I hate writing these things. -Eyes angry BBC warily- I DON'T OWN DOCTOR WHO! Just put the umbrella down... PUT. IT. DOWN! -Epic battle with BBC...with umbrellas- ^^

So...I was watching Journey's End...as you do...but I didn't see the plot bunny until it was too late; it had the poem I was working on with LuckyBlackCat. -Spies plot bunny- -Epic battle-

A poem for Journey's End. -WARNING- MAJOR SPOILERS!

There Will Be No More Children of War

In a TARDIS a Time Lord stood,
A TARDIS made of blue wood.

To his shoulders he was soaked with rain,
Of tears of those who had died in vain.

Watched, did he, a column,
His thoughts and face were solemn.

He reflected upon companions past;
Their time with him flew by fast.

Each life ended with heart break,
A new fear to face with every wake.

Lives torn apart by war,
Each and every time he closed the door.

One toured the Earth, whispering in every ear,
And helped the Earth turn back a year,
But found that a lesson was to be learnt;
If you stand too close, you get burnt.
In a UNIT she now fights,
Fighting for Earth and what is right.

If it wasn't for one who was ginger haired,
No life would have been spared.
But she paid the price with her adventures,
All her dreams and all her ventures.
And now she's trapped in a life she despises,
With no monsters, screwdrivers or suprises.

And one is trapped in a universe,
Where once the future got worse and worse.
She jumped across one huge void,
To get back to the one she should avoid,
Now she lives on with a clone;
The Time Lord hopes she will never be alone.

In a TARDIS of wood,
A Time Lord stood.

Forever trapped in the thought,
That in his battles they fought.

And it is this that will haunt them forever more,
And leave them pining for a blue wooden door.

A Time Lord did declare, for now and forever more,
That there will no more children of war.