Contains a dab of shonen-ai. Enjoy.

Ura could almost feel the repulsiveness and the urge to beat the pulp out of a certain someone nearly spew out as he slid open the door to his and his cousin's bedroom.

It wasn't the first, nor the second, but the third time his cousin had redecorated their bedroom in an attempt to further pamper and spoil himself and frankly, Ura was getting sick of it.

"Hakuyo, how many times do I have to tell you to stop changing the damn room?!" Ura growled, balling up his fists to try an intimidate his cousin.

Hakuyo merely smiled sweetly at him. "Is that anyway to speak to your lover?" he asked somewhat seductively as he gracefully twirled around the wine in a glass he held in his long, spidery fingers. "I'm simply living out my dream."

Ura frowned. "You creep. You're just in this for the money. Is that anyway to act towards a relative?!"

Hakuyo sipped at the wine, looking up at Ura with innocent eyes. "No, but it's not like I care."

"You demon."

A smile slid across the blonde's face. "Learned from the best."

Ura growled in frustration and slammed the door shut, stomping down the hallway to Yayoi's room. The spiritualist nearly had a heart attack when Ura suddenly snapped her door open and strutted in, not at all seeming to notice that she was in the middle of changing.

"Ura!" she gasped, quickly grabbing a nearby blanket and wrapping it around herself to hide her decency. "Will you please knock before you barge into my room?"

He smirked as he plopped down onto her bed. "You should lock your door."

"You should knock!"

"Whoever heard of knocking on a paper door?"

"The point still stands!" Yayoi paused. "Why are you here anyway?"

Ura positioned his arms behind his head and stared up at her ceiling while lying on his back. "What's the reason I'm always here? That damn Hakuyo's turned our room into a throne. He even convinced some of the cats to fan him!"

Yayoi couldn't help but giggle a little at Hakuyo's strange antics.

Ura glared up at her. "What's so funny?"

She smiled evilly. "Nothing. It's just so funny how you two always fight like a married couple."

Ura nearly fell off the bed. "Ack! Why do you always listen to him?! He ain't my lover! End of story! I wouldn't marry that creep if he was the last person on earth!"

His answer only made Yayoi laugh harder until she was practically on her knees from trying to keep her composure.

In all honesty, her laughing was making Ura madder and madder by the second until he could take it no longer. He stood up from her bed, balling his hands into fists once again. "Fine! You want me to take some action from those stupid lies he's always spewing? Fine, I will!" He whirled around and stomped back out of her room.

"Ura?" Yayoi called as the demon prince made his way back to his room. She followed after him, still keeping a tight hold on the blanket she had wrapped around her. "Wait! What are you--" She stopped as Ura made his way into the room and he walked over to Hakuyo who was still sipping out of the wine glass.

He smiled sweetly at his cousin. "Hello there, dear cousin. Come to sleep with me?"

Ura reached down and grabbed Hakuyo's shirt collar, dragging the blonde up off of his pillows and bringing him up to his face.

Fearing he was about to beat his cousin to a bloody pulp, Yayoi reached out in panic. "No, stop--!" She froze as Ura bent down and pressed his lips to a stunned Hakuyo's.

He jerked his head back in her direction. "There. Satisfied?"

Hakuyo's face flushed a brilliant red while Yayoi almost fell over.

Ura certainly had a beastly temper.

Just a little weird humor thing I thought of. Maybe I'll come back with a serious one one day.