Pandora Hearts…

Interesting title as well as an interesting storyline.

I wish to write a proper fanfic on it but I have such little information, it's ridiculous. This is written as a "what happens next?" scenario for after episode 6 of the anime. I had no idea what happened next when I wrote this (right now I've watched 8 eps) It was just me steaming out my obsession for Gil/Raven and my love for this newfound anime. Long live Pandora Hearts!

- Zerolr -


Forever—I don't believe in forever, everlasting—when humans are so fickle. When we, ourselves are ever changing.

I want to believe in the forever that Gil spoke of so fervently. I want to, and I did.

And I

Broke that forever.

Black hair, golden eyes…


But never in my wildest dreams, could I fathom that Raven of all people… was in truth, Gilbert Nightray. And after all, everything all. Despite the pain he suffered. He never held a grudge against me.



When I did what I did. Blindly rushed without thinking.

Your crime…is your very existence!

Yes, I am a disgusting creature.

"Oz, wake up—imbecile!" Alice barked.

"Huh?" he rubbed his eyes blinking them awake. Looking around the room, it finally dawned on him his situation.

"Where's Gi—err—Raven?"

Alice seeing his sudden change of face frowned a bit to herself turning around as quickly as she could so Oz didn't see her softened expression.

"Who cares about that idiot!" she spat.

"Eh, we need him to release your powers, Alice."

"I-I know that!" she cried crossing her arms and hiding her flushed expression.

Can I see him now? Now that he knows, what will he say of me?

Raven smiled sadly to himself.

Well, useless these thoughts are right?

He burned out the cigarette he smoked, on the ashtray resting near the windowsill.

"Wish you lu~ck!" sang Break from the nearby room.

Raven flashed him a look of indifference as he stood and walked towards Oz's room.

"Amazing how a person changes over the years, ne—Emily?"

"No wonder he was unrecognizable by Oz," Emily piped.

"But I'm glad it turned out well," sighed Sharon with a sweet smile. She sat sipping her tea. They heard the door close behind him.

Alice stopped in the middle of whatever yelling she was doing when they heard the door open.

There he stood taking off his hat ever so carefully. And a sweet smile dawned over his face.


A smile that appeared on the face of his child servant.

Young master!


Don't do this master!


Why smile like that?



Tears filled and spilled.

Alice was speechless never seeing human emotions unravel the way they did.

I know your never meant it… Master."

"Idiot!" he sputtered, the tears continued to flow.

He walked up to him, pulling out a handkerchief.

"Didn't I promise?"

Oz drew a sharp intake of air. His wavering green eyes met the golden ones that looked back at him in complete serenity.

"This I said, not only, but always. Your servant for my master. Now and always, not as long as I live but, forever."

Now and always



End Notes: When I watched ep 7, I saw how far my version was from the actual thing. Oh well, I loved ep 7 by they way... they can tell a story ten times better than me, that's for sure... but I hope you enjoyed this little snippet! Until next time!