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Love is the emblem of eternity; it confounds all notion of time; effaces all memory of a beginning, all fear of an end.

– Germaine De Stael

Screams reverberated in the dim, cold dungeon, the clinking of metal as the man pulled desperately against his shackles interweaving with it to form a discordant harmony. The spell was released, and the sudden silence fell, interrupted only by the harsh panting and the thud against the wall as the man slackened his tense muscles. Ragged clothes rustled as the man raised his head in an obvious effort, black eyes still filled with defiance and anger as he spat at the other, but it merely fell back and hit him on his chin.

The other man merely stared back impassively, raising his wand again in recognition of the rebellion, crimson eyes eerie as they glowed in the dim light. Muscles tensed as the chained man braced himself for the umpteenth time of torture. The thick metal door, the only way of escape, scraped open then, letting in soft light. The head of a young man with raven hair popped in, emerald eyes sparkling with life.

"Tom? Oh. You aren't done yet? I thought that you might have finished," a soft voice questioned, warm, yet cold to a certain extent, ignoring the existence of the bloody man slumped on the floor.

Warmth flooded his tone as he replied, though he kept an eye on his prisoner, "Almost. My stress is almost relieved. I will be up there with you in an instant."

At his words, the prisoner's head shot up, eyes dimming. He had thought he was of importance, wanted for the information he held. Never had he thought that he was used for…relieving stress for that monster.

Noting his expression, the man smirked and taunted, "You thought that I needed your so-called precious information? I knew, Vance, I know where the flaming chicken's Headquarters is, where the filthy Light bigots live. Do you think I was so ignorant? I am a Lord. I protect my own."

Before the prisoner could utter another word, a green flash of light flew towards him, knocking squarely onto his chest. As the light faded, the life in the man's eyes was replaced by a pale blankness. The man didn't even survey the corpse; he swirled on his heel and walked to the door. With a yank, he pulled the other towards him and captured his lips in a quick motion, ravaging him with practiced ease. The raven haired man moaned, raising his arms to pull him closer.

With great reluctance, the younger man pulled away, panting slightly as he said, "As much as I love this, Tom, dinner is ready."

Swooping in for another kiss, he smirked at the dazed look as he released him, "Whatever you say, Harry."

Pouting slightly, Harry started walking briskly, imitating anger. Tom smirked and took a few steps, but before he knew it, his sight wavered, and a piercing pain struck him. A sharp gasp escaped him as the pain grew crippling. For a moment his magic turned erratic, and he suddenly felt numb all over. His legs gave way as he murmured, "Harry…"

Hearing the thud behind him, Harry turned around quickly, eyes widening at the collapsed man on the floor.


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