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Alice was upset that Bella planned to go away and get married without her. She plans to teach the future Mrs Cullen a lesson she'll never forget. Set after Eclipse.

All Because of Vegas

Chapter 1

I folded my arms across my chest and turned to glare at my brother's fiancée. "You said it was up to me!" I scowled.

"I said it had to be reasonable," Bella exclaimed.

"This is reasonable," I insisted, pouting.

"No Alice! I don't want Tanya coming to the wedding!" Bella howled. "She's going to be prettier than me! You can't let me be outstaged at my own wedding."

"I thought you didn't want the attention," I said smugly.

"But it's still my wedding!" Bella persisted.

I giggled. "You're afraid Edward will prefer Tanya?!" I laughed, teasing her for her silly judgements. Edward would never feel that way about Bella. "I'm sorry," I told her, "but Tanya and her sisters are part of our family too."

Bella glared at me. "I can always change my mind about going to Vegas…" she said.

"That was below the belt, Bella," I said coldly. "Besides, Edward is excited about the wedding."

Bella frowned and I knew she knew that I was right. She sighed, "Okay, but still no Tanya."

I frowned, "Bella, that's not up to you."

Bella sighed and turned away from me, "fine!" she snapped, "if you want to make me unhappy at my own wedding!"

I shrugged and placed my hand on her arm, "I'm sorry, Bella, I have to invite them."

She nodded, "I guess I'll just have to endure it then," and pouted.

She slowly left the room to go and find Edward, I assumed. I knew she wouldn't be impressed because Edward was in the garage with Rosalie, discussing the best way to tune the engine of Edward's Volvo. Bella had no interest in cars.

I watched her go, wondering why Bella was finding it so difficult to consent to my wedding plans and ideas. I was going to give her the best wedding imaginable. I really was a lovely sister-in-law to be.

I walked into the living room, where Carlisle and Esme were discussing lending their Island to Edward for the honeymoon. Esme was all for it, give the kids some privacy. Carlisle was not so sure; after all it was his and Esme's private place. I tried to ignore the detailed description of their last visit that Carlisle was relating to Esme. I coughed quietly, bringing them back into the present. I believed Esme would have blushed if blood still ran in her veins.

Carlisle stood, pressed a kiss to Esme's cheek and gave me a brief hug as he passed. I sat down next to Esme, vaguely annoyed. She laughed at my expression.

"Whatever's the matter?" She asked.

"Bella threatened to go to Vegas to get married… again," I replied, glumly.

"Ah," Esme gave a slow smile, "I see your point."

"And we still haven't taught her a lesson for attempting to do it in the first place," I said thoughtfully.

"You want to get back at her for attempting to get married without our knowledge?" Esme asked me.

"I don't see why not… if she's going to be part of this family she needs to understand that there are no secrets," I said sharply.

"Only because you can see people's choices when they make them and Edward can read people's minds," Esme teased. "But yes, I'll help you teach her a lesson, I couldn't imagine missing my son and daughter's wedding."

I smiled. "I have a few ideas," I told her.

"Let's hear them…" Esme said, smiling.

I began to whisper slowly to her.

"Fantastic," she grinned.

I placed my head closer to hers, as we discussed our plans.


After my argument with Alice, I slowly made my way down to the garage where I knew Edward was discussing cars with Rosalie. I gave a huff and sat down opposite him. This would have once upset me, seeing Rosalie and Edward spending so much time together, but I knew there was nothing between them now.

Edward gave me my favourite crooked grin as our eyes connected. I knew he was thinking about the wedding. I walked slowly towards him and he placed a slow kiss on my lips. I smiled and turned my gaze to Rosalie. She gave me a half smile in return, which I suppose proved she didn't hate me quite as much as she used to.

She suddenly left the room and I presumed someone had called her from inside the house, for Edward raised his head too. He raised himself up onto one of the workbenches and pulled me into his lap. He pulled my hair behind my back and off my neck on one side, replacing the hair with his lips in soft kisses.

I allowed one of my arms to wrap around his head, pinning it to my neck as he continued to kiss me. My hand entwined into his bronze hair as his lips reached my collarbone. The chill of his lips sent shivers up my spine, but the feel of cold stone at the base of my neck was comforting, like a pendant of a necklace placed around my neck.

He brought his lips back up to mine and kissed me passionately. I was finding more and more that I was the one who had to remind him of human needs such as oxygen, in these moments, since we'd made the compromise. It seemed Edward really was trying to prepare himself for our wedding night.

I smiled to myself at such a thought. Edward saw the way my face lit up and raised a questioning eyebrow, though I knew he understood the reason for my excitement.

"So…" I drawled, "Any ideas of where we are going for our honeymoon?" I asked him seductively.

Edward laughed slowly at some private joke. "I have," he responded, "but I'm not sure and I'm not telling you in advance anyway."

I scowled, knowing he was purposely not telling me the thing I was most excited about. "Oh, come on, Edward," I said. "It won't do any harm."

He shook his head stubbornly in answer to the pout on my face. "Not until we get there," he repeated.

I sighed, giving in for the time being. After all, time with Edward could be spent much more economically than arguing with him. We'd been through so much recently that it was nice to have time to ourselves. I returned to kissing him and he seemed to think this was a fair exchange.

I finally pulled away and caught the time out of the corner of my eye. I carefully extracted myself from Edward's arms and made my way down of the bench.

"I've got to get home," I told Edward, "I promised Charlie I'd have dinner ready when he got home from work."

"You want me to come with you?" Edward asked, following my example and jumping down from the workbench. He placed his cool arms around me and I turned within the comforting circle to place a tender kiss to his lips.

"No, better not, give Charlie some time to get used to the idea that we're getting married in a month," I tried not to make the word sound terrifying, but as usual Edward's expression told me I hadn't got it quite right. I looked at him apologetically and made my way out of the house. I'd made it to the door when Edward spun me around to look at him.

"You are still sure about this, right?" he asked nervously.

"Of course I am, Edward," I promised, cupping his cheek with my warmer hand. "Just a little nervous, is all."

He gently pressed me against the door frame, so I could feel each muscle in his granite body against mine. He kissed me hungrily, his hands against the wall either side of my head. I placed my arms around his neck, pulling him closer and burying my head into his chest. He placed a hand under my chin in an attempt to bring my lips back to his. I resisted and I felt his sensual breath move over my hair as he sighed.

"Bella, I…" he started.

I shook my head, "don't worry…" I cut him off. "Just thinking, is all."

I lifted my head to stare in his bronze eyes. "I'd better go, will you come tonight?"

"If you want me to," he said unsurely.

"Yeah, I do," I replied. "See you then."

"Yeah, okay…"

I moved closer to him to give him another kiss. My lips hovered over his. "I love you," I breathed.

"I love you too," he said softly. "See you tonight."

I slowly walked to my truck and placed the keys in the ignition. I waved at Edward as I started the engine.

I didn't see three pairs of eyes watching us from the living room window. Three pairs of eyes set on revenge.

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