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Title: Messages Chapter 1 Dinner

Summary: A random session of Dino text messaging Hibari.

Rating: T for BoyXBoy kissing?


Hibari felt his eye twitch as he glared at the text message that was sent to him during his break. He's currently in his office, trying to clear as much of the paperwork on his desk as he could. This message, along with several other VERY similar ones, has been sent to him so regularly it's become a routine. For a month, he suppressed the urge to smash his phone to bits- ever since he didn't give Dino a direct "no" to his feelings.

Initially, it was:

"Kyouya! I love you~!"

"I hate you." Was his answer.

A firm rejection of his feelings. Good answer. Hibari had told himself.

Soon, it became:

"Kyouya! I love you~!"

"Shut up."


And Dino would start whining.

Three months ago:

"Kyouya! I love you~!"

"Don't you get tired of saying the same thing over and over?" Hibari answered nonchantly, not even looking up from the report he was reading.

"Nope! That's because I love you!" Dino rested his head on Hibari's desk, and continued to grin happily.

Now, two "I love you"s in one day is not really Hibari's kind of thing.

Truthfully, Hibari was stunned. And so he blushed.

Wrong move.


Dino took that as an acceptance of his feelings. That night Dino took him out and wanted them to be official lovers.

Why hadn't he rejected Dino as always, he had wondered? Maybe it was because of the dinner- Dino had finally figured out for his love for Japanese food(1) and took him to a Japanese restaurant. Or maybe it was because of the wine Dino offered him after, in his limousine while giving Hibari a lift back to his apartment. It did leave him feeling all warm and tingly… It could even be the quiet atmosphere in the empty corridor outside his home when Dino stole his first kiss… (How the hell did he become so skilled at this sort of stuff when his men are not around?)

Ever since that day, Dino have been sending him- no, spamming him with daily text messages shamelessly expressing his love for Kyouya. That blonde idiot must have memorized his timetable as he only sent those messages during his breaks.

How did he get his hands on my timetable anyway?! Hibari fumed as he tossed his phone aside.

The strange thing was, no matter how he claimed he hated the way Dino acted, he couldn't bring himself to tell Dino directly to "stop it." He would end up replying and chatting with Dino by the end of the day if Dino was in Italy (However, his definition of chatting is an endless stream of proclamations of love from one party and an endless stream of threats and curses from the other). If Dino was in Japan, that would be a different story. Within the month, he had found himself in places he hardly went- say, the amusement park, the cinemas, the beach and even crowded shopping malls.

And he knows I hate crowds. Hibari rolled his eyes as his phone vibrated again.

Kyouya~! I know you are there=)

Rich people sure don't mind having expensive phone bills. Hibari found himself replying.

He was barely done with ONE report before the ever-swift reply came.

Well I don't. Not especially if I know I'm spending them to talk to Kyouya! Hibari felt his vein pop. It is as though Dino is typing out messages from a high school girl romance drama script!

If you had that much money to spare, you can give them to me.

Hibari had a good mind to switch the phone off. Talking to idiots like him can easily give weak-hearted people high blood pressure and heart attacks.

Is Kyouya proposing to me? If you marry me, you can have my money=) KYAH I am so happy!

He makes it sound as though I would only marry for money! Hibari fumed as he cracked his brains for a reply.

Men do NOT marry each other, AND I do NOT stoop so low as to marry for money.

Hibari could not concentrate as he waited restlessly for a reply. How unlike myself.

When the reply came, he could only kick himself for the reply he gave before.

Hibari would marry for LOVE!!! He's such a romantic! I'm gonna take you to a country where men can get married! KYAH what's your ring size!


Go away you senile old man. Hibari almost sighed in resignation as the bell for class rang.

Just as he seated himself in his class, his phone vibrated for the last time during that break.

Picking you up for dinner at 7pm. =D

The food had better be good… Hibari flipped his phone shut as the teacher entered the class.


(1) I know Hibari's favourite food is burgers okay? It's pretend it's Japanese food XD It's more romantic they went to a restaurant. Haha.