Title: Who can resist Marlene anything?

Subtitle: That thing goes out!

Chapter: 1 - oneshot

Summary: Marlene wants a pet. And not just any pet…

Pairing: CidxShera, TifaxCloud

Rating: T

Warnings: big vicious beasts?

A/N: This was finally finished! After like… 2 years?


'May I keep him? Puleaeaeaeaeaeaease?'

It begun with those five words. Well, four, and one extremely long stretched out word, that it became more of a noise or sound, than a word.

No one could believe it.

Tifa had jumped behind the counter with a scream of terror.

Cid tried to wield the Venus Gospel, but got stuck in the support beams of ceiling of Seventh Heaven.

Barret got smacked behind the head by Shera: 'you don't fire guns at children!' as he pointed his prosthetic arm at the "whatever" stood next to Marlene.

Nanaki was more than ready to jump the creature and kill it by sinking his long canines in it's neck.

'But… why that animal, Marlene?' Reeve tried gently, 'You can have a kitten, if you want?' Caith Sidh curled within his arms, cutely looking down upon her.

'Thank you Reeve, but no thanks.' She declined polite and shook her head so that her hair flowed from side to side.

'But there are enough lost kittens in Edge.' He tried to reason with the stubborn girl. Yet he had to admit, that Marlene had this stubbornness of Aerith within her eyes. It would be hard to change her mind.

'No.' a little more firm she confirmed her decision.

With a throaty hiss both Vincent and Chaos jumped up, not knowing what to do: kill or let it go?

Tseng was just a little bit too stunned to do anything. Elena had fainted and Reno and Rude were ready to fight the beast.

'Tifa? I'm home…'

Relaxed as ever Cloud stepped into the Seventh Heaven, 'Tifa? Ti-' his words got stuck within his throat as he feverishly reached for his buster-blade he had left within his motorcycle-compartments.

For there stood something, he hadn't seen in ages.


Cloud backed down. What the hell happened now? First she wasn't really traumatized over the fact that Loz had kidnapped her, now she stood there in front of him, with… with…this thing!?!

But who was he to ignore those big brown eyes? That little quivering lip of hers? Her tiny hands upon it's black back and petting it's skull-like head?

Who could ignore such a cute appearance, next to such a demonic one?

No. He wasn't talking about Chaos taking over Vincent again. Marlene could handle Chaos very well, and Chaos even liked Marlene up to the point that he sometimes just took over Vincent, to fly with her.

NO, it was something different.

It was something he'd never thought that would happen. Ever.

It was… this thing, this thing Yazoo had summoned twice, and set free upon him and later on upon the civilians of the city of Edge.

It was… a shadow creaper…


She turned around with the cutest smile ever plastered on her face, 'May I keep him Cloud?'

He didn't know what to say. The beast curled itself up at her feet, snoozing happily.

'Say no Cloud.' Tifa hissed at him, gesturing violently that the beast had to leave.


Everyone stared at him. What to say?! What to do?! Think-think-think!


'No!' Tifa hissed again, 'that beast goes out.'

Marlene's lip quivered. Her eyes became full of tears.

Cloud backed away.

Quivering lip and teary eyes… The only weapons ever that could best him! He needed to think of something, NOW!