Naruto: Aniplex Hour! Uzumaki Naruto no Oh! Naruto Nipp- Wait. Where am I? (1)

Me: *snigger* My Katekyo Hitman Reborn fanfiction.

Naruto: What?! How did I end up here dattebayo! (2)

Me: I need you to help me with an announcement. Here. *hands Naruto scripts*

Naruto: Shanarou! Why must I-

Me: Because it's all your fault for all of these desu.

Naruto: Aaahhh???

Me: Just help me and I'll treat you to ramen.

Naruto: *eye sparkle* Deal! *looks at scripts* Eto… "That "Reflections" was the last 'chapter'! Well it's not much of a multi-chaptered fic since it's like a collection of drabbles revolving around text messaging and Dino and Hibari." Eh? That means no more?

Me: Yes. And it's all Naruto's fault! I got hooked to Naruto and all my inspirations just flew outta the window. (I'm a little backwards I know, I mean, Naruto is so long ago! And I just started reading the manga A WEEK AGO.)

Naruto: Uhh… Does that mean 'yay' for us dattebayo?

Dino: Kuiriiii-chiiiiii-yaaaaannnnnnnn…! How could you! Kyouya and I are so disappointed! After all that drabbles you wrote! *dangles a stack of notebooks*

Me: KYYAHHH! That's mine! *snatches back* Naruto-san continue please?

Naruto: Right… "Well besides the main reason of me being hooked to Naruto (and not to mention Kingdom Hearts, Yu Yu Hakusho and Kuroko no Basket at the same time.) School life is started for me in a month! So I promised myself to get rid of my addiction to my darling laptop within these weeks. (My alter ego claims that it is just me being lazy.) Please understand." What the hell –ttebayo?!

Me: The part about the alter ego is a lie. I don't have one. Really.

Dino: You are even more fickle than Kyouya in his mood swings.

Me: *scratch head* Eehhh sorry, but Naruto is too cute, Roxas is too hawt, Hiei is so cool and Kuroko is just too awesome for me to NOT get hooked to them.

Dino: Kuiri-chan, is it me or do you have a thing for blondies. Look at Naruto, Roxas, Guy (Tales of the Abyss) and me.

Naruto: Wow you are right dattebayo! *stares at Dino*

Me: It's coincidental. ;P

Dino and Naruto: (YOU'RE LYING.)

Me: Anyway, so that 'chapter' you just read? Yup that's the last. I've also changed the story status to complete. So please don't add this to Story Alert anymore.

Naruto: "Thank you for taking the time to review and also for all the kind reviews so far. (Although the number is not a lot, but hey, this story did fare better than I expected.) You guys totally made my day! The number of hits is quite shocking, but I wonder if people read it and-

1. "Bleh, dumb story" then go away. Or was it-

2. "Ohh… not bad… come back to read another day."

Oh! And also Thank You to those who added the story to "Favourites"! xD And I guess, Thank you, also to those who added it to Story Alert but didn't review." –ttebayo. *out of breath*

Dino: Hey there's one more paragraph to read! If I read it will you write another drabble for me and Kyouya?

Me: Wha-? *glances at Naruto, who looks at Kuiri with puppy eyes*

Dino: Just another.

Me: Aw alright. Please check my profile for the other ONE-SHOT I wrote, sort of as an apology too, to you guys. Please don't add it to Story Alert!

Dino: *clears throat and reads script* "Hibari glared at Dino. "What are you doing here you-""

Me: WHA STOP! Wrong paragraph! Jeez I should have brought Romario here as well… *points the correct part to Dino*

Dino: Oops. Sorry. *grin grin* "Please forgive my laziness and see you guys around!"

Naruto: Not fair he only gets one line dattebayo!

Me: Oh… Alright Dino do the disclaimers too please. It's on the back of the paper.

Naruto: (Ramen soon!) :3

Dino: "Naruto and Dino doesn't belong to me. They belonged to their respective mangakas in Naruto and Katekyo Hitman Reborn."



For those who don't read Naruto:

(1) Oh! Naruto Nippon! Is the Naruto radio shows held weekly in Japan- where Naruto's seiyuu talks to other seiyuus and basically provide fanservice.

(2) and (3) "Dattebayo" and "Kyu kyu" have no real meanings. It's attached to Naruto's daily speech. Kawaii desho? XD

(And because of that radio show the phrase "dattebayo" is stuck in my head for hokage-knows-how-long…)