Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood – which really is a shame as I'd listen to what the fans wanted and bring Tosh and Owen back, kill-off Gwen perhaps, have Jack and Ianto live for a million years or something and give us all some descent smut (that Gwen wouldn't interrupt!)

Set: Absolutely no idea – lol =)

Author's Note: I got bored, found writer's block (evil bloody thing), got bored some more, wrote this, decided to upload and let you all read it! =P ^^


Should he stay, or go? Should he wait and see?

Should he feel pain for eternity? What would happen if he showed his heart?

Would he know what to expect? Could he take that risk? Should he take that risk?

Would he take that risk?

"Jack, coming?" Ianto questioned looking at him, blue eyes shining.

He would take that risk...the pain... his' Enaid Chychwïor' was worth it. No matter the pain to come, he was worth it. He'd never let him go until he had to – and even then he'd have to be pried from his grasp.

Okay, I've written a 100 word drabble – WOO!! Tell me what you think as I might write more – when I have writer's block on other stuff, which is extremely frustrating!

'Enaid Chychwïor' means 'Soul Mate' in Welsh – according to a non-too-reliable English-to-Welsh translator, so don't blame me if it's wrong lol!