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Chapter 1: Welcome to the Jungle

Walking into a new place is always frightening. It's that initial fear of everyone looking at you weirdly. In elementary school, you made friends by playing house or any other childish game. It would remain that way until you leave and go to a new playground. With each school, the welcoming committee got harsher; boys were more cynical about sports and cars as girls were cynical about looks and boys.

Walking into the real world was just as bad. So imagine my expectations walking into the arena where I would be tonight. No I'm not a cheerleader or dancer for some sports team; I am not the girl in the ring holding up the sign saying what round we are in. I will be in the ring though...

My job is I am the newest WWE Diva.

Today is my first day at the job that I trained for three years for. I had been training for a while at DSW, a training center to finesse my wrestling skills. I had been sidelined, nothing but eye candy for a little over a year, when I got transferred to OVW. At OVW, I held a women's title… twice. I managed a few wrestlers and was a heel for maybe six months, but spend the rest of my time as a face character. Last week was my final week in OVW, for I had been drafted over to Monday Night RAW.

My name is Jenna, both in and out of the ring. I am an amazing and young 22 years old and I come from Long Island, New York. I stand at 5'6 inches and weigh in at a toned 126 pounds. My hair is blond, which really doesn't make me stand out from the rest of the Diva's here in the WWE. Of course as usual with blond hair, I have blue eyes. Shocking huh? However I'm not the stereotypical dumb blonde. My IQ is rather good, standing at a good 110. I have a degree in business management that I obtained through online classes. I'm proud of all my achievements, but this one will always be special to me.

I take pride in everything that I do. It's not cockiness, nor over confidence. I'd like to say it's just my pride and how much I value my own work. This would be my debut, as a brand new face character. My job was to make myself known and help out Kelly Kelly, who would be jumped buy Jillian Hall, Beth Phoenix, and current Diva's Champion Maryse. Of course Mickie James will be there to help, but it still won't even the score. That's when I come in as the new diva that's willing to fight anyone at anytime.

Basically… I'm your new resident Diva bad ass.

I inhaled deeply and closed my eyes as I held onto the knob of the women's locker room. Slowly I opened the door and walked in. I was alone, thankfully. I had about three hours before RAW, and Vince wanted me to see him before the show started.

The locker room was spacious and neat. I didn't expect that from wrestlers. Slowly I looked around for a place to leave my bag and start getting ready. It was my first day; heaven knows I didn't want any kind of confrontation of any sort coming my way. Come to think of it, it would be rather fun to add more fuel to the fire of anger when I go out to make myself known with a bang, so maybe I will stir a little trouble.

Coming back from my personal joke, I heard the door open behind me. The woman stood at 5 foot 7 inches of lean frame. Her hair was blonde and her eyes were blue, what a shocker. However I already knew who this woman was, she was the woman I was supposed yo be helping. The woman smiled at me and placed her bag next to mine.

"Hey, you must be the new diva that has to save me…" the woman joked with a warm, pearly white smile. Her smile was infectious, causing me to smile and giggle. "I'm not so sure if you do know who I am. My real name is Barbara, but everyone calls me Barbie; having said that, then brings me to my ring name… Kelly Kelly"

"Don't you get annoyed by the whole… double name? Especially since it's a horrible play on your nickname; you know… Barbie's little sister Kelly?" I asked. Kelly Kelly smiled and I giggled, knowing she knew I was only joking. "I'm Jenna, both in and out of the ring. I guess Vince ran out of names"

"Either that or he likes something about you" Kelly told me. "So, are you ready for your debut today?" she asked

"Ugh honestly Barbie, I'm so not ready for tonight. This place is so huge I think I might get lost in this place just trying to find the way to gorilla position" I joked mildly. It was honest I didn't know my way around here.

"If you want, I can show you around. Your debut really isn't scheduled until roughly around 9:30 so it gives us time to walk around, crash catering and talk. I mean it would be nice to get to know the newest Diva that's around" Barbie explained.

I felt like I was in elementary school again. Barbie had came in and asked me to play and color with her, and I accepted. I felt like making friends with her would be easy, and it eased me a little. I felt better knowing at least one friend was still around for me. I nodded my head and walked out of the locker room, taking in the sights around me so I can wonder where I'm going.

"Okay so this is catering. This is where all of us undercover fat asses stuff our faces and eat before matches. Rule number one, don't eat an hour before your match, because it won't stay down" Barbie explained while smiling. She walked over to a few guys and I followed before realizing who we were walking to. "Hey Dave… John, this is the newest Diva Jenna. She's debuting tonight by coming to even out the score with the Diva's and I. Jenna, this is Dave Batista and John Cena"

"I know who they are. I've watched wrestling for a while and also while I was at both DSW and OVW. I was told to watch where I was going soon and learn the business" I replied. Dave and John smiled before extending hands to me.

"So have you established a finisher yet? Because that's what's supposedly helping Barbie" John asked. I laughed and smiled.

"Yeah I have. It's something like… MVP's finisher the Playmaker mixed with Kofi's finisher Trouble in Paradise. While one leg wraps around my opponents head, I flip and kick them at the same time. It's not as difficult as it sounds, but it's pretty cool" I responded. John nodded his head, showing he was impressed.

"Actually that move sounds impressive. Did you name it?" Dave asked "Because that sounds like one hell of a heart breaking loss to a maneuver like that"

"You know I didn't name it, but since you actually said that the move sounds like a heart breaking one… I'm thinking I should name it 'the Heart Breaker.' What do you guys think?" I asked the figures around me.

"I think it's actually a pretty good name for it. But the way you described it, I hope I never get it from you" Barbie joked. "Who else is around that I can introduce Jenna to?"

"I don't know exactly who else is here. I mean besides Mike and other people who aren't really worth the conversation due to lack of vocabulary skills…" John stated while chuckling. "I saw Kofi and Alvin walking around. Maybe you could take Jenna over there. Jenna could meet up with the guys who inspired her finisher"

"Yeah, besides they seem like nice guys to get involved with. They're sweet hearts… unlike others on this roster" Barbie stated. Dave chuckled and looked past John's shoulder. Automatically his body tensed, and eyes focused with anger.

"Speaking of the viper now…" Dave muttered in pure anger.

It was then my eyes locked on the figure rapidly approaching me. His eyes weren't looking at me, but they definitely were intense. His figure seeped arrogance and vanity. The strides in his walk showed no fear and that he was more than ready to face any man that dared step foot in front of him. Although most were scared or hated him, I showed no emotion and fear. He wasn't going to get the best of me.

It was then I noticed the championship belt draped over his right shoulder. I knew exactly who he was. He was the son of a legend. A wrestler who was destined to be the youngest champion in WWE history all while flying under the wings of greats like Triple H, Ric Flair and the man who now hated him, Batista. Although Evolution turned their back on him, he continued to be the greatest he could be, only to return and make a stable of his own along with other sons of legends, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr.

He was maniacal and psychotic. He stalked his prey like an animal, waiting to take out a small defenseless creature. The difference was that these animals fought back and he was faster than any viper. He was cocky and the epitome of jack ass. Everyone knew this, and everyone knew who he was.

He was none other than WWE Champion, Randy Orton…

"Come on, I think I should take you to see Kofi and Alvin now-" Barbie started while grabbing my hand, all before Randy stopped walking and stood in front of Barbie and I. His ice blue eyes pierced into mine, making me forget where I was. It was a short second of weakness, which followed a second of boldness and another second of stupidity.

"Excuse me, do you think you can move? I have places to be-" I started before Randy smirked.

"I don't think we've met. My name is Randy Orton and I'm the WWE Champion, as you can clearly see. I'm pretty much a big deal around here, I'm sure… Barbie will inform you of that. And who might you be?" Randy asked smugly.

"I'm Jenna, I'm new and I'll also be late if you don't shift your body to another side and let me pass" I replied with the hint of anger. Randy's posture stiffened and I smirked, knowing I had gotten under his skin.

"Watch it newbie. You obviously don't know the force you are messing with-" Randy started before I scoffed.

"Oh really, I don't? If I don't know what force I'm messing with what's going to happen? You'll RKO me too?" I asked sarcastically. "You'll punt me in the head too? Take me out of the business because I spoke to you differently than everyone else does? I'm shaking…"

"Maybe you should… watch it Diva" Randy replied in a hiss. Grabbing Barbie's hand I walked around Randy and kept moving on. Barbie looked back at me with a shocked expression and laughed.

"What? What do you find so damn funny?" I asked.

"No one has ever stood up to Randy like that. Well at least no Diva has…" Barbie exclaimed. I giggled and smiled.

"I don't know who the fuck he thought he is, but his arrogance is way more than he can chew" I responded while slowly turning my head to see Randy still staring at me. Our eyes locked and he lifted his head and tightened his jaw. I rolled my eyes and focused back in front of me.

I didn't want to admit it, but there was something about him. There was a pull that made me want to not turn away. I didn't want to worry about him or whatever the fuck was pulling me, but it was there and it was strong…

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