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Guilty Temptations

Chapter Twelve: The Argument

"Ah... Idol-senpai looks even more handsome than he was yesterday evening!" A girl in the crowd sighed.

"I agree," Another cooed. "Idol-senpai looks so much hotter with a broody look on his face! It makes him seem so mysterious..."

There he was. Aidou was a few metres ahead of me in the group of Night Class students. Judging by the girls' comments, he wasn't his cheerful, flirty and outgoing self tonight. Even though I had so many other things to think of, all I could replay in my mind was him. I wanted to know how he was feeling, if he were okay or not. I wanted to comfort him if he needed consolation... But I didn't know if he wanted to talk to me after what he told me.

A third girl whispered into their conversation, "Idol-senpai isn't usually like this... Do you think something is bothering him...?"

They all looked concerned. I felt guilty for most likely being the cause of this change in his behaviour.

"...Thus, the blood tablets are an essential to becoming a civil and respected vampire within our race."The teacher explained.

The bell rang.

"You are dismissed."

My next class was in the same room, as were the majority of my classmates. I sat at my desk, isolated from the others. Aidou was sitting perhaps a few seats behind me, Ruka and Akatsuki was one in front. Ichijou, Shiki and Rima sat together at the front, whereas Kaname sat by the window amongst other class members I didn't really have a chance to meet.

It was a quiet break. I was so used to Aidou coming over to me to strike up a random conversation about whatever topic popped into his mind. I thought... Maybe it was my turn to initiate our routine discussion during our breaks. I fidgeted in my seat, hesitating very much on whether to go or not. My body turned, and I was already heading up the stairs. Aidou's head lifted from leaning against his palm, and met my eyes. He seemed unsure what to do, so he shuffled over a bit and gave me room to sit next to him.

I did so, and as I smoothed out my uniform, I mumbled, "W-We didn't really have enough time... back at the dorm..."

"Listen, Shiori-chan..." He murmured, fiddling with his pencil. "Y-You can forget about what I said back then. Why I decided to confess, I don't know why... But please if it's going to be this uncomfortable, then I want to forget it ever happened. Even if it's only been an hour of our separation, I've hated it. I've hated being so awkward around you, not knowing how to talk to you... I just—"

"You want to forget that it ever happened," I cut him off. "But I never said I wanted to."

Aidou looked over at me with confused eyes. I continued to look down at my somewhat crinkled skirt. "What do you mean...?" He asked.

"I never had a chance to... uh, well... say how I felt," I mumbled, letting whatever words come into mind flow out of my mouth.

I heard him take in a sharp breath quietly. "W-Well... How do you feel?"

My hands then grabbed the hem of my skirt, scrunching it up within my hard fists. "I-I don't know..."

He stayed silent.

"It's just... really confusing. What am I supposed to do if I find out that you have these... feelings for me, and I'm still worried about how I feel for...?" I didn't know if I wanted to mention his name.

"Zero," Aidou sighed.

"It's not like I want to act upon those feelings... It's more like... I can't. I know how he feels for Yuki, so I'm considering on just... giving up," My voice was turning into a mere whisper by now.

"I don't particularly enjoy being a good guy," Aidou spoke. My head lifted. "...But if you want to give up, the least you can do is to talk to Zero about your feelings. If he doesn't feel the same way, at least you'll have no unanswered thoughts. If he does..." He didn't finish that sentence.

"I'm just afraid."

"There's nothing to be afraid of. For all we know, Zero might have been thinking about your feelings nonstop for the past few days. You haven't seen him for a while."

I bit my lip. "I'll probably run away again."

Aidou was about to reply to my comment, until we heard a loud slam at the front of the room. Someone burst into the room, making me jump a little out of my seat. All our eyes went to the door, and there stood, speak of the devil, Zero.

He was breathing heavily, hair slightly messed up, and his uniform was not in one bit very proper. His shirt was very much wrinkled, the first few buttons undone. His blazer was missing, and his tie was loosened to the point where if you pulled it just a bit, it would fall off his neck.

Zero scanned the room until he saw me. He stormed up the steps towards our seats, and grabbed me without a word. Aidou stood up and said, "Kiryuu! Let her go!"

He didn't respond.

Aidou took my other arm as I struggled to get out of Zero's grasp. "Z-Zero-kun! What are you doing!"

Zero began to take me down the stairs and out of the room, Aidou still holding me. He stood in front of Zero so he couldn't exit the class. "If you're going to take Shiori-chan, the least you can do is say something to explain yourself. You're not even supposed to be in here!"

"S-Shouldn't you be patrolling or something?" I yelped as his grip grew tighter on me.

"She'll be back soon," Zero grimaced as he pushed Aidou out of the way.

He grunted as he began to run throughout the long corridors, leading me towards his room. I pulled back, trying to escape from Zero's temporary insanity. "Let go of me, Zero-kun!"

"Tch," Zero sighed. Aidou was running, not far behind us. Zero grabbed my legs and began to run fast down the hall quickly, carrying me tightly, almost outrunning Aidou.

I squirmed as his hold almost hurt me. "Zero-kun, you're hurting... me!" I cried out in pain as his nails dug into my thighs. "Aidou-senpai!" I yelled out.

In no time, he reached his room, quickly locking the door. Someone kicked it from the outside, most likely Aidou. "Kiryuu! Open this damn door right now or so God help me I will kill you! Let Shiori go you insane bastard!"

Zero ignored Aidou's muffled demands and threw me against his bed. "What's wrong with you!" I cried.

He sat at the edge of the bed and ran his hands through his hair. "How can you just say something like that and run off!"

"Am I not entitled to my own feelings!"

"Of course you are, but you can't just run away and expect to not deal with them ever again! You have to freaking think that maybe this whole epidemic of you loving me has affected me as much as it has for you!"

"Epidemic? Stop exaggerating! I was not planning on acting on those feelings because you have feelings for Yuki!"

"And how would you know that!"

"It's obvious, you dumbass! I don't need to ask to know that you have these stupid feelings for her. Well you already know, but she loves Kaname!"

These words were coming out of my mouth without me thinking. The way I said it was as if I wanted to hurt him.

"I already know that, Shiori!"

"Then...!" I caught my breath. I didn't know what else to say. "...What happens now?" I murmured.

"Didn't you ever try to consider that maybe I had feelings for you too? It's not impossible for somebody to like two people at once."

"You liked her first."

"Does that even matter?"

I stayed quiet.

"I didn't know."

I looked up. "Of course you didn't know about my feelings."

"I... feel bad for mistreating you before."

I sighed. My arm reached out and touched his back. "I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"It's... difficult to explain. Maybe it's for running away all the time. Maybe it's for confessing and upsetting you."

"You didn't upset me."

"Sure, that's why you barged into my class and threw me in your room," I shook my head as my hands trailed down his shirt and onto the blanket I sat on. I traced the design on the fabric, and then looked up. I gasped.

His face was so close I couldn't even begin to describe how flawless his pale skin was. His warm breath hit my cheek and I said, "Zero—"

Zero's hand held the back of my neck gently, and brought his lips onto mine. My eyes widened. This was what I had wanted. Zero was kissing me. Why did it... feel...? I pushed him away.

"Zero you..." I felt my lips as he breathed. "Have you... been drinking?"

That bitter taste on my lips was not something I wouldn't recognise, seeing as I had worked in a bar earlier before.

He groaned as he grabbed the front of his hair. "So what if I have?"

"Are you drunk?" I questioned him.

"Isn't my appearance a good enough answer for that?"

I cringed. So this conversation is probably going to be forgotten by the time morning came around. "That's just great."

I got off his bed and began to head for the door. Zero quickly took a hold of my wrist before I left. "I'm not so drunk that I would forget this discussion."

"I don't think that would be true," I answered. "You're under the influence of alcohol. Everything you're saying is probably a bunch of lies."

"I'll prove it to you in the morning. I will remember everything," Zero concluded.

I took my wrist off his hand, and quietly left his dim room. As soon as I closed the door behind me, I leaned my head against the door. I took a few moments to breathe. Did that really just happen?

"Shiori!" Aidou grabbed me from behind and wrapped his arms tightly around my shoulders.

I jumped, blushing at his sudden gesture. He realised what he was doing, and backed off, clearing his throat awkwardly. "W-What did he do to you!" His eyebrows furrowed. "If he did something stupid, I will not hesitate to kill that freak!"

"Oh," I recalled the events that occurred behind the door in my mind. "He..." My cheeks reddened. "He didn't do anything."

Aidou looked at me oddly. "...Are you sure...?"

"Y-Yes!" My hands balled into fists. "Nothing happened."

Aidou took a step forward and touched my shoulder. "Well... I guess we'll go back to class now. I'll be sure to report this to the headmaster soon."

"Right..." As I walked down the long corridor with Aidou, I asked him, "Um... Aidou-senpai?"

"Hm?" He nonchalantly responded, almost staring into space.

'Do you really... want to forget about your confession?" I mumbled, staring at the ground.

Aidou breathed in. "I don't know... I don't want you to be uncomfortable around me... But I want..."

He seemed to shrug off the last word of that sentence. I nudged him, a curious look overtaking my face. "What do you want?"

He sighed.

"I want you."

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