not here" She whispered so only werewolf ears could hear.

"Why?" I whispered back

"They want to talk to me!"

"What? How would you know that?"

"I just do!"

"Leah we need to talk!" Dani shouted.

"How the hell?" I whispered

"Living room" She called back while smirking at me.

"Just let us leave our bags in my room we'll be in then!"


Then we heard them all run up the stairs.

"Leah?" I asked questioningly.

"I'm their sister. God Seth get over it already!"

"Fine" I snapped back.

The girls ran back down the stairs and into the kitchen then the oven and microwave was turned on.

"Hey Leah were home" Aimee said from the door.

"Oh I thought you guys were still in the kitchen did you's have a good time at the beach?" Leah asked

"Yup" Beki said popping the P and plopping down beside Leah

"Any boys?" Leah asked again. No, no, no, no, no way, no boys aloud near my girls I looked up.

"A couple" Ally replied easily sitting down on the other side of Leah

"Okay Seth up NOW you've had all day to play this were having a movie night and guess what you're not invited!" Dani said. I just grunted back at her. I knew that was the last straw Dani hates it when you grunt at her or when you call her Danielle. Aimee had just came back with all the blankets and pillows and was waiting to put them down somewhere. Dani walked in front of the screen and shut off the Wii. We all groaned.


We all stood up and sat on the window sill. She helped Aimee with the blankets and pillows. Then put out all the food and sweets. Mmmmmmm sweets. Mmmmmmm food. Maybe if we begged she would let us stay.

"Dani can we please stay?" I pleaded I nudged Collin in the arm so he would ask too.

"Yea. Dani please?" He asked. She turned around and said

"My name's Danielle!" Wow that was harsh. She hates being called Danielle.

"Fine stay BUT eat all the food and you're out. So Seth go get your own food." She said after a minute.

I ran into the kitchen and grabbed anything that looked edible.

"You can call me Dani I was being a bitch. Sorry!" I heard Dani apologising to Collin.

I burst in through the door and noticed that Collin was just staring at Dani. So to get his attention I shouted

"Look guys I got food!"

"What?" I heard Dani ask Aimee

"Nothing!" She replied then went to turn around but got her foot twisted up in the blankets. Dani lunged forward but jumped back when Brady caught her. She looked up and muttered a "thanks" he said "Anytime". Brady was just staring at her "You can let go now" I heard her say and he did, he moved back to the windowsill. She looked at Dani then they both plonked down on the blankets. Oh yeah that's what I need. Pillows. I ran and got them I was straightening them out when Leah said

"Sooo back to where we were before Any boys on the beach today girls?"

Ally replied "There was a couple but only the special ones caught our eyes! Ain't that right girls?"

"Definitely there was only a couple of special ones though!" Beki said.

"Yea there was only a few but come on girls look on the bright side we all got really hot dates!" Dani added in. I stiffened did she say DATES nope not a chance I grabbed a pen and notepad and waited for them to mention their names.

"Yea Dani's right come on Beki you know you like that guy that was flirting with you!" Aimee said.

"Ok ok I'll admit it I had a really good time today" she squealed

"I know right?" Dani squealed too.

"What are their names?" Leah questioned

"What do you mean?" They all said together. I listened more intently here.

"Your dates?"

"Tommy!" Beki replied

"Keith!" Ally said

"Darren!" Aimee muttered

"Niall!" Dani muttered also.

"Where do these boys live?" I asked

"Seth for gods sake cop on!" Beki said

"But you guys are my little sisters I can't let anything happen to any of you besides you're all to young to date." I said with a pout on my face

"I love you Bex, and Al, and monster (Aimee) and Munchkin (Dani). I can't let you guys date!" I used all their pet names that I made up when they were small. They all jumped up and ran at me all 4 of them jumped and hugged me, I hugged the back then we altogether they said

"We love you to big bro!"

I just laughed "Okay movie time" Dani said as she got up. She skipped over to the DVD player, put Mean girls in and sat down on the blankets Aimee lay down beside her and they pulled the covers up to their chins it.

"Hey Monster, Munchkin are you guys cold?" Seth asked

"Hmm- mmm" Aimee replied

"Oh just a bit!" Dani said

"Oh admit you're freezing you're butt off will you" Aimee said to her. Whoa that's new.

"Shut up the 2 of you" Beki said

"No you" they both replied at the same time

"Leave her alone and shut up now!" Ally threatened

"Or what?" Dani said

"Guys come on stop?" Leah said but it sounded like a question. We were all watching them bicker.

They were all sitting up bickering when she said this they all folded their arms and pouted and said "NO" then turned to the outside of the circle

"God PMS much?" Collin and Brady said at the same time

"Yea once a month actually don't you know anything about girls?" Dani and Aimee replied. The boys were both stunned I had always thought the girls to fight back. They all walked into the kitchen they were probably going to apologise to each other.

"Ohh God we were right" I heard Brady mutter. Right? Right about what? I looked up and seen the 4 girls standing there holding a bar of chocolate each. Chocolate? Ohhh now I get it the girls are…….. Uhhhhhh……….

I looked over to see if the guys knew or not. They were all staring at something so I followed their eyes and Collin was staring at Dani, Brady was staring at Aimee, Matt was staring at Beki and Derek was staring at Ally ADORINGLY. WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY DOING THEY DID'NT LOOK THEM IN THE EYES. Wait when Aimee nearly fell, Brady caught her and when Dani was apologising to Collin. They must have IMPRINTED. NOOO, NOOO WAY. THOSE IDIOTS. MY LITTLE SISTERS. NOPE. NOT HAPPENING.

"NOOO FUCKING WAY! NOOOO THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING! YOU GUYS DID NOT?!" I exploded. I started shaking vigorously.

"Calm down" I heard matt say, even though I knew he was right, I wasn't able to calm down, I just kept thinking of them all together. Not with my baby sisters.

"Not with my baby sisters" I voiced my thoughts. No I shouldn't be sad I should be furious at the boys. I looked up and glared at them. Then they started backing out but I couldn't follow I as shaking too hard my vision was starting to become blurry. They came back and pushed me out the door.

"Seth calm down we don't want anyone getting hurt" I heard Leah say. I kept thinking happy thoughts. I nodded to Leah then turned and ran into the trees where the boys

had already gone.

I ran for about 5 minutes until I saw them, I stood behind a tree and phased.

Then I heard their thoughts.

They had been thinking about my sisters until I phased then their thoughts went sorrowful and sympathetic

Seth man I'm sorry!

Yea me too Seth!

Same here!

I'm sorry too man but it's not like it was our fault or anything.

I don't care weather it was your fault or not you guys still did it!

Yea but we didn't mean too. Like it wasn't intentional or anything!

We didn't do it on purpose Seth we have no control over it. We imprint on our soul mates and I'm sorry but you're little sisters are our soul mates.

Collin I know you had no control over it. that's not the problem.

Then what is?

I wouldn't have minded being a werewolf if Leah wasn't one yea you's already know that but you don't know why! I didn't and still don't want Leah to be a werewolf because that took a lot of things away from her. Leah's only dream growing up was to be a mom and have kids, now she's MENOPAUSAL for fucks sake. Leah never thought she was actually really pretty. The only thing she liked about herself was her long shiny waist length black hair, when she was 11 she told me she would never ever cut it off. Now look at her she has a tight bob that is spiked out everywhere. The biggest thing is that Leah wanted to love someone, she fell in love with Sam he told her everything she wanted to hear, he told her that he loved her, that he would never leave, that he would always be there for her. Then he just leaves her for her cousin who was her best friend. I remember one night after one of their nightly sneak outs I was sitting on her bed waiting for her to hop in the window, when she did she was ecstatic she was smiling and happy, when I asked her what happened she said "Sam told me we are going to get married, live in a nice house with a picket fence and have kids." She was dancing around the room she was so happy. I brought up all the memories I had and showed them. Do you guys not think it's enough that Leah's life was ruined by werewolves? I don't want the girls lives ruined too I don't want them involved. I looked up for the first time and noticed that we weren't alone the whole pack was here save Leah, I looked right at Sam I knew he would be the one to give the answer or verdict to my question. His head was bowed then he thought Seth, I'm sorry for what I did to Leah but the boys have imprinted, you can't not let them see them. His thoughts were drowning in his alpha authority. Uggghhh… I thought then I phased back and I put on my cut-offs. Derek, Matt, Collin and Brady had already phased too.

"Look Seth lets just go back!" Derek said

"Yea, the girls will be worried about YOU!" Brady said it was obvious he was jealous.

I just laughed and ran ahead.

When we got back to the house we could hear the girls whispering. What were they doing still up.

"Why didn't you's tell me sooner?!" it was Leah "Did you girls not trust me or something!" She sniffled "Especially you Aims, you're practically blood."

Brady looked as if he wanted to find out what they were talking about we opened the door and gasped at what we saw………….. (AN I wanted to leave it here but since you guys have waited sooo long I'll be nice..) ……… how could the girls be so messy the sitting room was covered in chocolate, sweets, make-up, magazines, CD's, DVD's, there was 3 ipod's lying on the window sill, the girls phones were scattered around them and they were lying on the blankets, on the floor eating Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough ice cream (I love this ice cream it's highly addictive!) Wait!!. Hold up for a second B&J's ice cream that's for break-up's………. uh-oh………..

"Who am I killing?" All five of us said at the same time.

This just set the girls into a fit of giggles.

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