Esoteric Rain

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It's a rainy night. Uhura enters the classroom soaked, hoping for someplace to go for the time being.

He stared out of the window at the depressing sight of what seemed to be unstoppable rain. He sighed. Today was the day the class would take a trip to the closest Vulcan History Exhibit, which had been in only one museum five hours away. They all agreed that it would be much more fun than doing some sort of boring project that teachers used as an excuse to apply a real-world situation to the subject. The students would actually get to experience the culture of Vulcan's and have fun, or so he thought. He sighed once more and demanded the computers to shut the window.

"Computer, the room temperature should be nine degrees warmer." Spock said shivering from the coldness the rain was causing. Spock turned his head when he heard footsteps outside of his classroom. Although he was upset about the weather he wasn't going to show it. He shook off the feeling of disappointment and watched as the door slid open.

Standing in the doorway was a completely soaked Cadet. Uhura unintentionally took the band holding her hair in a pony tail out and ran her fingers through her long black newly formed locks.

"Cadet?" Spock said turning his attention away from the window. Spock watched curiously as Uhura combed her fingers through her hair revealing how beautifully her curls shaped her face.

"You understand that it is storming currently, and classes have been postponed until after the inclement weather clears, am I correct?" Spock stated turning his head slightly.

"Yes sir." Uhura said shivering.

"Can you explain you presence?"

"I tried to enter my quarters, but it seems the weather has disabled my computer from letting me into the room, and I do not own a key, my roommate has it and I am not sure of her where-abouts now." Uhura explained scanning her clothing to make sure her state was a bit appropriate.

"Understood. Are you cold?" Spock asked.

"Yes sir." Spock commanded the computer to raise the temperature even warmer, so that not only he would be comfortable, but Uhura too.

"You seem to be extremely wet." Spock stated the obvious.

"No, I thought it was just the lights making my clothing appear darker than usual." Uhura said sarcastically hoping she didn't offend him. She was wearing the most uncomfortable outfit for being wet, jeans and a sweater.

"I don't understand, you haven't noticed the condition you are in?" Spock asked.

"Sorry professor, I was just kidding with you." Uhura said shifting uncomfortably. Spock crossed the room to a group of drawers and pulled out a pair of uniform pants and a shirt with the Starfleet logo on it.

"If you'd prefer dry clothing, you can use some of mine." Spock said. He never thought he would use the extra uniforms he kept in his drawers, so he was glad he had a use for it now.

"Thank you professor, you're so prepared." Uhura stated taking the clothing from his hands. Her gaze lingered on his face, she could have sworn he had a complacent look on his face, but there was no way to tell. She returned to the room in oversized clothing, but it was better than damp clothing.

"I am not trying to be offensive, but my apparel on you is a bit ridiculous." He laughed to himself.

"What? You don't like it?" Uhura said putting her arms out and twirling around to show off her new outfit. His eyes focused on the length of her hair as she pulled it around with her body. Although his lips didn't, his eyes smiled at this sight.

"I actually find it an amusing sight." Spock stated his infrequent opinion on her looks. He quickly changed the subject as he felt his stomach turn at his boldness.

"I just hope the storm changes its destination from Starfleet Academy to a more resourceful area. At least before it gets too late." Spock said tensing when the lights completely went out. "Computer, lights."

"Computer, lights."

"Comp-"Spock was interrupted by Uhura.

"Professor, I believe that there has been a power outage due to storm… Do you have any candles?" Uhura asked looking around as if she would see anything. Lightning flashed and Uhura knew that his expression changed from placid to a somewhat frightened expression as his eyes shot open. She smiled a bit at his reaction.

"I do, but how am I to find them without a light source?" Spock said becoming uncomfortable. Uhura pulled out a communicator and walked towards her professor. She reached out towards him and he softly grabbed the communicator out of her hand, their hands grazing against each others. His fingers hesitantly left the proximity of her hands.

"Thank you."

"You wouldn't happen to have Starfleet issued blankets in those drawers?" Uhura asked as the room temperature dropped from the power outage.

"Unfortunately, I do not." Spock stated, smirking to himself. "But my cabinets do contain what you are looking for." Uhura giggled at the way he stated this.

"Is there something amusing you Cadet?"

"No, nothing."

Spock neatly spread the blanket over the floor her swept before Uhura came. Uhura immediately sat crossed legged on the blanket, Spock joining her, mirroring her actions. Uhura sighed tapping her fingers against the covers. She was finally bored. She reached out her hand and grabbed Spock's. Spock swallowed, not sure if he should pull back, or let her continue whatever it was she was doing. She studied the lines on his hand, forgetting who she was interacting with. His bones tensed as he stared at her face. For some reason she seemed extremely interested in his hand. She traced the lines on his hand with her index finger and began to trace outside the lines.

Spock suppressed a laugh. "Cadet, may I ask you what it is that you are doing?"

"I don't know."

"That is illogical, doing something without a reason." Spock stated. Uhura giggled as if she were regressing to her younger self.

"I don't care."

Spock tilted his head. He would never understand human's actions, better yet understand Uhura. They sat in silence as Uhura lifted his hand up, spreading their corresponding fingers across each others. He gazed at her as if she was the most amazing person on Earth, but then again, she was the only one in the room with him. How could she become so fascinated with playing with his hands? His hands! Spock then noticed the physical contact between him and Uhura.

His gaze lingered on her longer than it should have, or so he thought. His eyes trace the outline of her soft face, down further. No. He pulled his eyes from her body and looked at the wall behind her. He also pulled his fingers from hers.

"Is something wrong Professor?" Uhura asked.

Spock avoided the question because he did not wish to lie, nor did he want to explain the feelings he was facing. He casually laid down on the blanket, placing his fingers behind his head. Uhura also stretched her body out onto a more comfortable position, her right arm propped her head up as she looked at Spock. Spock let out a long, comforting sigh and turned his head towards her.

"You hair, it isn't as straight as usual." Spock said wondering what happened. Uhura laughed at how much he did not know about humans.

"My hair becomes wavy when it's wet, that's why I straighten it every morning,"

"Straighten? Why would you do that?"

"I don't know it lengthens my hair I guess." Uhura said twirling her fingers around a lock of hair. Spock was a bit jealous that he wasn't able to do this.

"I believe your hair is beautiful as it is." Spock said reaching out taking a lock taking his hands. His fingers were more attracted to the softness of her hair than the softness of her fingers. Uhura smiled as warmness filled her body. Was she starting to grow attracted to her professor?

"Thank you." Uhura lifted her body and walked towards her bag, getting out a music player. Her hair was only about two inches shorter than when it was straightened, which completely confused Spock.

"I hope you like music." Uhura said turning on a piano piece by Gershwin. The piano had bits of Rhapsody in Blue in it, but a different order.

"Who is this?" Spock asked.

"Gershwin, he was a composer in the twentieth century. He is my favorite composer." Uhura said humming along with the piano. She closed her eyes and yawned. She silently picked up her music player and placed it in Spock's hands so he could see the collection of music she had.

"You seem to have music by T'Poy. I always enjoy her voice accompanied by the Vulcan lute." Spock said recognizing her variety in music.

She didn't know what inclined her to do it, but her fingers began to trace his chest and belly slowly, until her whole arm wrapped around his slender waist. He didn't stop her, although he wanted to. He leaned his head into the top of hers, breathing in the scent of her fragrant hair.

"The smell of your hair is… pleasant." Spock said running his fingers through her soft black hair. She laughed silently as she felt the rumblings of his voice against her chest. She quickly fell into a deep comfortable sleep against Spock's warm body.

Spock stayed up the whole night listening to the sounds of thunder and Uhura's deep breathing. I guess stormy weather doesn't always have a negative outcome. Now whenever it stormed outside his classroom window Spock would have an appreciation for the weather.

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