COMING SOON from the ladeez at the Fornication Station and in association with the Authors Starving for a Review Foundation,

A Foundation WITHIN a Foundation

"Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy"
a one shot contest.

Imagine if you will...

A bit of southern rugged ranch hand Jasper Whitlock looking take a roll in the hay...

A nationally acclaimed, bull rider, rodeo champion extraordinaire Emmett McCarty who knows how to ride..

The forbidden, married, stable owner Carlisle Cullen who's looking to invest assets in other places..

Or perhaps the wandering cowboy Edward Cullen looking for a place to hang his hat..

Break out the denim, boots and cowboy hats, turn up the country music cause we're goin' country y'all!

Here's the deal:
-Canon, Non canon, slash is welcome...but please no incest rape, etc.
-Make sure it's grammatically correct...find a beta, it'll be the best thing that ever happen to your writing
-Entry must be at least 3,000 words, but no more then 15,000

- Must be one shots that are not associated with any current story and not continued until after the contest is finished.

-It's hot and our cowboys deserve some lemonade. ;D in English..lemons folks..we want lemons!

Entries accepted from the 6th of September until the 20th September 2009.

All entries MUST have the following label –

Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy Contest

"Break out the denim, boots and cowboy hats, turn up the country music cause we're goin' country y'all!"



Rating – not needed, if your not of age to buy porn, then you shouldn't be reading it no less writing it.

This one-shot is being posted in participation with the above mentioned contest hosted by bemylullaby,ImWithTheVampires08 , mischief-maker1 , miztrezboo, Nostalgicmiss, TwilightMom and our admin assistant Mimi here at the FournikationFoundation. Please see any of the aforementioned author's profiles for complete contest information, or see the C2 community 'Fournication Station Contests'.

Please PM any of the contest holders

(Bemylullaby, ImWithTheVampires08, Mischief-Maker1, Miztrezboo, Nostalgicmiss :P, TwilightMom or our administration assistant here at the FournkiationFoundation)

when you've uploaded your entry.

Now get out there ya'll and write us some Sexy Southern Sass!