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Soul Bound

The war was almost over. Almost. The once majestic castle of Hogwarts was now reduced to a half standing mass of broken stone. The grass, once green and whole, was painted in red and littered with bodies. It was a horrid state. Faces were dull and lifeless, in some cases there was no face to be seen as the werewolves had rendered their victims to a pile of shredded flesh and bone.

The edge of the Forbidden Forest was guarded by the fallen bodies of centaurs, giant spiders, vampires, unicorns and many more enemies and allies of every creature. Even Hogwarts students lay amongst them.

Hagrids hut was also set ablaze. The flames flickering light and shadows over the dead, pale faces of the fallen. Hagrids massive body lay a yard away from his home, his hound, Fang, lay whimpering beside him, begging his master and friend to move. It was not to be.

Further along the Whomping Willow slouched in defeat. Its mighty branches that could crush you in an instant now lay scattered around it or what was left hung limply at its sides. Marks from well aimed spells or miss directed spells marked its column. The proud guardian was gone.

Hogwarts was destroyed.

Creatures and wizards were dropping on both sides.

So much death. So much pain.

Eyes flashed and his hand tightened on his wand. Voldemort will be defeated. He would die.

A howl sounded in the distance followed by maniacle laughter.

He took one last look at the tree.

He ran.

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