Soul Bound 8

Harry POV

My mind felt like it was about to burst. So many questions and emotions flowing through, the most disturbing were the vision from someone. As much as I would like to cast them aside and ignore them I couldn't, they were significant to my life that much I knew. Luna had once told me to never ignore images or voices in your head if they weren't familiar. The visions and such had increased, seemed more clear, since meeting Lucian, but I think on that later.

At the moment all I could concentrate on was my godson in my arms, my friends and family alive, and to see Remus actually smiling. I for one would have thought that he would be struggling to control his wolf amongst these lycans, but wasn't. He was at ease, comfortable and he seemed to glow, and it wasn't because of the baby either.

The feeling of something wet hitting my cheek brought me out of my thought process and I chuckled as I looked down at Teddy's smiling face and, for the moment, bright green eyes with flecks of blue. This silly little baby could bring a smile to any ones face. I lifted the giggling bundle up and blew in his stomach, his shrieking laughter flooding the halls.

Lucian would often step closer to me, seemingly looking closer at Teddy, but I think it was for a different reason. He wasn't anything like Remus or Greyback. If anything Lucian was more beautiful in a rugged way, sadly his hair and antics kind of reminded me of Sirius. I sighed and shook my head. Remus gave me a look of concern but I just shrugged at him.

I looked at him and many emotions ran through me. Lucian had done much for us-me- without really knowing who we were. On impulse, being mindful of Teddy, I leaned up and gave Lucian a peck on the cheek and a grateful hug.

"Thank you." I whispered in his ear. I stepped back from the shocked wolf just as the door opened to reveal Raze.


I'm gonna try making the chapters shorter so I can get them done faster. I REALLY am sorry for taking so long. I've been sick a lot my grandma and I keep starting wars as so on and so forth. But here's another chapter. Merry Christmas or Happy Solstice