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Jaden/Alexis pairing but also a well added adventure so hope you enjoy

Jaden: What Does That Mean

Me: What are you talking about?

Jaden: The Jaden X Alexis

Me: Sweat Drops….. The Top Duelist at Duelist Academy and Still Clueless

Jaden: What are we going to Duel?

Me: No You Idiot….. Wait Maybe

Jaden: Really Ahh Sweet (Runs Off)

Me: Hey Where You Going

Jaden: To Tell Alexis to Get Her Game On

Me: Oh Boy Anyway Here's The Story

-The Start of It All-

It was dark, as the moon lit sky was sparkling across the ocean that sheltered Duel Academy. Many duels and adventures have come and gone. New friends made, old enemies vanquished. Even the sacred beasts have been summoned a couple of times throughout the years at Duel Academy. But one card remained sleep, a monster layed dormant underneath the Academy, waiting for someone powerful enough to pay tribute to his power so he can feed on their souls and rise again.

This card was a dangerous one; it destroyed many and left nothing but desolation, and destruction in its tracks. It feeded on the souls of the greedy and struck with the force of violence. This card was a threat to all living things, and spirits, even duel monsters. After a great war was waged the monster Armageddon was sealed by the Pharaoh and locked away on the very Island, where duel academy now stands. Only few knew of this story, and only few still wanted to tamper with the source of Armageddon's power, disregarding the consequences it may have. Now with it secret Whereabouts known a new threat appears to try its hand at controlling Armageddon's power.

-A boat pulling up at the shore of duel Academy-

It was the beginning of the second year at duel Academy, and many new faces have shown up ready to take their dueling to the next level. Some have transferred from North Academy, and some from other parts of the world, but there was one specific duelist that stepped foot on the island. He wore an outfit that looks similar to Jaden, but his shirt was white, Black jean shorts, that stopped a few inches past his knees. He wore a Black jacket that had a White dragon engraved on the left side. He also wore a black bandana tied around his head, and his shoes were black with a white outline. His eyes were light brown; the same color has his messy, untamed hair.

As the young boy looked the around the island feeling lost like the rest of the students, that's until Chancellor Sheppard arrived at the docks to meet all the new duelists.

"Good morning to you all" he said cheerfully "welcome to duel academy I'm sure you've all came to learn and grow and show off what you got" he continued

The new kid looked at him and was bored out of his mind, and he started to space out." Wow" he thought " I heard about this place, it looks better than on the brochure" he glanced around some more and noticed that chancellor had stopped his greeting speech, and was looking at him with a grin on his face which made the boy a little confused.

"That's him" chancellor thought. "The young duelist that he mentioned" Chancellor walked up the boy and smiled cheerfully, with the kid returning it but still had the confused look.

"what did I do something already" the boy stammered nervously" Great 2 minutes at a new school and already I'm in trouble. What am I going to my mom? Detention the first 2 minutes and I get detention."

Chancellor looked at him and nodded in disapproval. "No….No not at all you're perfectly fine but could you please come with me I'll show you personally to your new class.

"Sure escorted by the Chancellor this is great" the boy stated "ha royal treatment already, I think I'm going to like this place" he said smiling walking with hands behind his head.

As the two started walking chancellor noticed the dragon engraved on the side of his Jacket, seen the bandana hanging around his head, not to mention the colors of his attire.

"Hmm the dragon, the black and white he is the one" he thought and smiled as they walked into duel academy heading for Dr. Chrowlers class.

-Few Minutes later-

"Great I'm late again, I'm going to be in for it" Jaden said running full speed towards his class..

"Now class I would like you to welcome our ne….."Chrowler was cut off when he saw Jaden bust through the classroom door.

"Jaden what an unpleasant surprise" he said in a low tone.

"Sorry I'm late teach…really this time it wasn't my fault you see…" Jaden tried to explain is excuse when Chrowler interrupted again.

"Never mind that slacker ill deal with you later but could you show our new student some respect" yelled Chrowler as he looked at the new student and smiled thinking he can turn this one into a Oblisk student

Jaden looked at the new student and something caught his eye. He looked familiar like he seem him somewhere before.

"Hmmmm you look familiar do I know you?" he asked questioningly.

The boy looked up at Jaden and smirked.

"Jaden you don't remember me…..its Rakaia!" he said

"WHAT!" Jaden took a step back from the shock and looked at him again. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Rakaia was an old friend of Jaden before he left duel academy. Those two had been through so much, and after the last ordeal he didn't believe that Rakaia was even alive.

"Rakaia" he said shocking

Whose Rakaia and what's the connection between him and Jaden and what's in store for our young heroes.

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