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Summary: Sort of a role reversal, this time Ashley is the new kid at school as her mom ships her off to boarding school for her sophomore year. There she meets and falls in love with Spencer.

Rating: Right now it's rated T, later on it might change, but I'll give you guys fair warning ahead of time.

Prologue – Ashley Davies

Ashley's POV

Being the daughter of a famous rock star, music always came easy to me. It was sort of my outlet to another world, my safe haven as you may, where I could go and not have to hide who I truly was. I could just be Ashley Davies.

Not many things can give you that feeling in life, that sort of freedom, hell you're lucky if you can find one thing that makes you feel that way. In my sophomore year of high school I was lucky enough to find a second. Although instead of it being in the form of music, it was in the form of a beautiful blonde whose blue eyes you could get lost in forever. And from the first moment that I laid my eyes on Spencer Carlin, I, Ashley Davies, was a goner.


Chapter 1 – Welcome to Highland Academy

Ashley's POV

"God... I can't believe my mom is shipping me off to some preppy boarding school just to get me out of the house. This is complete bull shit!" Ashley thought as her driver dropped her off in front of Highland Academy.

As she glanced around at all the tall archaic buildings, all she could do is shake her head.

"Seriously, this is what I get for having a gold digging mom who's too busy worrying about her daughter being in the house when she brings home the day's meat..." she sighed while continue to gaze around the new campus. "Alright Ashley, well you might as well make the most of it. Who knows, this school might have some hotties. Highland Academy I hope you are ready for Ashley Davies."

She grabbed her bags off of the curbs and headed towards the administrative offices. Not soon after waiting outside the head mistress' office, Ashley was told to come in and was greeted by a grey-haired elderly woman, and a petite chestnut-haired girl who looked no older than Ashley.

"Welcome to Highland Academy Miss Davies, I hope your drive here was satisfactory. I'm head mistress Jones, and this is Miss Evans. She'll be assisting you in your transition here at the academy."

"Hi, I'm Teagan." The girl got up with the hugest grin on her face and put her hand out towards Ashley, who just ignored it.

"So does that mean she's going to carry my books? And actually, these bags are quite heavy too, how about them?" Ashley put on a smug look and chuckled underneath her breath while looking at the tiny girl who was still grinning away.

"How about Miss Evans shows you to your room Miss Davies, seeing as she is across the hall from you. As for carrying your books and bags, well I think you can manage that on your own don't you think?"

Ashley rolling her eyes, "Fine... well at least my money came in handy scoring me a single room. Let's go Teagan, I don't have all day."

Just as Ashley and Teagan were leaving, she felt a small tap on her shoulder and turned around to find head mistress Jones holding some folded up clothes, "Don't forget these Miss Davies, you'll be needing them first thing tomorrow when you attend class, and I do mean attend class."

"Uniforms. Great, another perk to being at boarding school, what are they going to do next, put a ball and chain on me, maybe even a leash? This is going to be a long year..." Ashley thought to herself.

She turned around to find Teagan there looking at her, still grinning, "Ready?" Ashley nodded and she followed Teagan towards the dorms.


Much to Ashley's surprise, inside the dorm was pretty decent. It looked like it had been recently renovated, and the washrooms weren't overly nasty. Teagan had been talking nonstop since leaving the head mistress' office, and frankly it was getting on Ashley's nerves. Ashley never had much patience for people like Teagan, and why should a new school stop her? So on the count of 3, Ashley planned on giving Teagan a little piece of her mind. 3... 2...

"...So here's your room! And mine is just right across the hall, isn't that the greatest?" Teagan grinned, interrupting Ashley's thought process, who just rolled her eyes at the smiling girl. For the life of her, Ashley could not figure out how one girl could have so much energy, or who could smile that much without getting a sore face.

"Get yourself settled in and then come meet my roommate okay Ashley? She's the best, we can show you around campus. It's so beautiful, I know you'll just love it!"

"Oh I'm sure I will..." Ashley said trying to humour the girl as she made her way into her room. If Teagan's roommate was anything like her, she was going to have serious trouble not strangling them both by the end of the year.

Finally Ashley was alone, she rubbed her temples from an exhausting five minutes with Teagan and then pulled out her music and started writing, knowing it would make her feel better.

An hour later, Ashley was interrupted by a soft knock on her door. Figuring it was probably Teagan she ignored it, she much rather stay in her room and write her music. Unfortunately for Ashley, three more knocks followed the first one and she knew that Teagan was not going away. She got up and opened the door reluctantly, confirming it was in fact the girl, who still yet again had that big grin on her face. It took every ounce in her body to not smack the girl, just to wipe that grin off of her face.

"Ashley, what took you so long, I thought you were going to take forever to open this door! I wanted to introduce you to my roommate." Teagan moved to the side and pointed to her right as Ashley peaked outside her door.

And there she was, standing beside Teagan was the blonde bombshell, with blue eyes that were as clear as the ocean. Ashley found herself scanning the blonde up and down, and then abruptly stopping when she reached the girl's eyes. Ashley just stood there utterly amazed at the colour. She had never seen such a vibrant shade of blue before, and they quickly changed to a darker tone when Spencer realized how long Ashley had been staring.

"Hi, I'm Spencer Carlin," the blonde said while running her fingers through her hair, and giving a soft cough to subtly hint that Ashley had still yet to break eye contact.

"Woah..." Ashley mistakenly said out loud, which caused the two girls in front of her to giggle and caused Spencer to give her a subtle smirk.

"I mean uh, hi, I'm Ashley." Ashley said trying to recover, but blushing at the fact that Spencer obviously noticed.