Chapter 17: Say Something

Weeks have past since my 'name calling' incident. Weeks since the the fight that happened after; weeks since my confession about everything between the Viper and myself. Weeks since I cried so hard into my own hands, as Cody watched and yelled at how I could betray him so badly. It has been weeks since Cody and I have been what I used to call a 'couple', before he packed his belongings, dressed fully and stormed out of my hotel room and life.

I hadn't spoken to Cody in a while, nor have I spoken to Randy. As of late, Legacy was in shambles. Ted and Cody were becoming rebellious of their leader. Ted was slowly becoming a fan favorite so it only seemed logical to have him rebel, steer away from the life of Legacy. I believed Cody was rebelling for a total differet reason. Legacy were inseperable at one point in time, now it was hard to catch them together. Cody had become distant with Randy ever since the incident; rumors ran through th locker room that Cody was becoming his own man and despised Randy. Others began to whisper rumors of him talking about getting traded.

I knew the truth, and it ate my fuckin' insides to know that Cody and Randy were best friends, and that I came in between friends. I was the sole reason behind Cody's rebellion and no one even thought about it.

Time has flown by. It seems like just yesterday that us baby faces of the Raw roster ran the show. It seemed like yesterday that people like me, the new comer had to fight our way to the top and it would take months, maybe even years to acheive it. It was a comfortability and as twisted as it sounds, I wish it were that way again.

Instead I stand in a locker room if chaos. Just last month, John was in his seventh title reign as WWE champion, when it all came crashing down, literally. Lately, Raw has has different guest hosts, acting as something similar to a General Manager. Thanks to former WWW personality, Jesse Ventura, he issued a new talent insentive. This made it where people who have never contended for the WWE championship would get their shot. The winner was brand new to Raw, irish man Sheamus, who weeks before injured Jamie Noble so badly, he had to retire.

The match was a tables match, and with one bad decision, John Cena went crashing through the table. Sheamus had become our new champion. And just as a miracle can become complete, Randy Orton won a triple threat to become the number one contender for the title, once again.

Melina, who I loved with all my heart and soul, whom I was supposed to face in a mere three weeks at the Royal Rumble for her coveted Divas Championship, tore her ACL during a house show match with me. She vacated the title instead of awarding it to someone else. Now every Diva is involved in a Divas tournament for the title, including Maryse. The whole locker room is in a frenzy, no one can be trusted and most of all, no one is safe.

I sat in the locker room, staring at my new ring gear when the door opened. I looked up at an orange clad John Cena who was just smiling back at me. I weakly smiled and looked down at the attire that just seemed to be shrinking more and more by the weeks.

"I thought this was a family oriented, PG rated show. Why is it that every other week that I come in, they hand me my ring gear that seems to have more and more of my ass hanging out it?" I asked chuckling. "Im so close to asking for Barbie's clothing since I think hers is a little more longer."

John chuckled and sat next to me. When Cody left, he picked up the pieces for me. I couldn't turn to Cody anymore, since he definitely didn't want to look my way. Randy I didn't even want to talk to, let alone see. John Cena, as much as he can annoy me, had become someone I trusted with my secrets and slowly, my life. I rested my head on his shoulder as his hands wrapped around my waist. I sighed in content as I inhaled his scent.

"You smell like Irish Spring soap" I mumbled while giggling. John laughed and sighed. "I still don't have a partner for my mixed tag match tonight against Frenchie"

"Like I told you last week when you found out that you had a mixed tag match, I'd love to be your partner, but I've got a match myself against good ol' Teddy" John explained. I nodded and understood. "I'd love to kick some Frenchie partner ass, you know that"

"I know Johnny. I have a feeling this might become a handicap match if I don't find a partner and fast" I stated with a smile. I started to stand and grabbed my clothes when John grabbed my hand, making me turn around. I looked into his eyes and smiled, knowing what he was about to ask. "Just say it Cena..."

"Are you okay? Like have you spoken to either one of them since the whole...incident?" John asked as usual. I shook my head no and he nodded in understanding. It was an unspoken bond we had now, and I enjoyed it.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I have wrestling gear that's damn near assless lingerie to put on. Leave the premisis Champ" I joked as he stood up and began to walk out of my locker room. I sighed and cleared my throat "John...?"

John turned around with his restless eyes of blue and signature trucker hat that matched his orange clad body. I softly smiled and nodded, once again usin our unspoken bond. "Yeah, yeah you always say that but treat me like shit after Jenna..." he joked and walked his big ass out of my locker room.

After changing into my ring gear and walking out the the ring, Maryse shortly followed suit. She too was alone coming out to the ring. I was tempted to slap her senseless as she dis her little hair flip in the ring. I had the sudden image of her doing that one day an she'd hit her face on the ropes, or maybe even bring her head back so far that she'd fall backwards. My favorite image was her getting her weave caught in the ropes. I chuckled.

The French diva asked for a microphone and smiled seductively at the ring announcer, Justin Roberts. "Jenna, Jenna... Jenna." she started before chuckling. "Finding a partner was just too easy. When you are as talented and sexy as me, the boys all line up by the locker room to ask to be my partner. After scouting, one stood out to me and well...he's my tag partner"

The silence killed me slowly; however the moment the music hit and I knew who it belonged to, my heart dropped. I slowly turned and watched as his frame walked down the ramp, eyes locked on mine. His olive skin was just as I remembered and I felt my heart ache. He decided to tag with her, what the fuck else is new? As he climbed into the ring and stood onthe turnbuckle, looking out at the crowd, he jumped down and stared intensely at me. I felt a small shiver crawl down my spine as I knew what he was thinking.

"Cody..." I whispered as he began to shift his weight away from me, and turned with a snarl forming on his lips. I felt the tears in my eyes and the bile rise up to my mouth as I hit the conclusion that I wouldn't have a partner. It's perfect for Cody, because now he can hurt me physically to equal up to how much I hurt him all those weeks back.

Just as I closed my eyes and wondered what jobber they sent to fight with me, only for us to lose. I waited for someone like Hornswoggle or even Santino to arrive to my pitiful fuckin' aide. Brushing my hair from my forehead, Maryse smirked and taunted me until music hit that could freeze anyone, even me.

His frame walked down the ramp, focused on the people in the ring. I watched as he walked down with grace and as the crowd began to cheer and chant his name. I fought the urge to smile as he approached the ring. He climbed in and just stared at me.

"Can you at least say something...anything at all maybe?" he asked me and I smirked back at Maryse and Cody. Maybe this match would be even after all. I turned back and looked over at the figure and rested my hand on his arm, feeling the tingle and electricity run through my body once again, bringing me back to memories of bliss.

"Thanks Randy..." I spoke as I began to climb out of the ring. Randy grabbed my arm and signaled that Maryse wanted to start the match. The match was even, with each party getting great manuevers that would lay out the team momentarily.

I landed my finisher, the Heartbreaker, on Maryse and was about to get the pin when I felt arms wrap around me. I was turned quickly to see the eyes of Cody staring back at me. His eyes were devilish and hurt, but gleamed with satisfaction of this moment. He held me ready for his finisher, CrossRhodes. As I closed my eyes, waiting for the pain, a figure jumped over me and laid Cody out with a jumping cutter. That manuver WWE fans knew as the ever so effective, RKO.

With Cody and Maryse still down, Randy and I just stared at each other and went to our same gender opponent and went for a simultanious pin, and the win. After being declared the winners, Randy and I just stared at each other as he slowly climbed out of the ring. His tattooed and tanned body retreated back up the ramp, and I just watched.

The match was over and I had taken the long walk back up the ramp, saying hi to the fans and celebrating a little in the ring. I had walked past the curtain, and into Gorilla position where John stood there with a smile on his face.

"No I didn't talk to him, I barely knew he was coming down to save my ass and be my partner" I stated, reading John's look. "I was just as shocked as the rest of the world when it came to him coming down to the ring"

"So he just went down there on his own fuckin' will? Huh... interesting" John stated. He smiled and patted me on my shoulder before walking away. I walked back to my locker room and opened the door.

He was standing there, arms crossed and still in his ring gear. His icy blue eyes stared intently at me as I stared back. His arms were still kind of shiny, although I wasn't too sure if it was from the match or if he had finally started to break a sweat. My heart began to race and I felt my skin become hot. I missed that effect he had on me, sadly enough I didn't want this small moment to end.

Finally I cleared my throat and stammered a little before the words came out right. "I didn't know you were coming out to help me tonight. I really appreciate it. I thought my ass was going to be handed to me, and thank you for saving me before Cody gave me CrossRhodes" I stared before walking a few paces up to close the seemingly huge ass gap between us. "You didn't have to do that at all, especially since I've stopped talking to you and I've just been sucky..."

His face was stone. He showed no emotion and it scared me. What was about to happen to me? I felt my heart race for numerous reasons, however it was hard to fuckin' figure out why it was going so fast. My palms became hot, but not sweaty as I watched him intensely.

"Can you say something...let me know I'm not about to die? Seriously Randy this is officially creeping me the fuck out, and you are the king of creepy-" I started before his hand grabbed my arm and pulled me close to his frame, holding me close to him.

Suddenly I felt the spark when his lips collided into mine. My hands and body loosened and I looked into his eyes and felt nothing but security. It was weird knowing I was in his arms and felt safe, but it was the truth.

"Still want me to say something?" Randy whispered hoarsely. I smiled and bit my lip as his thumb made small circles in my lower back. "From now's just me and you"

"You mean 'you and I' dork" I joked with a smile. Randy just gripped me closer to him and leaned his forehead against mine.

"Just shut up and kiss me..." was all Randy had to say and the venom of the viper found it's way back into my life.