I'm back! Okay so to make up for disappearing off the face of the earth you guys get 2 chapters, the first one is just a filler the second will be better more Colin/Dani fluff I hope, I'm just writing it now but I have some ideas. Now I know this is story is turning out to be about both Colin and Brady's imprint so I'm thinking that I should separate them, some thing like this one will be based on Colin and Dani's relationship, then I'll make another for Brady. I don't think I'll make one for Matt and Derek because they aren't actually mentioned in the book I'm just imagining that they are some of the younger wolves that phased with Seth and Colin and Brady. So if you guys could tell me what I should do it would be great. I would also like some ideas for this story. I know the big thing that happens but I need more ideas for fillers and just normal things, Haha I know that should be easy but I have writers block on that part. Im thinking things like Danielles sweet 16th and maybe someone could open a diner and all the imprints work there and the boys are always there, I was thinking maybe Dani could mind Claire for a day and get really close to her. Things like that you know, anyway some ideas would be great.



Xxx =)