OK, so I was super bored at school, can you blame me? All the same, I hope you like it. I know the description is kind of lame, but the truth is that in all my stories, I just kind of wing it and hope for a good story. I might have to change the description later on because the course of the fic changes, but it was pretty general, so I'm guessing I won't have to worry... and neither will you, the amazing readers.

By the way, if you haven't read all the way up to chapter fifty or wherever it is now in the manga, I suggest you don't read this. Spoilers galore. But that's just me. If you like spoilers, you're messed up - but again, just me.

Anyway, I just thought I should point out to you that I DON'T OWN ALIVE - THE FINAL EVOLUTION OR THE OTHER ALIVE, YOU KNOW, THE ONE THAT ISN'T AS SUPRAWSUM AS THE FINAL EVOLUTION ONE. TEEHEE. Just in case you didn't already know that.



Unsurprised, the woman looked up from the photo in her hand to see Sergeant McPherson standing at her door, closing it slowly behind him. Immediately, she set the photo down under the lamp on her bedside table, and stood to greet him.

"Sir," she said formally, but for long moments he gave no reply. Then, without warning, he sat in the chair she had next to the door and continued to watch her until she sat down across from him on her bed. Even still, he didn't say anything for a few more minutes, so finally, Emma spoke up. "Is there something you came for, Sir?" she asked, her slightly monotone voice making her words somewhat hostile.

"Are you alright, D4?" he asked finally, to her great surprise.

"Sir?" she inquired, confused. Why would he want to know that when he knew that she only had ever received one cut in her life? Aside from that, she had no wounds whatsoever from former battles.

"Are you alright, D4?" McPherson repeated roughly, his voice more aggressive now. She saw his fists clench in his lap, but he still refused to look away – typical, she thought. This was obviously an awkward moment for him, and she was almost ashamed for the amusement she felt under her cold exterior. "I want to know if you're OK!" he cried this time, as if trying to clarify things by yelling at her. However, that must have sounded extremely stupid to him, because as soon as the words were out of his mouth, the man looked in the other direction, a red flame spreading across his face.

For a long time, Emma said nothing to him, for she was both enjoying his embarrassment and confused by it. She found McPherson odd for many reasons: first, how he was fearless when it came to power-holders and enemies of various other kinds, but he couldn't seem to look at her out of what, to her, looked like the fear that he should have on the battlefield. Also, his face seemed unusual to her. She didn't quite know how it came to be the way it was, but she found it both fascinating and disturbing at the same time – the man had no nose. And yet, she still found him so handsome. Another thing she found… unsettling… about him was the redness that spread across his face without any reason for being there; she had never seen it before, and would never expect to see it on someone as rough as Sergeant McPherson. As amusing as it was, it sent a feeling of unease through D4.

"I'm fine, Sir," she clarified for him finally. His head jerked up almost instantaneously, and he shot out of his chair a second later, fidgeting horribly.

"Good," he replied as he opened the door again, and was halfway out of her room when he turned around to face her. "D4," he addressed her again.

"Sir?" she inquired.

"We – uh, you, me, D3 and D2, that is – are going to help look for the Heart tomorrow. We're going out there with a boat, so… you'll need some gear. For going under, you know?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Uh, I mean, going under water."

"Right, Sir."