Sensory Deprivation

by leejeeg

Description: Duo's recent torture by the criminal element has a profound effect on him. It has an unforeseen effect on Heero as well.

Don't own: no claim, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Warnings: Really short chapters. I find that it reads easier that way than if it was submitted as a long one-shot. Little bit of angst and a wee bit of romance.


Heero was acutely bothered. Annoyed, miffed, disturbed; any one of those words would adequately describe the dark haired young man's feelings when he received the news. Mission gone bad, but worse than that, betrayal within the organization. A rogue agent, tipped off the target, endangering the team. Duo's team. But true to the braided man's nature, his actions had saved the other Preventers, much to his own detriment.

It had been days before Duo was discovered in a locked tank: in Pre-Colony days such a tank was known as a Sensory Deprivation Chamber, designed to be used only for a few hours. The experience was supposed to provide enlightenment; it was supposed to be liberating, much in the same way that psychotropic drugs had been used in the latter twentieth century.

Duo had spent a little over 72 hours in the tank.

Duo turned on to his side in the confining hospital bed. He was grateful that his room had a window. He liked to watch as the sun made it's gradual climb into the earth's sky. He had been earth-side for quite some time, but the sunrise never failed to fascinate him; the boy from L-2 clung to that microscopic bit of normalcy.

After about fifteen minutes he rolled onto his back and let his eyes close.

Duo woke to a pretty blond nurse checking his vital signs. He stared at nothing as she gently gripped his wrist, taking his pulse. He heard a new voice in the distance, querying about his situation, at least he thought so; his thoughts were so disjointed and frenetic he could hardly concentrate.

"Thank you, nurse Ramirez." Sally Po dismissed the young woman. She turned to her patient. When he had first been admitted he had been catatonic, but in the last few days he had shown some signs of awareness, at least in the sense that he had been silently cooperating with the medical staff. But he wasn't talking and that alone was disturbing. Anyone who knew the loquacious young man knew that a silent Duo Maxwell was something to worry about.