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Alec woke to the sounds of a whispered melody; hauntingly beautiful as it floated up the stairs of the transgenics' current abode.

He pulled back the sheets on his and Bella's bed, feet landing on the floor and padded down the hallway to the staircase, following the singing voice that could only be his angel.

His Bella had been depressed the last month and a half; after Krit had accidently let slip that Bella was currently with child Max had gone off the deep end. She had ranted and raved about her sister being too young to have her own baby, screaming at Bella, telling her how she was so disappointed in her, asking questions that Alec personally thought were said to spite Bella. Alec had put his foot down when Max demand she abort the "thing" and promptly kicked her out and back to Seattle. Bella had not been the same since her sister had suggested such and action; her eyes often glazed over with tears, stroking her moderate sized baby bump, only speaking when spoken to; it was almost too much to bear for Alec.

Of course the vampires had come to visit regularly, as they had heard the argument.
Carlisle had been set up as Isabella's doctor, often coming over after his shift at the hospital just to see Bella; he had said he wanted to track the pregnancy seeing as it was a transgenic and he really didn't know what could go wrong. Esme had taken up cooking a variety of foods to her hearts content; freezing them up and bringing them over labelled perfectly just in case Bella didn't like something. Emmett had taken to coming over at least an hour everyday, taking on the role to get Bella to smile again and though he rarely succeeded in doing so, did not let it make him any less determined. Alice had been out shopping, often taking Bella with her for maternity clothes and the such, insisting on paying for everything while Alec trailed along holding the bags, (not that they needed him; it was all for appearances to look "normal" apparently.)

Edward had – surprisingly – taken to Joshua; he was always around helping him paint or teaching him how to use his words in better order (which wasn't really working.) and also had recorded some of his own compositions onto a CD so that Bella could find it easier to sleep. Although Alec was thankful for this, he was also wary as he had seen the looks Edward sometimes gave to His Isabella out of the corner of his eyes – longing, desire and want. The real shocks though, were Rosalie and Jasper. Rosalie – ever since hearing Bella was pregnant and also Max's encouragement to abort the child – had taken with Bella so well, one would think they had been that way for their entire lives; she would read with Bella of the do's and don't of pregnancy, often talking to Bella's stomach and was generally more happy when she was around the transgenic household. Jasper was over as much as Rosalie even though it pained him – as he could feel Bella's emotions – he had become like an older brother to Bella; soothing her emotions and playing games of chess or could be more often than not telling Bella stories of his days at war. Alec had also become close with the tall blonde; talking fighting techniques and more often than not, trying them out on each other in the backyard.

Alec returned to the present as he walked into the living room and leant against the doorframe. Bella was on a chair looking out into the gloomy night; tear tracks on her face as she curled into herself over her protruding stomach; singing to it lovingly.

"Arms will open wide; I'll be safe and wanted
Finally home where I belong…"

Alec sighed mentally as he heard the lyrics; it was no secret to the transgenics that all Bella ever wanted was to find her real mother and be loved in a real family.

"Come back to bed, angel." He crooned to her.

Her head snapped up at the sounds of someone else in the room and his heart melted at the sight. She was crying and in overly large pyjamas, but she had never looked more beautiful.

"I'm sorry, did I wake you, Alec?" she questioned softly.

"No, Angel, you didn't… are you okay?" he said as he padded silently over to her; crouching down next to her chair and rubbing her back softly as he peppered her face with kisses, "You're so beautiful." He breathed, his awe turning into shock a she giggled for the first time in what felt years.

"There is no need for flattery, Alec, I'm already pregnant, what more could you need?" she teased lightly, a playful glint in her eyes.

"Not flattery, just the truth." He grinned at her; she almost looked like nothing ever happened!

"Will it still be the truth when I've blown up like a whale?" she looked into his beautiful green eyes sadly.

"Of course, Angel. You're always beautiful to me. No matter what." As he kissed her lips hungrily.

"Promise?" she questioned into his mouth,

"Promise, baby girl." He said against her lips as he moved to deepen the kiss, his tongue probing at her lips for entrance; one she granted without hesitation.

Alec picked her up bridal style without breaking the kiss, carrying her with ease back to their room and kicked the door closed silently with his foot as he moved to the bed; laying her on it. She looked amazing… her long chocolate hair fanned out behind her as her eyes sparkled happily, skin bathed in moonlight and her lips wet and bruised from their kiss, "Make love to me, Alec." She whispered into the night; he did so without question, making her feel as if she were the luckiest woman ever to walk the earth.

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