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Chapter One

Joey had been walking through the park after another beating from his father, he had a black eye and his nose was still bleeding. His head was down so that no one could see his face, when all of a sudden he heard someone crying.

Joey followed the sound and that's when he found him, he was naked and Joey could tell that he had been raped; it was bad from all the blood that the person was lying in.

Joey took off his jacket, walked as quiet as he could to the person and talked softly, he said, "It's me Joey, just lay still, I'm going to pick you up and get you some medical attention."

He was shaking so badly that Joey could barely hold him, Joey kept talking softly as he carried the poor soul to the nearest place he knew of, Kaiba Manor. Joey rang the bell and Mokuba Kaiba's voice answered. Joey told Mokuba, "It's me Joey, I need some help please."

The gates opened and Joey could see the front door to the Manor open and three men came running towards him, one was Kaiba himself. When they saw who Joey was holding, the look of pure anger came across Kaiba's face, he said, "Who did this to him?"

Joey quietly said as not to scare the person he was holding, he said, "I don't know, I found him like this in the park." Roland then softly said, "I'll take him." So as they hurried inside, Kaiba grabbed the phone and called his personal doctor, "I need you here now!"

Then took the person down the elevator to the hospital and as Roland carefully laid the person on the bed, Joey was there telling him that he was all right, that no one was going to hurt him. Then the doctor came and ordered everyone out, but Kaiba said, "Joey is allowed to stay."

When they left the room, Kaiba said, "I want the one responsible for this rape found, bring the guilty ones to me." Roland nodded that he understood and he and the other two men went find out if anyone knew what happened.

After the doctor was through examining the person, he said to Joey, "He'll sleep for awhile, I gave him a mild tranquilizer, he's going to be fine, but he'll also be in pain. When he wakes up, get him to take a warm bath and put some of this powder in the water it'll help." Joey thanked the doctor then he went back to sit down beside the bed, he gently held the hand of the one lying on the bed.

Kaiba went back and entered the room and went over to where Joey and he said, "How are you doing?"

Joey didn't look him directly in the face and said, "What do you mean?"

Kaiba then said, "You had the hell beat out of you tonight, probable by that bastard that call himself your father, isn't that right?"

Tears ran down Joey's face and he said, "Hell I'm use to it, but god, he didn't deserve this, if I find out who did it, I'll kill them myself."

Kaiba then said, "Roland is looking into it, you need to stay here with him, he doesn't know me or my brother like he knows you."

Joey then wiped the tears from his face and he asked, "Can I have something to drink?"

Seto smiled at him and he left and when he returned, he had a tall glass of water and he said, "Is this alright?"

Joey took the glass and said, "Its fine." As he drank it he didn't take his eyes off the person lying on the bed, the person started moaning and Joey laid his hand on his arm and whispered, "It's alright, I'm here." The person settled down and went back to sleep.

Mokuba came down to the hospital wing and as he went into the room, he saw who was laying on the bed, he gasped and tears filled his eyes, "Seto, who did that to him?"

Seto went over to his brother and put his arm around his brother's shoulder and said, "We don't know, but Roland and the men are out looking into it."

Seto then told his brother, "You need to go back upstairs, if anyone calls here asking for him, you haven't seen him or do you know where he is, do you understand?"

Mokuba hugged Seto and as he started leaving the room he said, "I understand, and brother when he wakes, tell him I'm sorry."

Seto then looked at Joey's face and he went over to the sink and took two paper towel, wet them and said, "Here, wipe your face, if you need to there's a mirror over the sink over there."

Joey thanked him and as he settled back onto the chair, Seto knew that it was uncomfortable, so he left and when he came back, two men was with him, they brought in a recliner and Seto said, "Here this is more comfortable, you might even get a little sleep."

Joey stood up and held out his hand and as Seto shook it Joey said, "Thanks." Then he sat down next to the bed, Seto left the room and went back upstairs, when he got to his room, he turned on his laptop and started typing, he was determined to find out who raped the person Joey brought there.

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