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This is a mixture of one-shots. it will be exactly 5 chapters of wired stories.


Human speech

Human thought

Demon speech

Demon thought

Chapter 1: The weapons mistress and her toys.


(Konoha 12 noon)

23 year old Tenten Hisurugi marched to the Hokage's office in a pissed off mood. She wore a white tank top, that did nothing to really conical her D-cup breasts, a red jacket with short sleeves, black shorts that stopped at mid thigh, and high heel boots. Her brown hair was still in her buns, and her chocolate brown eyes were some of the most lovely in Konoha.

The reason she was pissed off is because she got stood up on a date last night, by some two bit bimbo named Kari last night. It was no big secret in Konoha that Tenten was a lesbian. In fact most people didn't really care. She was put off of men because of Neji Hyuga. They had dated for a year after the incident with Akatsuki, but one day she found him in her bed, in her home with another woman. Tenten had been restrained by Ino and Hinata at the time. She had really planned on killing Neji if they didn't stop her. She had to do a month in jail for attacking a fellow Shinobi, but Neji had lost a lot of credibility, because of this and even Hinata stopped talking to him for a while. The worst that had happened is that Naruto had thrashed him in a sparring match.

Naruto. That name made her blush. If he wasn't already married to Sakura she would had tried to at least get him on a date. After what happened with Neji she started to only hang around Naruto. She started to like him until he announced that he was going out with Sakura. That had stopped her preset of men right then and there.

Tenten found herself right in front of the Tower and walked In. she went up the stairs and soon found herself walking towards the hokage's office. The entire floor was empty, even the Hokage's assistant Desk was vacant.

As Tenten got closer she could hear screams. Assuming the worst she took out a kunai and ran towards the office. She stopped outside the door and was about to burst in, until it became clear that they were screams of pleasure. She slipped the kunai back in and assumed it was the Hokage and his wife. The door was slightly open so she pushed it a little and her eyes widened when she saw who it was the Hokage was making love to.

Sitting on the desk with her panties hanging off her right leg was Hinata Hyuga. Hinata hadn't really changed all that much. Her hair was long, her figure was slim, and her breasts were only slightly plumper then Tenten's, but they were firmer. On the floor was a lavender skirt, matching jacket, and fishnet shirt. All Hinata had on was a pair of long black fishnet leggings.

"NARUTO-KUN!!!!" yelled out Hinata as she cum.

Tenten felt herself become wet, just hearing the goddess of a Hyuga and stuck her hand down her shorts and began to rub herself.

In front of her was the Sixth Hokage Naruto Uzumaki. He had changed a bit since the invasion. His hair had grown to just above his shoulders, he now stood at a good 6'0", He wore that long orange jacket, with black flames licking the bottom, blue shirt, and tan pants. Currently the jacket was on the coat rack and his pants were undone as he was buried all the way inside Hinata. Naruto pulled out of her and gave Tenten a good look at his 10 inch long cock making her have a slight nose bleed. Tenten began to rub herself harder at the sight

Naruto leaned forward and kissed Hinata on the lips as she got up and grabber her clothes, before putting them on starting with her skirt.

"As amazing as ever Hokage-sama," said Hinata Giving Naruto a hard kiss to his lips.

Naruto gave Hinata a swap on the ass. "You know you don't have to call me that," said Naruto getting back into his chair. Hinata just finished buttoning up her jacket and wiping away the sweat.

"When can we really get together?" asked Hinata fixing her hair into a ponytail.

Naruto smirked. "What that pink haired Bitch leaves me for the Uchiha. I'm suspired that she hasn't done so already. I mean it's been nearly a year since she even gave me an intimate touch, but she constantly wants to visit Sasuke in the early hours of the night," said Naruto as Hinata kissed him.

"I'd better get back to my station, before someone comes to see you," said Hinata as she began to walk to the door.

Tenten's eye's widened, before she tried to run away, but she was on the verge of cumming. Throwing everything to the wind she sped up her fingers. She moaned as she felt herself explode. She looked up with half closed eyes as Hinata and Naruto stood, before her.

"Someone enjoyed themselves and our little show," said Hinata smirking at Tenten.

"We'll have to talk about this," said Naruto as Hinata tapped Tenten on the neck.

The last thing Tenten saw was Naruto's smirking face.


Warning Lemon

Tenten slowly opened her eyes and found her hands bound behind her back, he legs tied together. She was stripped of her normal clothes, had on long leather gloves, leather stockings, and a collar around her neck with a chain on it. She was sitting on a bed. The room she was currently in was large, almost as big as her old living room. She could see a massive closest, a blue carpet that looked comfortable, a wooden chair and a desk. That was it for the normal things in the room. In one corner was a crotch horse made of wood, but covered by rubber, some ropes suspended in the air.

"I see my little pet is awake," came Hinata's voice from the closest.

Hinata walked out wearing a full domonitx outfit. She had a leather courset with red on the inner part that stopped just under her breasts, thigh high black boots, a choker, and in her hand was a riding crop. If Tenten wasn't so aroused she would be screaming bloody murder right now. Hinata walked over to her and kissed her hard on the lips.

"What are you doing Hinata?" asked Tenten.

"Playing like all good girls do," said Naruto as he walked into the room. All he had on was a pair of boxers and that did nothing to hide his cock from Tenten

"Alright Naruto what is all this about?" asked Tenten glaring at him, only to receive a smack on the ass from the riding crop.

"You will refer to him as either master or Naruto-sama," said Hinata smacking her on the ass again.

Tenten let out a pained moan. "To answer you. Your not the first person to see me and Hinata like that. As a matter of fact you're the third. I won't tell you the other two's name, for safety reasons. All I can tell you is that After they caught me and Hinata we brought them here and helped them enjoy themselves," said Naruto as he walked closer to Tenten.

"So you raped them you sick fuck!" yelled Tenten only to get another smack on the ass.

Naruto looked at Tenten in shock. "Rape them!? Tenten you've known me for 9 years. Do you really think I would rape them? No. Help persuade them to Me and Hinata's side maybe, but never rape," said Naruto.

"So what are you going to do to me Naruto?" asked Tenten only to receive another smack from Hinata.

Naruto smirked at her. Hinata undid the binding on her legs, before pulling them apart. Naruto grabbed another rope and tied her legs to the bed post so they were wide open. Hinata put down her riding crop and got in front of Tenten, before smelling her pussy. Tenten Blushed as Hinata did this. Hinata then stuck her finger into Tenten's pussy. Tenten moaned as Hinata did this.

Hinata Began to move her finger back and forth, making Tenten gasp. "No… ah… please… ahhh… stop…," said Tenten trying to contain her moans.

"Naruto-sama this dirty little slut is getting wet," said Hinata making Naruto harder then he already was.

Hinata smirked, before sticking in another finger. Tenten began to feel an orgasm building. She may have been a touch Konoichi, but her pussy was always sensitive to the touch. Just as she was about to explode. Hinata pulled her fingers out. Tenten was disappointed. It had been a while since her last orgasm and she really wanted that one, weather she admitted it or not. Hinata sat up and undid the buns in Tenten's hair letting it fall to her shoulsders.

Naruto got closer to Tenten and cupped her face. "All you have to do is ask for it," said Naruto.

Tenten growled at him, only to receive a smack on her pussy from Hinata. Tenten cried out in pain and pleasure. Naruto undid her leg's before taking her over to the thing that looked like it was used to hoist people up. Naruto and Hinata quickly set her legs in the hoists, before pulling her up. She was up to Naruto's face level, before he began to lick and tease her pussy with his tongue. While he did this Hinata had removed his boxers and began to stroke his member.

Tenten began to gasp as this happened. Feeling the foreign organ inside her just built up her orgasm to a worse level the what Hinata did with her fingers. Tenten didn't try to stop the moan that escaped her lips this time. This had been going on for about 4 minutes.

Naruto pulled back and began to finger her with two fingers. "are you enjoying yourself slut?" asked Naruto with a growl. Hinata worked wonders with her mouth and tongue.

Tenten didn't care that he had just called her a slut, all she knew was the pleasure she was feeling right now. "Yes Master!" yelled Tenten as she cum with a load scream. Hinata pulled back and stroked him harder, before Naruto cum in her mouth. She swallowed every bit, before she pulled out his hard member.

She helped lower Tenten down, before Tenten saw Hinata laying on the chair with her legs open and her pussy dripping. Hearing Naruto being so forceful had gotten her excited.

"Crawl over here Tenten-chan and start eating my pussy like a little dog," said Hinata as she rubbed her clit.

Tenten did just that and crawled over to her. Once she saw Hinata's pussy Tenten dove in and starting sucking and nibbling on it. Hinata throw back her head and moaned loudly. Only Naruto had ever been this good while eating her out and Tenten was just eating like her life depended on it. Naruto saw Tenten's moist pussy was just dripping and her ass was just so perfect. Naruto got behind Tenten and put his hands on her hips, before sliding into her with a little difficulty. Tenten was tight, not as tight as Hinata had been, but close. Tenten moaned into Hinata's pussy after he did that. Naruto pulled all the way out, before ramming back into her. Tenten moaned, she pulled her face out of Hinata's pussy and started to finger her. Hinata moaned at this and was starting to pant heavily.

"Master... pound into me harder!" said Tenten wanting more of what he was giving her.

Naruto sped up his thrusts and pounded into her harder. Tenten began screaming and her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she began to feel on fire. Tenten buried her face into Hinata's pussy again and began to attack her clit.

Hinata screamed out loud as she cum into Tenten's mouth. Tenten drank Hinata's juices, before feeling Naruto slam into her harder. The sound skin hitting skin was like music to her ears. It wasn't long before she screamed out in pleasure as she cum hard. Her inner muscles clamped down on Naruto's member before he cum in her. She was milking him for all he had.

Naruto pulled out of Tenten. he was still hard and had one more in him, before he was done. he grabbed Tenten and put her on the bed before turning her sideways and slamming into her pussy. Tenten let out one of the loudest screams she had ever had in her life. Naruto was pounding away at her nisides, and she couldn't help, but want him to go faster. The sweat that poured down har body, as the pleasure became more intense. he was hitting all the right spots to make her screm his name high to the heavens.

"AHH! FUCK! MASTER I'M CUMMING!!" YELLED TENTEN as her vision exploded into nothing but white. She was nearly passed out, if it wasn't for the countioues pleasure she was reciving

Naruto once again felt tenten tighten around his member. He thrust into her a few more times before he grounted his relase and filled her pussy to the brim.

Lemon end

Naruto pulled out of Tenten and began to kiss her neck softly as their love juices fell from her pussy. Tenten turned around and kissed him back, before she pulled away and kissed Hinata. Tenten was really starting to enjoy the kiss when she got a good smack to the ass that made her moan.

"You ever feel like playing again you know where to find us," said Naruto as all three lay back and drifted off to sleep.

"Okay Maybe I am put off of most men, but I'll never say no to Naruto," thought Tenten

(A year later)

Tenten walked into the Hokage's office to find Naruto and Hinata at it again as they always had around this time, but Hinata was bouncing up and down on Naruto's dick instead of being on the table with her legs wide. It was one of Tenten's favorite positions with Naruto. Tenten would often go to Naruto and Hinata when she needed a good fucking, or just wanted to talk. Half the time they would talk about little things, while other times they would go on about missions and Training.

Tenten walked over to Naruto and began to kiss him. "Your taking your wife's betrayal awfully well Hokage-sama," said Tenten smirking.

About 6 weeks ago Sakura gave birth to twins a boy and a girl. The girl had pink hair, while the boy had black hair. Both of them had black eyes of the Uchiha Clan. Many of the civilians were pissed off about that. Sasuke hadn't been seen outside the manor unless it was to go to the store or get a mission.

"Well… as… Oh Kami… You can see… I'MMMm!" yelled Hinata as she cum.

"We're comforting him," said Tenten smirking at Hinata as she got on her knees and began to lick both Naruto's member and Hinata's pussy.

Hinata got up and put her clothes back on, before pulling her hair back. "If you'll excuse me I have work to do. See you tonight Naruto-kun, Tenten-chan," said Hinata as she walked out.

Naruto sat on his chair as Tenten got up and sat on his lap. Only wearing a skirt and no panties she smirked at him.

"You know that Hinata is pregnant right?" asked Tenten as she kissed his neck.

"I know she told me last night. You should have seen me jumping around," said Naruto smiling at her.

"What if I told you she's not the only one?" asked Tenten smiling at him.

Naruto stopped dead. "How far along are you?" asked Naruto.

"About 2 months Naruto," said Tenten.

Naruto did the one thing he could do, Grabbed Tenten around the waist and started to spin her around.

Naruto was Happy, but Tenten was ecstatic. In the end of things she got what she wanted, it just took a little longer then she thought it would.


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