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As time moved on, eventually I began to forget the vision that I and that physic girl had had… but every time it finally stopped haunting my mind, the vision would return, ever so slightly, so that yet again my nights were plagued by terrors.

And it wasn't the only dreams I had either. Over time more and more visions came, some more recognisable than others – visions of the past as well as that of the future.

But there was one nightmare that I couldn't escape from, not even while awake…

I don't think any Sohma could escape from it.

I was allowed in every single room of the main house if I had a good enough reason to.

Well, all place but one.

That room… the one in which I had seen Akito in that night when I had returned to Japan...

The room was only about fifty meters from my room, in an isolated area of the main house, but when I had realised that the sound of the night birds helped soothe me after my visions, I had begun to sleep with the window open…

And that was when I began to hear the screams.

And it wasn't just one or two nights either.

It was every night.

Every single night, without fail, they would come, the sobs and shouts and screams of terror… and I… I was powerless to stop it.

I-I had even gone to find Akito on those nights – to see if he could find out what was happening… but during those times, I could never find him, and by morning after sleep had claimed me I would have forgotten all about the pain I heard… until the next night…

But I wasn't blind – God no! I knew there was something more going on than I could see, and I knew that Akito had something to do with it… I just never spoke to him about it. It wasn't that I was scared of asking him… it was… well, every morning, when Yuki failed to turn up to breakfast, Akito's eyes…

T-they were so… so haunted… those mornings he looked so much older.

In his expression, there was fear… and disgust

And it was towards himself.

I didn't know what had transpired that night – during all those nights, but I would be a fool not to realise that whatever it was, it was bad.

It had been three days since I had last seen Yuki, and still he hadn't returned.

"What's wrong Akira-chan…?" Akito asked that breakfast, when he noticed that all breakfast I had just sat there, staring at the wall, not speaking at all.

-Don't tell him Akira Sohma…- A soft, alluring voice whispered from inside my mind – the bird Juunishi spirit had returned - , as I took a sip of the juice to stall.

Why…? I thought back, unsure as of why the spirit would be telling me to lie to my brother…

-Just tell him your fine… I'll tell you later…'-

You'd better. I replied, before smiling slightly at Akito, bracing myself. Because everyone knew that I was a hopeless liar – I just couldn't seem to get the whole process of a lie right, so it would be luck if I actually could get through this breakfast without him realising.

"I'm fine Akii-kun." I smiled as I looked into his eyes, careful not to show any odd emotions in my eyes – because it was my eyes that always betrayed my eyes – I couldn't seem to manipulate them into doing as my head commanded unfortunately. "I just had a restless night, and I'm a little tired now…"

I watched in anticipation as Akito looked into my eyes searchingly, and almost let out a sigh of relief when he gave a small smile back to me.

"Then rest today Akira-chan – I'll tell your tutors that you are unwell today and shan't be attending your lessons." Akito replied kindly, and I smiled softly to myself as I watched the fifteen-year-old set about making calls, finding it strange how easily he could carry an audience, and order those around who were over double his age with ease. Maybe it was the gift given to him by his spirit for being possessed by the kami spirit himself…

I was back to using tutors now... that first day, Akito had told me I was never returning there again... he had been busy for the week after that, contacting people who owed the family favours, and the like... He even went without sleep for a while, he was that driven, just because I had been bullied...

But the end result had been astronomical – even if I didn't think it was necessary, I could still appreciate how much of his genius had been carefully laid into those plans. By the end of the week, the principle had been sacked from the school for accepting bribes, Naomi Kenta had been disowned by her family (or else they would have been ruined financially and politically) and forced to attend Public school, and every single one of the girls there that day, whether Sohma or outsider, had been expelled, all in an attempt to restore the school's reputation.

Of course, Akito wasn't heartless. He had nothing against the school personally – he just disliked the headmaster and loathed some of the students, and so he kept their reputation afloat... just.

But even then, after all the fuss had died down, Akito had still been there in the background, snapping up every chance to get revenge on the Kenta's, trying to destroy them in every subtle way he could think of, not allowing anyone but the involved know of his plans until the very last minute.

Of course, during this time the Sohma's had grown more diverse in their opinions of him. Some, seeing his amazing leadership qualities had rallied around him loyally, especially the Juunishi's families, whether hoping to protect their children or for fame, but nevertheless he had the most united front possible.

But behind closed doors the gossips started whispering again, about his temper, about the younger girl who followed him around, but whom rare few knew (me), and, of course, rumours about whether a 'cursed' being, even one possessed by the god spirit himself, should be the leader of the family...

-Kami-Sama was never as kind to his hosts as the other Juunishi you know...- The Tori spirit whispered as I walked down the dark corridors of the main house.

W-what do you mean Amaterasu...? I asked her, but almost immediately I felt a sinking feeling inside me, like the one you get when you realise something bad. H-he... isn't strong enough...?

-No, Akito isn't, not yet... although it was an awful lot worse when he was younger, before we came... at least now he's trying to fight back... but Kami-sama doesn't like resistance – he never has, and so he pushes Akito further whilst in control... when Akito is most vulnerable... At night...-

And so he hurts Yuki-kun... I finished silently. Does Akii-kun realise?

-Of course the boy doesn't – do you think he would be able to cope with himself this well if he did know what his hands were doing? No... Kami-sama won't let him realise... but Akito Sohma is not stupid – far from it... he knows that something is happening when he 'blacks out'... he just doesn't know that it is his body that is committing those deeds...-

Poor Yuki... Poor Akito... how can the Kami spirit allow that to happen...? How can he initiate it...?

-Because Kami-sama is cruel – I have no problems whatsoever saying that aloud. Its fact.- Amaterasu spoke defiantly to the air, almost as if the Kami spirit could hear what she was telling me.

Wouldn't Yuki-kun's spirit know that it wasn't Akito that was doing this – and tell him...? I asked softly, praying that there was a chance Yuki knew it wasn't Akito who was doing this to him.

-Of course not!- She told me scornfully. –Dear 'Zumea has always been loyal to Kami-sama, and the fact that Kami-sama is hurting her host won't stop her loyalty... unfortunately.-

So does that mean that the tale between the rat and the cat is true? I asked slowly, wondering if all the folk tales to do with the Juunishi actually had something right...

-Yes – that 'Zumea is a right cow – no offence Xen. Of course she tricked the poor cat... she tricked all of us. But that isn't Yuki's fault, and the other spirits seem to keep forgetting that. They keep forgetting that it isn't the hosts fault... and so they shun him or her, keeping the feelings of hatred from closing...-

Isn't there anything that we could do? I asked, willing to do anything to save my brother from the hands of the Kami spirit.

-No. Anyway, neither Akito nor I would allow you to purposely get yourself in the Juunishi politics. I don't want any of you 'cursed' hurt any more...-

You say that after almost twelve years of tormenting me, and trying to take over me yourself? I pointed out, not letting the spirit go blameless either.

-I was jealous and vengeful – I never had such a nice form before, and you would never let me fly...- She said wistfully, thinking about the days before the curse had begun – when she would have been free to fly through the skies.

No. I wouldn't.

I broke of contact with the spirit as I reached the corridor, unwilling to hear her protests and/or orders to leave this place.

For I knew how I was going to spend this day.

I was going to find my brother.

And I knew exactly where he was, I could get there easily – it wasn't as if there was any security there to stop me...

The only thing preventing me from running there was some unfounded fear – a fear that if I went there, the Nezumi spirit 'Zumea would go and tell the Kami spirit and Yuki would get hurt more.

And yet I was selfish, I wanted to see him, despite the consequences that might or might not happen if I was caught.

I knew it could end in trouble, and yet I didn't stop my feet from carrying me to that place... I didn't want to stop them I suppose...

Staring at the seemingly normal door, I paused for a moment, wondering what would happen if I went in.

"Y-Yuki-kun...?" I whispered as I slid the door open softly, leaving it open a crack so that I could see where I was going as I lit the little candle I had hidden in my pocket that morning. "A-Are you here...?"

"A-Akira-onee?" A small meek voice spoke from the corner of the room, a voice that sounded so hoarse, as if it had been screaming all through the night...

Oh Yuki... What did the Kami do to you...? I thought as I moved closer, my bare feet suddenly standing on something wet...


Rushing towards my brother, I knelt next to him, embracing him softly; not caring about the blood that stuck to my cloths and hands, my mind was set on comforting him.

"W-Why h-has h-he..." Yuki began to whisper, and I strained my ears to catch his words. "Why has he s-sent you h-here...? Y-You need to get out of h-here... he'll h-hurt you..."

"Yuki-kun... I've not been sent here... I came to find you... I promised to help you... come on, let's get out of here..."

"I-I can't..." He whispered in fear, and I could feel my heart bleeding for the young boy, a child who was so scared of the spirit, that he wouldn't even move without permission...

But what hurt me the most was that he thought that it was Akito who was doing this to him...

He didn't realise that it was the spirit inside the head of the family that was causing him all this torment.

"I'll talk to him Yuki... he-he doesn't know what he's doing..." I whispered, trying to help Yuki up.

Until he recoiled from me in horror.

"Why don't you understand Oneesan?" He asked his eyes full of hate for a moment. "Why do you never see that it's all his fault...? He's the one hurting me, not some spirit inside him. Why do you always side with him over me?"

"B-but..." I whispered, trying to explain myself, but he cut me off again.

"Go back to him. Ignore me. I don't care. Not anymore..." He whispered, his eyes closed, a tear trickling down his cheek, and I knew then that he was trying to get me to leave the room.

Not to leave him.

"Yuki-kun, look at me, please." I pleaded, waiting for him to look me in the eyes before continuing. "I have my reasons for being with him. But you're my little brother – I love you Yuki-kun, and I'll try my best to help you – no matter what. I'll make him stop... I'll try..."

I stood up then, looking down at my little brother sadly, as he waved a meek 'bye'.

"I-I'm sorry... for getting blood all over you..." He whispered, and I just snorted.

"Don't be Yuki-kun. It's not your fault. I'll get Hatori-sensei to have a look at you... to get you out of here." I promised, before moving through the door, snuffing out of the candle automatically.

Moving away from the door, I began walking down the corridor silently, but stopped as loud footsteps began to move towards me, and I saw the face of the one and only Akito... my brother...

But he didn't seem like he was my brother when he was like that.

His once pure black eyes were now clouded – blocked, fiery red being shown throughout them, preventing any shade of warmth from being shown through them.

Through the red swirls the pitch blankness glared through, the emotions that once graced those eyes now being completely gone.

-Oh Kami...-

And I knew then and only then that who I was seeing was the god spirit possessing the body of my brother, the natural power that Akito possessed now being consumed with the dominating thirst of the Kami spirit.

As soon as he was gone, I couldn't take it anymore – I fled, unable to bear the screaming that I knew that I would hear if I waited a mere moment longer.

And despite it, I still could hear the echoes from my dreams seeping through into my life, as those piercing cries thrummed in my ears as I ran, moving further and further into the woods, into the areas of the estate I didn't know as well as other places.

-Akira, we shouldn't be here...- The voice whispered, and for a moment I didn't know why...

But then I saw her.

Standing beside the west lake of the estate, her long, snake-like hair floating around her like medusa, her straight back turned away from the outside life, stood the one person I had ever deeply loathed.

Because of what she had done to Akito.

Every single time he would return from visiting, whether it be official Sohma business, or because of those terrible things the gossips whispered about he would return, like a broken boy, sobbing well into the night, not even the Kami spirit being able to break through his anguish as the boy wept the night away in my arms, swearing and cursing the woman who gave birth to him, because of what she was doing to his life now.

Ren Sohma.

Former wife to the coveted Head of the Family, and now a social outcast – no one, and I mean no one wanted to be near Ren – for friendship with her was a one-way ticket to disownment...

Not that many would risk it for friendship with the cruel, violent woman, whose temper was even worse than that of Akito.

But still... there was something about her that made me want to go nearer to her, to comfort her, for as sure as night follows day I knew that she was crying.

The one thing I didn't know, the one fatal mistake was that the tears weren't of sorrow, but rather mirth.

Of glee...

"R-Ren-san..." I whispered, automatically bowing, looking around discreetly to find a path to escape.

"Akira Sohma... junior..." The woman purred, her long hair weaving around her cruel face, the coal black eyes distant as they narrowed at the sight of me. "So, so like your father... So much like my Akira..."

"I-I... I..." I stuttered, moving back, but like a panther she pounced, her cruel nimble fingers grasping upon my shoulder, surprising strength being held in their hold.

"Don't worry... I never forgot what I told that whore of a mother of yours..." She snarled, smirking victoriously.

"Don't call my mother that!" I snapped back, trying to bite her, my young body writhing in her grasp, panic overflowing my body as I realised that the spirit within me had indeed been correct – that we really shouldn't be here...

And yet, it was too late to stop the inevitable.

For just as I was about to bite her, I noticed something that sent fear – for the first time a true fear coursing down my body as I saw what power she held in her hand.

For there, resting casually in her pale white hand, there was a pure silver dagger, the Sohma crest upon it marking it as Akito's gleaming mockingly in the dark as she held it poised, ready to strike.

At me.