Order One:

Flourless Chocolate Cake

By KoarseKrimson

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Order one; Flourless Chocolate Cake: (General) A delicious cake made by Vanilla H and Milfeulle Sakuraba with Normad!

"Chocolate... cake," Vanilla H spoke in her usual deadpan tone, holding up a cookbook in one hand. She pointed at a scrumptious image of a well made cake with her partially other free hand, which was still tightly gripping Normad.

"You want to make this cake Vanilla?" Milfeulle Sakuraba asked and looked at the delectable cake in the cookbook. Milfy had made plenty of these chocolate cake varieties, whether they had extra flour sprinkled on top, double layered, strawberry topped, she could name them all.

"Vanilla-sama wishes to create a pleasing cake, for reasons even my highly advanced processing capabilities don't even know," Normad answered in his intellectual manner, much to simple minded Milfy's dismay.

Earlier today Vanilla had been praying at her Nanobot shrine for endless hours, skipping breakfast and lunch. When it had come to dinner, Vanilla had finally stopped praying and joined the rest of the Moon Angel squad. To everyones surprise, Vanilla had asked for Milfy's assistance after dinner. Since Milfy never turned down help, she happily came with Vanilla to her room.

The three had been sitting on the floor in Vanilla's personal room inside the Elle Ciel, a rare occurrence due to Vanilla being quite private. Vanilla had invited Milfy inside to talk about cooking, although it was usually Normad and Milfy doing all the chit chat.

"Well... since we have no more missions today," Milfy paused for a moment as she 'thought critically' about the situation she had been put under. "I guess we can head to my kitchen and do some cooking straight away if..." Milfy stopped chatting as Vanilla got up off the floor and proceeded to head for the door leading to the hall, book and Normad in hand.

"Um, where are you going?" Milfy asked curiously.

"Making cake," Vanilla replied, not bothering to stop as she spoke.


Vanilla entered Milfy's kitchen, and looked around at the decorative scene placed before her. The room was undoubtedly bright and the wall colors filled the room with a homely, comforting feeling. Milfy's kitchen was near spotless. Pristine vases filled with water and vibrantly colored flowers filled any corners that would've previously looked dull.

"Such a clean kitchen as usual I must say," Normad was slightly impressed that the ditsy Milfeulle could maintain such a clean standard. "If only the idiot could put this much common thought into her missions."

"I'm... an idiot?" Milfy had appeared behind the two admirers, giving Normad a shock. Vanilla just casually turned around, unfazed by Milfy's sudden appearance.

"Yes, you are." Normad replied cruelly, making Milfy teary eyed. "For one, you get yourself in the most ridiculous situations," he continued, not noticing the pink haired girl trying to hold back tears, "and most of all your skill is based entirely on your luck, unlike Vanilla-sama, who is the most talented of all of you angels here,"

Vanilla noticed Milfy was about to cry buckets, and it was all Normad's doing. Through the cold exterior Vanilla displayed, inside she genuinely cared for her friends. So she thought up a means to punish Normad for insulting Milfy.

"Oven, one-fifty degrees, fifteen minutes," Vanilla held the pink, stuffed raccoon dog doll at face level, trying to show that the words she said were meant as a threat.

"You wouldn't do that to your faithful follower would you Vanilla-sama?" Normad laughed nervously in his high pitched voice, hoping it was a joke.

Much to Normad's horror and Milfy's surprise Vanilla proceeded to turn on the oven's gas and set the temperature to one-fifty, as promised. Vanilla opened the pre-heated oven halfway and placed the terrified Normad inside of the oven.

"Noooo!" Normad screamed in a girly fashion. "I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry! Don't leave this intellectual being to burn to a crisp! I beg of you!"

Vanilla left the doll to a worthy 'sun tan' as she turned her attention to the sniffling Milfy, who had heard and accepted the apology. Vanilla gave Milfy a flower that she had taken from one of Milfy's vases as a 'it's okay, don't cry' gesture.

"Thanks, Vanilla," Milfy smiled briefly, wiping the tears from her eyes. Everyone on board the Elle Ciel knew that Milfy was emotional. Extreme sadness from Milfy could cause disastrous results...


As Normad's punishment was lifted on due time, Vanilla proceeded to take him out of the oven. Vanilla used the pink mittens she had borrowed from Milfy to take out a fresh batch of Normad. Much to her amusement he was almost completely brown.

"I have learned my lesson, never again will I insult Milfeulle," Normad lied, although Vanilla seemed to buy it as she placed him a top the kitchen counter.

Within the fifteen minutes Milfy and Vanilla had gathered the necessary ingredients to create 'Flourless chocolate cake with strawberries and ice cream' and assorted them along the mixing bench on which they had set up.

"Wow, this cake is going to be great!" Milfy beamed with excitement and enthusiasm as she named the ingredients placed on the table before her. "We have caster sugar, reduced fat diary spread, cocoa powder, hot and boiling water, coffee powder, almond meal, eggs, ice cream, and most importantly," She took an exaggerated breath as to emphasize the importance of what she was about to say next, "clean Strawberries! Freshly picked and delivered!"

Vanilla looked blankly at the various ingredients. The electric beater and cup of boiling water being more interesting in her books.

"Put this apron on, don't want to dirty our uniforms now do we?" Milfy smiled as she handed Vanilla one of her pink and white stripped aprons that tied to a big bow at the back, happy that someone was in the kitchen with her. Vanilla looked down as the apron most definitely was to big for her, the end was sagging on the clean floor.

"Ah, it's too big," Milfy said, keeping her cheery smile as she looked through one of the kitchen cabinets for a smaller size.

Vanilla looked on as Milfy rummaged through the cabinet, watching tossed objects fly in various directions. Vanilla didn't break a sweat as she expertly dodged pots, pans and large knives. Whatever was large and potentially dangerous in a kitchen seemed to have been chucked out of that particular cabinet.

"Here it is! My old apron!" Milfy exclaimed as she turned around and kicked the cabinet shut. It was a smaller version of the apron Vanilla was given earlier. Vanilla took the apron and to her emotionless surprise it fit just right.

"May the lord have mercy on me," Normad muttered. He was quivering as Vanilla and Milfy turned their attention to the doll. Knives had outlined Normad's position along the wall behind him while a large fork had wrung itself around his delicate 'neck'.

"Uh, oopsie?" Milfy laughed nervously and scratched her head stupidly. Normad groaned and Vanilla seemed to not care.


The next few minutes went on without any unnatural occurrences. Milfy had pre-heated the oven and lightly greased the cake pan with the diary spread in which the cake mixture was going to be placed later.

Vanilla was mixing the cocoa powder and hot water in a medium sized bowl. She watched the dry mixture turn wet and saw the swirls the beater made as the ends moved in circles around the bowl.

Milfy noticed Vanilla's progress, telling her to now add the already mixed coffee and boiling water into the mix and stir. Vanilla easily complied, tapping the end of the cup of mixture carefully as to make sure she got out as much of the coffee as possible into the bowl.

When this was done, Vanilla added the almonds, sugar and eggs. That was when the problem began...

Vanilla started to struggle with the mixture as she noticed the electric beater had started to slow down in it's rotations. The beater started to create a static noise, which instantly brought Milfy's attention. "Huh?" Milfy was confused and worried at the same time, "That's not meant to happen."

The beater had begun to steam from the engine, smoke leaking out from the air holes as it apparently struggled with the mixture. Milfy started to panic as sparks started to fly out. Milfy acted quickly by turning the beater off at the wall.

"Phew," Milfy felt a huge relief come over her as she wiped her forehead and looked back to Vanilla. "Where's the beater?" Milfy asked, stunned to see Vanilla empty handed.

Vanilla pointed at the bowl in which the cake mixture was in. Milfy looked at the beater's cord and noticed that indeed the trail ended inside the bowl.

Soon the bowl started to shake. Little movements at first, then it began to shake violently, waves of mixture bashing against the sides of the bowl and some of the mix going over the edges.

Then the beater cord was sucked into the bowl, spinning around wildly first before it entered the 'brown hole'. "Gyaaah!" Milfy panicked, this cake was messing up her kitchen. "Make it stop, make it stop!" She squealed as she covered her eyes with her hands.

Suddenly the bowl stopped shaking, peacefully doing revolutions and making clattering noises as it halted to a stop. Milfy spread her fingers out so her eyes could see if the bowl had stopped moving, and indeed it had.

Vanilla took some of the mixture that had found a place on her apron and licked it off of her index finger, tasting it cautiously. "Good..." was Vanilla's answer.


Milfy had quickly put the mix on the cake pan and shoved it all into the oven, delaying the cake a second chance to create chaos. "Did Milfeulle get all the proper ingredients for this cake?" Normad asked the confused and slightly frightened Milfy, whom hated making mistakes.

"Yes, they're all the right ingredients, I'm sure of it!"

"Where did you get those eggs? I was sure the ship ran out of stock yesterday," Normad continued in his interrogation, making Milfy panic further and fiddle with her apron nervously.

"I...I found them in the fridge with the big red letters on them."

"The fridge with the letters 'Do NOT open', on them?"

"Yeah, that fridge!" Milfy clicked her fingers in remembering the contents. "It read, 'These eggs are not for domestic use. These are for biological genetics altering.'"

"Have you any idea what you just said?" Normad asked in bewilderment and Vanilla just looked on.

"Nope," the clueless Milfy smiled innocently. Vanilla looked down in embarrassment while Normad groaned in anger.


Suddenly growling sounds came from inside the oven. Everyone stopped to listen and the room became dead silent...

"You created a monster," Normad broke the short silence and Milfy sighed in shame.

"Sorry, it's just these were the only eggs I could find and..." Milfy tried to apologize, trying her best not to feel down.

"Don't cry," Normad seemed he was trying to cheer her up, until he said, "at least now there's something more retarded than you on this ship..."

Vanilla had somehow managed to stick Normad's thick neck through the thin neck of a flower vase, which effectively shut the doll up. "Sorry," Normad seemed serious in his apology, seeing how much the insult affected Milfy. Milfy sniffled loudly as she once again accepted the rude doll's apology with her never ending forgiveness, and went with Vanilla to see how their 'creation' was doing.

"No movement," Vanilla said, pointing at the cake from behind the glass.

"Yeah," Milfy agreed, noticing the cake was actually still and not growling anymore.

Good things always come to an end. Suddenly the cake lashed at the oven door, pressing it's new grown brown lips and tongue against the glass, making Milfy jump back in fright.

"Omnomnomnomnomnom!" It seemed to say as it opened and closed it's mouth against the oven window, wet chocolate drooling from it's mouth and smudging the glass.

"Eww!" Milfy was disgusted at the view in front of her, hiding behind Vanilla as the cake started to swirl it's tongue vigorously on the window.

"Goodness, I do hope you girls have a plan of action!" Normad couldn't contain his laughter, the situation in front of him was just too stupid not to comment on.

Vanilla took it as a last straw, shoving Normad in one of the cabinets and shutting the door on him. Vanilla then strapped a 'naughty corner' sticker on the cabinet. After that was done she casually walked back to the oven to watch the cake.



The oven was finished. The timer had stopped. The cake was done, and Milfy had to get the cake out...

"D...Do I have to?" Milfy muttered, griping her mittens tightly and trembling slightly as Vanilla nodded in response, holding a large pan in front of herself for protection.

"The teacher always demonstrates... first."

"But the cake looks scary!" Milfie pouted, trying to argue her way out of getting the cake.

Vanilla responded by holding up a good luck sign on a mat that was lying on the mixing bench.

"Aw..." Milfy sighed and looked down in defeat, she had no choice...


The atmosphere was saturated with silence and tension, who would've thought a simple opening of the oven could get so much suspense? Milfy edged closer to the oven, every step sounding like bombshells in an echoing room. It seemed Milfy was stalking her prey, or was the predator the one lying in wait?

"Here goes..." Milfy gulped loudly and her hand trembled as she reached out for the handle. Sweating bullets, Milfy suddenly felt the handle and gripped tightly. Now all that was left was to open the door, and look at the results...

"Eek!" Milfy squealed as she opened the door in an over dramatic display of fright. Vanilla moved the pan further up to her face. Milfy had her eyes shut, for right in front of her was... the cake.

Now there was no movement in the room. Milfy was kneeling still as a statue while Vanilla stood upright with a pan in front of her face, just below the eyes.

"Wha...What does it look like?" Milfy asked, eyes closed and a stutter apparent in her voice.

"Round, metallic and carrying weapons of mass destruction," Vanilla responded.

"Ehh!" Milfy started to turn paler than she already was, mass destruction didn't sound friendly.

"That was sarcasm," Vanilla said in her voice that always sounded serious.


"It's normal..."

"Really!" Milfy's mood suddenly lighted up, and the room seemed to as well. As she opened her eyes she saw a plain cake that had no toppings and... no tongue.

"But... how?" Milfy was stunned as she took the cake out without hesitation.

"The extreme heat might have killed the bacterial Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) modifiers, causing the cake to return to it's normal state," Normad's muffled voice came from the cabinet, relief overcoming the three from this fact even though Milfy had no idea what Normad just said.


"...And then you put the strawberries on top!" Milfy giggled as she expertly placed the tasty red strawberries on the now completed cake.

"I'm surprised that this cake is now... normal," Normad was completely bewildered. Vanilla had lifted the punishment from earlier and had Normad watch the cake closely.

"Hehe," Milfy was overjoyed. She had made another simply delicious cake, and with Vanilla as well. "There you go Vanilla! One yummy cake ready to be eaten!"

Vanilla picked up the plate that held the cake and eyed it like a taste taster.

"Be careful Vanilla-sama, that cake may still be dangerous..." Normad said with a hint of concern in his voice. After much inspection the cake was deemed safe and edible, at least for now.

"So, we made a cake, what are you going to do with it Vanilla?" asked Milfy who looked at Vanilla in complete curiosity, surely Vanilla had some form of motive.

"For a... friend." Vanilla seemed to turn a slight shade of pink, a once in a lifetime sight. This of which only fueled Milfy's curiosity further.

"Why is your face red? Are you sick?" Milfy was sadly clueless. Vanilla realised she had a visible blush and shrugged the small emotional opening off in an instant.

"I'm fine, thank you," Vanilla bowed, holding the cake in her hand like a maid. With her other hand she gripped Normad and left Milfy's kitchen.

"Strange," Milfy thought deeply, "Vanilla doesn't usually act like that." Suddenly Milfy felt a painful shock flow up her spine from a sudden realization. "Vanilla did eat that bit of cake when that thing was alive, what if..." Milfy suddenly mentally slapped herself, she couldn't think pessimistically like that. "Nah, maybe it really is just for a friend," Milfy smiled at her new conclusion as she nodded to herself and started to clean the messy kitchen...


Vanilla brought the cake into her room and placed it like an offering to the shrine. She then knelt and payed her respects.

"Vanilla-sama?" Normad was confused. Vanilla had already prayed previously, so why now?

"Happy birthday... Sister Beryl..."

End Order One...

A/N: There's Order One! In the last second I remembered Vanilla had to have some kind of motive behind making cake and... that's all I could come up with. Sorry if it wasn't a good excuse, lol.

Coming soon...

Order Two; Midnight Cookie: (General/Slice of Life) An evil monster, a famous family, an untold legacy. Mint, forte and Chitose are on the case!