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Okay, so I recently re-watched the whole Dark Angel series on YouTube and as always, I'm obsessed with Twilight. I've read a story or two about how Bella is a transgenic… and I thought I'd give it ago for myself.

Cullen's are still vampires, Bella is a transgenic and shares the same DNA as Max.

This makes her Max and Krit's biological sister. Basically for my story Krit stayed with Max when they escaped, as did Bella. This is DURING season 2 of dark angel; so Max and the transgenic's have started to band together in Terminal city. But Max is afraid that she will lose Krit and Bella in the fight against the familiars, so she's sent them from Seattle to Forks. Oh, and there was no Pulse in this, k? Cause there's no way I could make it work with it! Lets get started shall we?

Bella also looks a like Max, except she has fairer skin, Kay?

Oh yeah, the move Bella makes on Max? It's the move that Max moved on the training mats in "Designate this"

Oh, umm Bella's number is X5-929


My family and I had just finished hunting when it happened.

We heard shouts. In the middle of the forest. Intrigued by who would be this far out we followed the source of the yelling,

Who could possibly be out this far?

"I don't know, Carlisle." Answering out loud to my 'father's question,

As we came closer to the voices we slowed down, hiding behind the bushes, peeking around the corner as to what could be going on.

What we saw shocked us all.

There in a large clearing was a multitude of people, and … things.

What the hell are they?

Was the main thought running through my families' mind.

There in the middle of the clearing were two beautiful women; they looked alike except one had fairer skin than the other, who looked rather Hispanic.

There was another boy who looked related to the two females, a blonde girl next to him, a tall man with hazel eyes and dirty blonde hair, a man who looked rather like a dog and a man who looked part lizard or something.

"I DON'T WANT TO STAY HERE MAX!" the fairer skinned girl screamed,

"I don't care Bella. You and Krit will stay here." The girl who I assumed Max was replied with force; she was used to taking charge.

"You're not my CO, Max!" the girl – Bella – sneered.

Jasper perked up at the last line – CO? Commanding officer? Why would they be using military terms? - He thought, confused as to what's going on.

"Oh yeah Bella? Then who is your CO? Our CO is currently in the middle of a farm with memory loss, remember, little sister?" Max spat back venomously

Bella gave a shriek of rage and practically flew at the other woman, faster than any human should have.

The women exchanged blows kicking and punching each other, both were equal to each other. The others in the clearing didn't do anything to break it up, just watched on as the two women fought for dominance.

They're… Amazing… Jasper thought to himself Such… Control. These women have to be military trained.

Suddenly Max got the upper hand and grabbed her sister around the throat, forcing her to the floor,

"What Maxie? Gunna snap my neck? Huh? Like you did to Ben? Remember out brother Maxie? The one you murdered!" Bella spat into Max's face; my family and I gasped at the revelation,

"I did it for his own good! He was killing people, Bella… They would have taken him back to Manticore and put him in psy-ops!" she yelled back

"Better psy-ops than six-feet under," Bella whisper sadly,

"NO IT'S NOT BELLA!" Max roared, throwing her sister back onto the ground thus releasing her neck from the chokehold it had been in,

Bella's eyes that were previously filled with tears sparked back to life with a deadly fire. She rolled herself over from her left side; Spinning around so she faced the other way lifting the bottom half of her body up and balancing on her right hand, thrusting her feet out; connecting with Max's face, she landed gracefully and swept her legs in an arc motion, pulling Max to the ground. She got up and started to kick Max in the stomach.

The lizard-man sighed at this, "Princess, stop her before she does any more damage!" he barked out at the hazel eyed man,

The dirty-blonde haired man grabbed the girl around the waist, locking her arms in place, "Calm down Baby girl, you're gunna do some damage," he whispered in her ear,

"GOOD! SHE DESERVES IT!" she yelled at Max, who was still on the floor, now wiping her bloody face, "She deserves every bit of it, she killed Ben! Zack gave his life to bring her back from the dead! And what does he get for it? She chooses her 'not-like-that' human boyfriend over him! Have you no shame, Max? You put our brother on a farm with people he doesn't know because you chose an ordinary – whom you can't even touch without killing, might I add – over him! Now he has to run around playing human, he doesn't know what he is anymore! Yet you have the decency, after doing that to Zack, to turn around and break things off with Logan while pulling Alec into your shitty problems, making him to be the bad guy! Now you're shipping Krit and I off to some god forsaken hell hole of a town, while you and the rest of our kind stay shacked up in TC! How is that far Max? I tell you; it's not!" she had tears running down her face now, "I'll stay out here in fucksville nowhere, but I will not like it, and if anything goes down at TC I will be leaving the minute I hear about it, no buts, understood? Good."

The man pulled Bella off to the side; hugging her while she cried silently,

Max cast a sad look in her direction and started to speak to the rest,

"Joshua, you're still staying right?" she directed to the dog-man,

"Yes, Little Fella. Joshua stay here with Bella and Krit," he replied in a gentle voice,

"Okay Big Fella. Just remember no –" Joshua cut her off with a sad nod of his head,

"Yes, Joshua stay inside because upstairs people scared of what they don't know."

The conversation continued on but something Jasper thought caught my attention;

I smell them… but they don't smell… appetizing… I smell human, but also cat, dog and some sort of reptile… how is this possible?

I whipped my head around to face him, "What?" I asked in a strangled whisper, though apparently not whisper enough; all heads from the clearing whipped around to face the bushes we were behind; eyes narrowing and muscles tensing as the sandy-haired boy called out,

"Who's there? Show yourselves!"

DUN DUN DUN, what's gunna happen, eh?

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