-In case you're wondering why this is called Chapter 17, Chapter 1 is at Kingdom Hearts Remake. For a synopsis, read Kingdom Hearts Remake.-

As we continued down the road, it soon became night and we had to rest (We also lost sight of Pluto). In the middle of the night, I awoke and I saw Sora was up too. As he got up, I did too and followed him.

Just then, A hooded figure, like Unknown back at Hollow Bastion and a Ranger resembling Pink Mystic Ranger in "Power Rangers Mystic Force" appeared behind Sora and said (both voices were male, as I heard), "Ahead lies something you hold dear…" and Sora turned around only to see me.

Then he pointed past me and when I turned around, the two of them were there again (and I noticed that there was, along with an XI in the front, no bulges in the suit to signify a girl was behind it) and said, "But in order to claim it… You must lose something first."

The two of them disappeared at those last words. Having nothing else to do, the two of us slept. Next day, we all woke up and decided to continue along the path. Eventually, we came upon a weird castle.

As we approached it, Sora suddenly 'realized' something, opened the door, and went in without hesitation. Donald and Goofy followed the same way but before the rest of us entered as well, Florina the stopped us saying, "I sense something wrong here."

She then rummages into by bag and pulled out four motorcycle helmets. As she put them on the four of us, the helmets vanished as if we never had them (I even reached out to touch my glasses to see if it was merely invisible). Then we followed Sora and Co. into the castle.