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Chapter Fifteen

The Epiloge

It has been four months since the death of Duke and Scarlet, now maybe the others would be able to heal. One person who had been a force to reckon with was Helga she has been there to stand face to face with that bitch and now she was there to help her family come to terms with what happened.

Roland loved her with all his heart and soul and when he told her about what happened, the one thing he could not tell her was how Scarlet had said how she had been in each of their room while they slept.

How she had stood over Mokuba and how easy it would have been to kill him while he slept, that would always eat at him, that even though he thought that he had kept his family safe, that one woman could have taken all of that away from him.

The day that Seto and Yami came back to the Manor, Helga had been there to welcome them home with a smile on her face. When Seto saw her, tears filled his eyes, she walked over and engulfed them both in her loving arms, and she whispered, "I'm here, if either of you need to talk." Yami could not believe how this woman had welcomed him into their home, even after all the trouble he caused. One thing that would forever torment both Yami and Seto is the truth that they had learned from Scarlet how Duke was the cause of both Yugi and Joey's pain and anguish.

That evening after dinner, Yugi and Joey were up in their room, Yugi wanted to ask Yami what happened, but he did not want to cross him. Joey could tell that Yugi was tormented by something, but what was it? When Joey closed the bedroom door, he turned and looked at Yugi, and then he said, "Yug, what's wrong?"

Tears filled Yugi's eyes and he said, "What happened when they went to talk to Duke, why won't Yami tell me?" Joey also knew that something horrible happened, but he was terrified to find out, he walked over to where Yugi was and he put his arm around his shoulder and said, "Listen, when Yami's ready he'll tell you." Yugi looked up into Joey's eyes and then he said, "I love you." Joey pulled Yugi into his arms and softly said, "I love you too."

Yugi pulled away from Joey and he said, "No, I want to make love to you." Joey closed his eyes then as he opened them he said, "Yug, are you really sure?" Yugi then tiptoed and kissed Joey, it was a passionate kiss and it astounded Joey. Then Yugi took Joey by the hand and walked over to the bed, he said, "Please Joey, make love to me." What could Joey do, he then said, "Alright, but if you get scared let me know, I'll stop." As then as they stood face to face, they both took off their clothes, then when they were both naked, Joey took Yugi by the hand and they lay on the bed.

Yugi pushed Joey back onto the bed, and then he lay upon Joey's chest and began to kiss him on the mouth, then with feathery kisses, Yugi kissed down Joey chest to his stomach. As he kissed Joey, Yugi was praying that he was doing it right, and then as he got to Joey's engorged member, Yugi blew warm air onto the tip. Joey gasped and that made Yugi smile to himself. Then Yugi opened his mouth and drew Joey's member inside, as he bobbed his head up and down, it took all of Joey's strength not to raise his body to meet Yugi's mouth. Just when Joey did not think he could take anymore, Yugi deep throated Joey and that caused Joey to scream his name aloud, "YUGI!"

Then as Joey shot his essence into Yugi's mouth, Yugi swallowed all of it and then as he release Joey's member, he did not give Joey a chance to move, Yugi said, "I want to make love to you." Joey knew that Yugi needed this, so he nodded his head and as Yugi prepped Joey to accept his own engorged member, Yugi whispered, "I don't know if what I'm doing is right." Joey gasped as he felt Yugi's fingers going into his anus and Joey was able to say, "Keep doing what you're doing, it feels great."

Then when Yugi could not stand it anymore, he pulled his fingers out and inserted his member into Joey, they both gasped, and then Yugi started moving in and out of Joey and then just as they both started going up in flames, Yugi screamed out, "JOEY!"

Then Joey again yelled, "YUGI!" then Yugi filled Joey with his essence and he reached between them and took Joey's member into his hand and started masturbating Joey until he shot all over their bodies. Yugi pulled out of Joey and Joey rolled over, took Yugi into his arms, kissed him, and said, "I love you Yug." Then they curled up together and went to sleep, for the first time since all of this happened, both Yugi and Joey were able to sleep, really sleep.

When Yugi and Joey left the living room, Yami caught a glimpse of Yugi's troubled face. Yami knew that Yugi had questions about what happened, but he could not tell either Yugi or Joey. Roland, Daniel, Seto and Yami all knew that what was said at Duke's place would stay there. Yami got up and walked outside, and Seto followed to find out what was wrong. "Yami, what's wrong?" Seto asked.

Yami had doubled up his fist and was about to strike the side of the house when Seto's question stopped him. Tears filled Yami's eyes and when he turned to face Seto, he said in an emotional voice, "I can't stand to see Yugi's face; he thinks that I'm keeping something from him, and I don't know how long I can keep it up."

Seto walked over to Yami, wrapped his arms around Yami, and softly said, "Maybe if we talk to dad, he can help us come up with some kind of answer that won't hurt Joey or Yugi." They stood there holding onto each other, and then Seto lowered his face and kissed Yami. Then they heard, "Seto and Yami sitting in a tree." They both started laughing and then Seto said, "Little brother, you have one minute to get back inside." Then they heard Mokie's laughter as he ran inside. Helga and Roland were sitting in the family room watching television when Mokie came in from outside, he was laughing about something. As he closed the door, he ran and sat down between them and Helga ruffled his hair and asked, "What have you been up to?"

Mokie giggled and whispered, "I caught Seto and Yami outside and they were kissing." Roland looked at Helga and they too started to laugh, but when the door opened and Seto and Yami came in, Mokie said, "Save me, Seto's going to get me." Roland looked at Seto and Yami, they had been laughing too, and he looked down at his youngest son and said, "Mokuba James you had better tell your brother and Yami that you are sorry for spying on them."

Mokie stood up and walked over to his brother and Yami and said, "I'm sorry for seeing you kissing." Seto looked at Yami then he said, "Get him." Before Mokie could get away, both Seto and Yami had him on the floor and they were tickling him until he begged them to stop. Then Seto picked him up and hugged his little brother and Mokie said, "Thanks for being my brother, I love you Seto." Seto gave him a hug and said, "I love you to Mokie, and I'm proud to be your brother too."

After Mokie went to bed, Seto asked, "Dad, can Yami and I talk to you about something?" Helga excused herself and went to check on Mokie and to see how Joey and Yugi were.

Then Yami said, "Tonight I saw something in Yugi's eyes that is bothering me." Then Roland said, "He's probably wondering what happened when we left, and why you haven't talk to him about it, is that it?"

Yami then shook his head yes, and then he said, "What do I tell him?" Roland then said, "Just tell him that we found out that it was Duke who was out to get Yami to like him and he hired Scarlet or Nurse Sakura to help him. You do not have to go into details what really happened, I know that you might think that you are lying to Yugi, but what you are really doing is keeping him from learning the truth.

Yami thanked him and then he said, "You don't mind that Seto and I are together?" Roland smiled and said, "You both are good for each other just like Joey and Yugi are good for each other." Helga came back into the room and told Roland, "Daniel just called; he said to tell you that he's coming to talk to us about something."

Later that day, there was a knock on the door, when Roland opened the door; he found his brother and sister-in-law standing there. Tears filled Roland's eyes as he said, "Come in." As they went to the family room, Helga looked up and smiled, and then she went over and hugged Daniel and Melissa. As they sat down, Daniel told them how he called the man Helga told him about, and how with his testimony the Feds were able to convict the mob boss and his men. Melissa then said, "When he showed up at my apartment, I thought the worse, but then he explained and well let's just say that that night was like our honeymoon all over."

That night they stayed up late just talking like they use to, then Helga said, "You're staying here, the guest house is ready so here's the key and its so great to have our family together again." So as Roland held his wife in his arms that night, he whispered, "You're the best thing that ever happened to me, someone up there knew that I needed you and they sent you down her to find me."

Helga kissed him and said, "I could say the same about you, now my darling if you don't make love to me I'm going to attack you, so get with it."

The next morning when Mokie came into the kitchen, he could not believe his eyes, there sitting at the table was his Uncle Daniel and Aunt Melissa. Mokie ran over and hugged both Daniel and Melissa and he said, "How long are you staying?" Melissa wrapped her arms around Mokie and said, "How long do you want us to stay?" Mokie said, "Forever."

When everyone came, down to breakfast, Seto's eyes fill with tears, he went over, hugged, and kissed both Daniel and Melissa and then he turned to Yami, Yugi and Joey and said, "This is our Aunt Melissa, you all already know our Uncle Daniel." Yugi, Joey and Yami all nodded their heads, and then Melissa said, "Any friends of my nephew are friends of mine."

The next day, Yami and Seto go to talk to Joey and Yugi. They went up to their bedroom and when Joey let them in, Seto said, "Joey will you please go sit beside Yugi. The reason we are here is that we know that both of you have questions about what happened when we went to talk to Duke.

Yugi then said, "Why did the Nurse shoot me?" Seto then said, "She was hired by Duke, you see Duke was infatuated with Yami, he thought that Yami was his, and you were in the way, so if Scarlet got rid of you then Yami would go to Duke and he'd win."

Joey was watching Seto and Yami, he knew that they were not telling Yugi the real reason, and in a way, he was glad. Joey had always thought that when they found out that Duke wanted Yami to live at his place, that Duke was probably the one who hired the men to rape Yugi, that Yugi was suppose to die that day.

While Yami and Yugi were talking, Joey walked over to Seto and said, "I know that what Yami's telling Yugi isn't the real truth, I want to thank you and Yami for what you did, I know that it cost both of you a lot, you two are the best friends that Yug and I could ever have. I also want to thank your dad and mom; they were there for both of us and never asked for anything in return."

Tears filled Seto's eyes as he listened to what Joey said, and then he held out his hand and when Joey shook it, Seto said, "You're welcome, and I want to thank you for not asking what really happened."

When Yami and Seto left, Yugi walked over to Joey and he said, "I know that Yami was lying to me, but I love him for it." Joey took Yugi into his arms and he said, "They love us and that's what matters." Then Joey kissed Yugi.

After they left the room, Yami and Seto went downstairs and as they walked into the family room, they laughed, Mokie had gotten out his WII game and was challenging his mom to a game of baseball, and Helga was beating his butt. Yami looked up at Seto and said, "I love you, thanks for coming after me that day. I was so confused and didn't know what the hell to do." Seto then lowered his head and kissed Yami. From behind them they heard, "Get a room."

They jumped and looked at Roland, who was laughing so hard tears were running down his face. Then Seto and Yami started laughing and Mokie said, "Hey big brother, I bet I can beat you." Seto smiled at his brother, went over, took the controller from his mom, and as Yami sat down next to Roland they all laughed as they watched both brothers playing the game.

Joey and Yugi came downstairs and hearing the laughter, they went to the family room and as they stood there watching, Joey put his arm around Yugi and whispered, "Tomorrow maybe we should go talk to grandpa." Yugi looked up at Joey and said, "Maybe we can move in to the Game Shop."

The next day, Yugi and Joey talked to Yami and Seto, Yugi told them, "Joey and I are going to go back to the Game Shop, we need to have some time alone and I know that Grandpa will be glad to have us back there." Yami's eyes filled with tears and he said, "Yugi, I'm so glad that you and Joey have each other, if either of you need anyone to talk to, just call and Seto and I will be there." Yugi hugged Yami and then he and Joey left.

Solomon has accepted that Yugi and Joey are together; he has decided to join Professor Hawkins in Egypt and has left Yugi in charge of the Game Shop.

Yami and Seto have decided to live at the Manor; they are now engaged to get married. Daniel and Melissa now live in a nice house not far from the family. Mokie is happy; his entire family is now together.

Helga is sitting in the kitchen looking at picture of her family, she remembers how one woman came into her house, and she nearly destroyed her family. Helga told Roland, "Under no circumstance is anyone ever to come into the house, if anyone needs anything I will be here." Roland went over, took her into his arms, and kissed her and he agrees with her.


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