Zaara and P-Killjoy were tied to two logs with Zaara and Killjoy standing before them dressed as Generals.

Zaara: Any last words before your Execution?

P-Zaara: Yeah. Can I get a look at Anko's Pussy?

Killjoy: (Tick Mark) If he touches her i will gut you like a trout.

P-Killjoy: Hahahahahahaha and a side of fries.

Zaara: (Grabs Killjoy and drags him away) Don't worry brother. There as good as dead.

Killjoy: Just do it.

Gaara: Ready... Aim...

10 clicks sound throughout the empty courtyard.




Icha Icha: The Teacher, and her prized student


She was probably the sexiest Teacher in Elemental High, Her name is Mei terumi and she was the wet dream of more then a few students, both Male and Female. At age 32 she stood at 5'7" fairly tall compared to most of the others in the teaching staff with slender legs and large DD-cup breasts ankle-length, auburn hair styled into a herringbone pattern at the back, a top-knot tied with a dark blue band, and with four bangs at the front. Two bangs are short, with one covering her right eye, and two are long, crossing each other on her chest, just below her chin. Her eyes are light green a lighter color then her little Cousin's Sakura Haruno's own eyes, wearing a black v-neck shirt, a white short sleeve shirt with a red tie, a red blazer, black mini-skirt, black stockings, black open high heels, and a pair of female Gucci shades

Mei was fairly kind to her students and even helped a few out them out with problems, be it talking with Samui and Hinata about their problems with boys and their large breasts and back pains, Giving Karin (one of her smarter students) extra time to finish an assignment as she had more then a few club activities, Letting Sai draw her naked for his art projects in his art School, or doing small Sexual tasks for a few male students.

Like Allowing Kiba, Kunkuro, and Zaku jack themselves off to a few naked pictures and homemade pornos of herself that she took in her younger days with Kushina Uzumaki, Mikoto Uchiha, and Tsunade Senju with various Partners and such.

But currently she was rather pissed off at one of her more favored Students and her godson. Naruto Uzumaki who was currently sitting down taking his 30 minute break from cleaning the school after being Late. Again.

Naruto at 17 was easily one of the most desired young men in the entire School and Mei even heard about a few of his conquests from Kushina (Who it turns out was a hopeless prev and wanted grand kids ASAP).

Naruto stood at 6'1" with slim muscle that made more then a few people underestimate him in a fight, spiky blonde hair that was nowhere near as long as his late father's was and was the reason for more then half his fights, Sea blue eyes instead of his fathers Sapphire blue, tan skin, and three whisker like marks on each cheek. Naruto wore the white long sleeve button up shirt undone with no tie, a orange undershirt a pair of green slacks in accordance with school regulations, orange and black nikes, and his jacket was sitting on a chair.

Don't get her wrong Mei loved Naruto like he was her own son, but he was a bit of a troublemaker.

"Naruto you need to stop being late all the damn time! I can't keep covering for you and you know this," said Mei in her sweet tone of voice also known as the 'Say what I want to hear or kiss your nuts goodbye voice.

Naruto sighed and looked at Mei as she took off her shades to stare at Naruto. "It's not my fault. At least not this time. Sasuke and I were on our way to school when we saw that prick Kabuto messing with Tayuya and I wasn't about to let him hurt my sister," said Naruto venom clear in his voice

Mei nodded at this in understanding. Tayuya was Tsunade's youngest child and also one of naruto's best friends. Of course this was a bit problematic since Naruto and Sasuke are the best of friends and are god brothers with Tayuya as their god sister. A rule that most People tried not to fuck with the 'Sibling from hell'. Naruto with his fox like cunning and never say die attitude. With Tayuya, Tongue lashing or beat down you don't want to be on her bad side, and Sasuke The Cold hearted prince of Elemental High. Nough said

Mei tilted her head in confusion. "What does this have to do with Kabuto-san?" asked Mei.

Sure he was a little creepy even by her standers, but Kabuto was a straight A-student and didn't have any problems at all.

Naruto snorted. "That bastard has been trying to get into Tayuya's pants since we were in the 8th grade," said Naruto clenching his fist, before he countied. "Anyway Kabuto and his little gang of butt-buddies were messing with her. One of them even pulled a switch blade and told her to 'help them get off some stress',"said Naruto.

Mei growled a bit. "No need for more I can see where the rest is going," said Mei knowing that both Naruto and Sasuke were black belts in two different areas of Martial arts. Naruto in Brazilian Jujitsu and Ta Kwan Do, with Sasuke in Maui Tai and the Crane.

Mei sighed, before leaning on her desk to look down at Naruto. "Naruto while I am proud of you and Sasuke that was probably one of the most reckless god damned things you two could have done! What if you have been stabbed? Or worse!" yelled Mei.

Naruto stood up quickly and glared at Mei. God-mother or not she had no right to talk to him like that, especially about one of his siblings. "Tayuya is my fucking sister, Just like Sasuke is my brother! What the fuck did you expect me to do?" asked Naruto as he stalked over to Mei and put his hands on either side of the desk.

Mei was not intimidated by this not in the least, even though his body was pressed slightly into hers. "I expect you to think things though! What would your father say?" asked Mei.

This froze Naruto before he growled. "Don't ever bring that bastard up again Mei!" said Naruto loosing all the warmth in his voice.

Mei shivered at this as she felt her body start to heat up a bit. Mei shuck her head. This was not the time to get aroused by a little show of might.

"Why! Minato is who he is! Your Father" yelled Mei.

Naruto pushed Mei onto the desk and pinned her hands above her head making her gasp.

Warning lemon.

Naruto glared down at Mei who glared back at him, but she started to rub herself up on Naruto's crotch and Naruto felt her wetness though her lace panties as her skirt had hiked up a few inches.

Naruto glared down at her. "Are you really such a slut that your getting aroused by me just doing this?" asked Naruto as he thrust his hips forward.

Mei moaned in pleasure as a massive blush spread across her face. "I'm no slut! I've only ever slept with 4 guys in my life!" yelled Mei.

Naruto snorted. "That's a bold faced lie! Kaa-san said that you each had a tarin run on you at least once a month in your collage days," said Naruto making Mei blush.

Naruto opened her shirt showing a lace blue bra. His head went down and unclasped the bra. Naruto was glad it was a front opener as it snapped allowing her 'girls' to jiggle free of their prison and breathe. Mei's breath hitched as the cool air made her nipples harden.

Naruto's right hand traveled to her breast and gave it a tender squeeze. Mei moaned loudly, before she felt Naruto's lips on her in a heated kiss that quickly turned into a battle of tongues as Naruto ran his tongue over her own.

Mei was in heaven and hell at the same time. Heaven because it had been a long while, almost a year since she had been truly touched by a man and Hell because the man touching her was her godson and it just wasn't right. This touch was addicting to her. Mei of course knew about Naruto's many conquests and such. With the way girls like Kin the star player of the girls basketball Team and Koyuki the best Actress in the school gossiped it wasn't hard to figure out.

Mei's thoughts were stopped as she felt Naruto's fingers start to probe her wet thong as his mouth left hers and found her earlobe. Her back arched and her heels clicked on the desk hard. Naruto smirked at this. He had been having dreams of banging Mei since he hit puberty. And here he was, living a dream. Naruto moved from her ear to her collar bone and gave it a hard bite. Mei moaned and gripped his hair tighter then before as he sucked on her collar bone.

"Kami-sama Naruto!" yelled Mei gripping Naruto's hair as she came from just a light probing and biting

His hand left her nipple and made it's way down to his pants before unzipping them as they had become painfully tight.

Naruto removed himself from Mei allowing her to sit up and gaze down at Naruto's cock making her blush at it's size. He was 9 inches of pure male and much longer then his own father had been.

"Come on slut and start sucking my cock!" said Naruto.

Mei got onto her knees and felt herself become wetter at being called a slut. She opened her mouth and started to suck on the head on his cock. Naruto groaned and grabbed her hair, before he shoved his cock into her mouth and down her throat. Mei instantly repressed her gag reflex out of years of practice with her fair share of rough partners.

Naruto moaned as her right hand went to his ball's and started to gently squeeze them and slowly suck Naruto off. "Damn Mei-chan! Even Sakura-chan didn't give this good," said Naruto.

Mei moaned around his cock and her left hand went to her pussy and started to finger herself with 2 of her fingers hoping to get off somewhat before Naruto did. Naruto groaned as Mei started to use a combination of her tongue and mouth to really get to work. Naruto felt his balls tighten and moaned as he came. Mei was none the wiser as her eyes widened as she drank all his semen like a pro.

Mei pulled away from Naruto and gave his cock a small kiss. Mei then stood up and looked at Naruto before moving her thong to the side.

"How are you going to do it Naruto-kun face to face or are you going to take me like a bitch in heat?" asked Mei. Lust clear in both her eyes and voice.

Naruto picked Mei up and put his cock at her entrance, before he slowly shoved himself inside of her. Mei throw her head back and gripped Naruto's shoulders and was even ripping the fabric as he bottomed out inside her her pussy making her feel even more pleasure then she had in the last 3 years combined.

Mei moaned as Naruto bounced her on his lap. "Start working those hips Slut," growled Naruto.

Mei did as she was told and started to work her hips and bounce on Naruto's cock like it was a trampoline. Naruto's hands grabbed a chunk full of her ass. Mei moaned as she loved it when her ass was played with. Tsunade and Kushina had loved eating her out and sucking her breasts, but it appeared that her godson was contempt to fuck her stupid.

Naruto was loving the sound of her moans in his ears and the way her pussy felt. Sure he had fucked more then a few girls. Mei was the first woman above 25 that he had fucked. Sure Anko and Kurenai were good collage girls who loved to play bad, but they had nothing on Mei

"Fuck! Naruto-kun I'm about to... AHHHHH!" yelled Mei as her pussy tightened around Naruto's cock.

Naruto groaned as he felt himself release inside Mei's warmth their Juices mixing sweatily. Naruto looked at Mei as she slumped forward in his arms panting heavily and sweat all over their bodies. To Mei the smell of sex was intoxicating and making her want at least one more round.

Mei got off Naruto's cock and bent over her desk. "Naruto-kun please fuck my ass!" said Mei. Naruto looked at her and saw what she wanted.

Naruto grinned, before he got into position and slowly entered her ass. Naruto grit his teeth as Mei's ass was so much tighter then her pussy had been. Mei herself moaned loudly as her ass was filled. She loved it when she was fucked there, but she wanted it hard, rough and fast.

Naruto slowly pulled out and pushed back in. Mei jumped in pleasure as she was now only on her tippytoes gripping the desk and scratching it, leaving her claw marks. Naruto leaned down and kissed Mei's neck, making her moan in anticipation as Naruto's thrusts became harder.

"OH FUCK! YES NARUTO! OH KAMI-SAMA!" yelled Mei as her ass tightened around naruto's Cock as she came falling forward onto the desk.

Naruto thrust into her a few more times before cumming inside of Mei's ass.

Lemon End

Naruto pulled out of Mei's ass allowing his seed to leek out of her ass and even some down her luscious thighs.

Mei's eyes were half closed as Naruto turned her face and gave her a kiss. "I hope that your ready for more later," said Naruto.

(A month later)

Naruto sat by the pool with a book in his hands. He wore a pair of orange trunks. It was nearing 4 oclock. His surprise would be their soon.

"Naruto-kun what are you up to?" asked Kushina who came up out the water and swam over to him as she got out of the water.

Kushina wore a two piece bikini. The top part looked like they belonged to tape that bound the breasts of female fighters and with Kushina's impressive bust it was doing little, and the bottom half looked like it belonged to a bathing monk with no back showing off both ass cheeks and the front barley covering her modesty, but of course Naruto and kushina were close so it didn't really bother either of them that much.

Naruto looked at Kushina and smiled. "A gift for you Kaa-san," said Naruto as The backdoor opened and Mei walked out.

Kushina's mouth dropped as she looked at her long time friend/ former lover. What she was could be nothing more then two pieces of string that barely covered her pussy and didn't even cover her nipples.

"Wh-what is the meaning of this?" asked Kushina

Mei walked forward and pulled down naruto's pants, before pulling his cock and sucking on it. Naruto smirked.

"Say hi to my new lover and toy Mei," said Naruto giving his mother a smirk.


Zaara: Killjoy... They missed

Killjoy: How the fuck did they miss.

P Zaara: And we are out of here

p Killjoy: Anko here I come, Literally!

Killjoy: Time for the big guns

Zaara: I wonder if Hinata is still running that 2 for 1 special out of her apartment?

Killjoy:she will do it free shes wanted to help us kill them a long time anko will be the bait and hinata will have that summons at the ready we will have the army