All Because of Vegas

Chapter 10

Alice, Rosalie and Esme were there exactly on time, as expected, sitting waiting in Alice's porsche. I groaned slightly but realised that the trip in Alice's porsche would be better than going anywhere in my truck in its current condition.

I stood from my place at the kitchen table so I could swill my cereal bowl out. Edward's eyes followed me and he asked once again if I'd be safe for the day. I laughed him off, once again insisting that I'd be fine with his sisters and mother. Though I added as an afterthought that we should probably disappear to our meadow for a couple of hours after they discovered their empty wardrobes. He'd asked me if I wanted to camp there for a few nights but my most recent memory of camping suggested that this was a really bad idea, especially since Jacob wouldn't be there this time.

Edward was suddenly at my side and he kissed me slowly before he broke away and laughed at presumably impatient thoughts from his family. I gave him one last, short kiss and grabbed my keys and purse. I didn't need Edward's mind reading skills to know that Alice was excited. As soon as I'd shut the passenger door, her foot stamped down on the gas and a few seconds later we were on the highway.

"So…" Alice said, "I looked at your wardrobe and you have nothing summery, so we need to buy something for your honeymoon."

"We're going somewhere hot then?" I asked. Annoyed that Edward still refused to tell me where we were going for our honeymoon.

The three vampires stayed silent.

"Look, you can tell me and I promise I won't tell Edward that I know," I promised.

Alice shook her head. "I can't tell you," she said, ending that particular conversation.

The rest of the journey was silent and I could tell that Alice was about to put me through something unpleasant. I spent the time trying to figure out how to escape, glad that payback was waiting for them when they got home and deciding that I was sure this was worth making sure Seth's plan worked.

We spent four hours in the mall in the morning looking at summer clothes for my honeymoon. We came out with at least fifteen designer outfits, most short and low-cut. Alice also insisted we looked at shoes; she picked out flop-flops, flats, high heels, pumps. In the end I had fifteen pairs of shoes designed to match my fifteen outfits. I decided it was just as well my fiancé was an incredibly strong vampire because no human man was going to be able to carry my suitcase.

After those four hours, I dragged Alice (with difficulty) from the dressing rooms and took her to a café. I ate while Alice, Esme and Rose each took it in turns to swap their sodas with mine so it looked like they were drinking them. The conversation immediately turned to the wedding, flowers and dresses since the men weren't there. I was glad to hear that Alice had everything under control and I didn't need to be involved.

As soon as I finished my food, Alice pulled me up and threw some money down on the table for the check. They then took me to the sort of store that only Alice would force me to go into. I gulped loudly as I looked at the underwear in the window and the brightly coloured sign above the door of the shop.

"You're taking me to buy lingerie?" I asked, in a loud, incredulous whisper.

"Oh grow up, Bella," Alice rolled her eyes, "don't you want Edward to have a good wedding night?"

"That's none of your business," I said under my breath, knowing Alice would still hear due to her perfect vampire hearing. I heard Rosalie and Esme chuckle quietly to themselves and decided that my future mother-in-law should at least find this less amusing.

Alice asked for a fashion adviser, of sorts, to help her choose "outfits" and for a second opinion when I was trying them on. I felt out of place, standing by three women who looked sexier in their clothes than I did in the sexiest underwear. The worst thing was they knew I wouldn't tell Edward about this as I would be too embarrassed. Empty wardrobes, empty wardrobes… I thought. Revenge would be the sweetest of all this time.


Alice dropped me off at home, taking my new clothes so she could pack for me. I closed the door behind me and made my way up to my bedroom, desperate to spend a quiet night with Edward.

Edward was sitting on my bed, flipping through one of my old Shakespeare paperbacks. He looked up as I sat down beside him and ran the tips of his fingers along my jawline. I gave him a long kiss before reminding him that his adopted mother and sisters were about to discover their missing clothes.

He carried me down the stairs, giving me a second to write a note to Charlie telling him I was with Edward. He then picked up a fresh takeaway pizza and some coke and stuffed them in a plastic bag. I was so glad that my fiancé was thoughtful enough to bring hot food for me, especially since he didn't need any.

I found the run as exhilarating as ever, my arms wrapped tightly around Edward's neck from behind. It wasn't long before we arrived in the meadow, even more beautiful in the sunset than usual. He placed me and the food down in the long grass, before sitting behind me and wrapping his marble arms around me. I was very content, sitting with the thing I loved most and sitting in my favourite place in the world.

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