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Chapter One: The Beginning

"Stop! Please!" She screamed, as she ran out the door, running from her blood thirsty family.

She didn't know how, or why, but her family was acting like cannibals, they sucked each other's blood, and once she came home, they looked at her with hatred, and with blood soaked bodies, they chased her around the house, until she ran into the nearby woods. Running, and running, until she could no longer breathe right. She rested her hands on her knees and looked back, to find no signs of any blood drenched humans. She observed her surroundings quietly, and looked at the nearest building.

Cross Academy.

It was the school her family didn't send her to because they were not capable of the fees the school gave. Or at least, they thought so. The young girl had worked for hours on end after school, hoping to use the money for college, since she had to go to a poorly educated high school. So, the crying teenager ran towards the Academy, in hopes of a kind person to lend her a place to stay the night. That was, until, she heard growling in the distance. She turned around to see her family; her mother, her father and her little brother. Her eyes widened, and screaming, she ran with the little energy she had left.

"Shi…ori-chan… Don't run away. We're your family… Trust us."

"NO! GO AWAY! YOU'RE NOT MY FAMILY!" She cried as she boosted her speed, and she reached the school gate, just to find out it was locked. It made sense, though. It was the middle of the night, and schools would normally be locked up at that time, right?

She gasped for air as she hit her shoulder against the steel gate, screaming at the top of her lungs, choking on her tears,"PLEASE ANYONE!!! HELP ME!!! OPEN THE GATE! HELP!!!!"

Her family was, unfortunately, abnormally quick, pouncing on her, clawing at her face. Her little brother licked up her blood on her cheek, as he parents took both sides of her neck, and digging their fangs into her bloodstream. She was losing consciousness, and with the sickening sounds of them gulping her blood down their throats, she weakly attempted to push them off, and when she did, they yelped, and disappeared into fine sand. Only their clothes remained. She looked up to see two blurry figures; one kneeling at her side, gently shaking her shoulders, and the other standing from a distance, cringing in concern.

And that was when she couldn't handle anything anymore. She blacked out.

"So you're telling me you found her at the front gate?" The chairman questioned Yuki, glancing at the girl, who was lying on the sofa in his office.

Yuki nodded as she too, turned to look at the sleeping figure. "Zero and I heard her screaming from the entrance, and when we got there, she was getting attacked by three vampires."

"You eliminated them?" The chairman glanced at Zero.

The silver haired boy simply nodded emotionlessly. The chairman nodded stiffly, and walked over to the unconscious lady, and murmured happily, "Hello, miss sleeping beauty~! You're safe now, so it's okay to wake up!"

But she did not stir. Two knocks hit the door lightly, and the Night Class' dorm president revealed himself.

"K-Kaname-senpai!" Yuki yelped, and blushed. Zero, as always, rolled his eyes at this.

"Excuse me for the intrusion, but the smell of blood made its way into the night classes. Is there something wrong?" Kaname asked, letting his eyes fall on the sleeping girl.

The chairman turned serious, explaining to him, "Yuki and Zero found this girl being attacked by three vampires. We have already tried our best to heal the wounds given to her, but she has fallen out of conscious due to the loss of blood. We don't know when she'll wake up."

"May I try?" Kaname asked quietly.

Chairman stared at him for a few seconds, and then nodded. "Though I doubt you'll be able to wake the poor girl up. I tried –ME!--, and nothing happened."

The pure blood vampire kneeled at the sofa's side, and tucking a stray piece of hair behind her ear. "Miss, it's time to wake up."

And chairman was shocked, as the girl's eyes began to flutter open. She stared blankly at Kaname's eyes, and she realized what had happened. She gasped, and sat up, only to fall back down, grabbing the pain at her neck.

"Ah… Miss?" The chairman said gently. "It's best if you don't move… Your wounds are still healing..."

Kaname nodded. "What's your name?"

The small girl mumbled, "Ninomiya… Shiori…."

Chairman beamed. "I'm the chairman of Cross Academy! This is my daughter, Yuki~! And this is Kiryuu Zero! They are both the prefects of the school. The nice young man in front of you is Kuran Kaname!"

Kaname smiled, and turned to Shiori, "You have nothing to worry about now; you are safe from the vampires that were attacking you."

Her eyes widened. "The vampires… What happened to them? What did you do!?"

Yuki grinned. "We've eliminated them, so they'll never be able to suck another humans' blood again!"

"Eliminated… You mean… You… killed them?" Shiori whispered.

Yuki nodded, but her smile slowly faded away as Shiori covered her mouth with her hands. Tears began to stream down her cheeks, and she shook her head.

"Tell me… it isn't true…!" She cried softly.

"What… do you mean, Shiori-san?" Yuki touched her shoulder in comfort.

Shiori lifted her head from her palms and choked, "T-Those vampires… were my family…"

Their eyes widened, one by one, and Yuki was the first to break the silence. "Shiori-san… I'm… W-We're so sorry!"

Shiori only cried some more, and Yuki rubbed her back, in hopes she would stop sobbing. Yuki really did feel guilty, even if she wasn't the one who shot them. And even if they were killing Shiori. Once she calmed down, Yuki questioned her, "Shiori-san, would you like me to help you clean the blood off your body…?"

Shiori nodded silently as Yuki helped her stand up and led her to the bathroom. Once the pair of girls left the room, Zero looked at the chairman. "What are you going to do with her?"

"Well, I'm sure she has a guardian who can look after her. Perhaps an aunty, of some sort? But then again… I might be able to let Shiori-chan enroll here, and stay in the dormitory," The chairman wondered aloud. "The only problem is how she's going to pay for the tuition."

"She may have some money on her hands. If she's going to move in the dormitories, she's going to have to return to her home to pack. Zero, will you be as kind as to escort her there?" Kaname asked, in his usual formal attitude.

Zero almost glared at Kaname, and averted his eyes soon after that. "Why should I? I'm busy."

"Aw, c'mon, Zero~! Don't let Shiori-chan get a bad impression of you~! Just walk her to her home tomorrow morning and come straight back!" Chairman smiled.

"I have other things to do," Zero replied.

"Like what? Sulk in your room?" Chairman smirked. "Come on~! It'll be fun! You'll get to know her more than any of us!"

"No, I am not going to stay in my room the whole day! I have to patrol the school, and don't I have lessons!?" He complained.

"You always wake up early, so you can take her there before school starts!"

"What if she's a late sleeper?"

"Oh, just go! If she doesn't have any guardian outside of school, take Shiori-chan to her house. She'll guide you there, and it should only take about an hour!" Chairman frowned this time, annoyed by the stubbornness of the silver haired boy.

Zero glared at the chairman, and shrugged, sighing quietly in defeat. "Fine."

Meanwhile, Yuki was in the chairman's bathroom with Shiori, helping her take the thick clothing off her body. Yuki turned on the bath tap, and let the hot water run. Soon, Shiori's clothing was neatly folded on the counter, her underwear only left on.

Yuki smiled. "Your underwear's very cute! …Ooh, that probably sounds a little weird coming from a girl, huh?"

Shiori shook her head. Yuki grabbed a small towel and dipped it in the warm water. She began to wipe the small girl's body, making sure all the blood was rid of before she stepped in the bathtub.

"Ah, this is so nostalgic…" Yuki whispered.

Shiori spoke softly. "What is…?"

Yuki simpered, and said, "I once had to clean Zero like this. Not because we were very close or anything! It's just that… When he first came to my home, he was drenched in blood, and I had let him take a bath."

"Why was he drenched in blood?" Shiori questioned her.

Yuki shook her head. "His family was attacked by a vampire. The chairman took him in, and… well, I've sorta grown up with him."

Shiori lowered her head. "That's horrible. About the vampire."

Yuki nodded in response, and she was soon done wiping the blood off Shiori's skin. "All you have to do now is take a nice hot bath! I'll be right back with some spare clothes…"

"Y-Yuki-san," Shiori reached out to the brown haired girl.

Yuki turned and raised an eyebrow. "Yeah?"

"Is it possible if I could… stay the night?" She murmured.

Yuki's eyes widened, and she beamed, nodding almost manically. "O-Of course you can stay!"

And with that, Yuki left the bathroom, letting Shiori to soak away her sadness. But even she knew that a simple bath would never take away the pain of losing your family.

A quick fifteen minutes later, Shiori exited the bathroom, in Yuki's spare clothes – a simple light pink dress. Yuki stood up, and finally had a chance to see how Shiori looked like without the thick clothing and blood. And Yuki gasped. She hadn't looked like she'd cried at all. Her eyes were no longer swollen, it was a quick recovery, and her hair was still damp, but the exact thing that made Yuki surprised was the contrast between her hair and her skin.

Shiori's hair was dead straight, and had slight layers. Her fringe was cut straight too. Her hair color was black; the darkest black Yuki had ever seen in her life. And her skin, her porcelain skin was pale. Paler than Zero's, this was quite a shock. Yuki wondered if she had spent any time out in the sun at all.

"Wahh~ you're very cute, Shiori-chan~!" Chairman squealed like a high school girl.

"T-Thank you…" Shiori mumbled, and she glanced at Yuki.

Yuki noticed this, and took Shiori's arm, and said, "Uhm, chairman? We'll be off now! I have a spare futon in my room, so you don't have to worry about anything. G-Goodnight!"

The next morning, I woke up earlier than I usually did. I sat up, and looked over at Yuki's bed. She was fast asleep, along with Sayori Wakaba, her friend. I thought about waking them up, until I looked at the alarm clock beside the two girls.


It was strange how early it was, but still, even if I had about three hours sleep, I didn't feel drowsy or tired in any way. I stood up, and took a spare brush on a nearby table and combed my hair, tying it back, and walked out of the bedroom quietly, to the nearest bathroom to wash my face. As soon as I did, I splashed the warm water against my cheeks. I looked up and stared at myself in the mirror. As soon as I knew it, I felt my eyes heating up, and tears began to stream down my wet face.

"No…" I whispered. "Don't cry…"

I closed my eyes and wiped the teardrops away, holding all my despair inside. I was given a place to stay for the night. I should be nothing but grateful, right? So I shouldn't cry… I should let them know I'm thankful for their offer.

I sighed, and yelped, alarmed as the door opened suddenly.

The silver haired boy from yesterday, Zero, stood at the doorway. His eyes slightly widened, but he then retrieved his coolness and said sternly, "You. What are you doing here?"

I turned to face him properly, and explained quickly, "I-I woke up early this morning, and I needed to find a bathroom, and this was the first one I found… Am I in the wrong one?"

Zero ran a hand through his hair and grumbled, "You're in the boy's dorm toilets."

I gasped, and bowed, apologizing for my idiocy. "I-I'm so sorry. I'll leave now."

Just as I was about to leave the bathroom, Zero stopped me, asking me, "Do you have anyone out there who can look after you? Who can pay for your food and school?"

I gazed at him for a moment, and turned my head the opposite direction. "Why?"

"Answer me."

I shook my head. "I don't have any other family other than the ones that… tried to kill me last night. My parents didn't have any brothers or sisters, and my grandparents died before I was born."

Zero stood silent, but then murmured, "We're going back to your house so you can pack your stuff up."

"W-Where am I going?" I asked, startled.

"Since there's no one out there to guard you, you'll be living in the dorms. No more questions. Get changed; we'll be leaving at 6. Now get out." He answered grumpily.

I left the bathroom, and returned to Yuki's room. I kneeled at her bedside and shook her as gently as possible. "Yuki-san… Yuki-san…"

She groggily woke up and said, "Wha...? Five more minutes!"

"Yuki-san… It's me, Shiori. Is it okay if I borrow some clothes for today? But you don't have to…" I asked.

"Sure… sure," She replied, half awake. "…Where'd the purple unicorn go?"

I blinked at her, but then patted her head gently. "Y-You can go back to bed now."

So she did. I opened her wardrobe, and found another dress that seemed like it was never used – it was stuffed all the way in the back. It was the same shape and size as the one Yuki gave me last night, but blue.

When I finished changing, I left the room once again, and walked out in the courtyard. Since it was still early, the skies looked as if it were still night time. And I loved these mornings. It was quiet; the students were still sleeping. The wind blew gently, letting my hair dance along with it. I embraced the blows of air, and swayed also. My dream was to become a professional dancer… But my parents couldn't afford the lessons, and my money was to be untouched until college. So when I watched television, every time a dance show was scheduled, I copied their moves in my room, until I thought I mastered it.

I pranced, and twirled, my dress enjoying its movement. The music imagined in my mind was beautiful; my father played the piano wonderfully, and my mother played the violin elegantly. I smiled as I reminisced on my old memories.

Until I was interrupted.

"Oh, what do we have here? A graceful young girl, dancing smoothly in the courtyard of Cross Academy…" A voice from above seemed to smirk at me.

I stopped abruptly, and lifted my head. I met eyes with one boy. A handsome boy; very handsome. I gasped quietly as he jumped from the high balcony to my level. He was in front of me then, and I studied his features carefully. His aqua blue eyes intrigued me. It was like a pool I drowned in. His hair too, was a light blonde and spiked messily. His uniform, I had seen around, but in a black version; his was white.

I stepped back slowly, and he took my hand calmly, letting his lips caress it for a mere second. He smiled. "What is this cute kitten's name?"

I straightened my posture, and quickly whispered, "N-Ninomiya Shiori."

"It's a wonderful pleasure to meet you, Shiori-chan. My name is Aidou. Hanabusa Aidou."

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